April 19, 2022

Whether Elon Musk ultimately buys Twitter or not, he’s done the world an invaluable service by forcing leftists to admit (A.) that Twitter (and other social media outlets) are incredibly biased and censorious, and (B.) that there is nothing that terrifies them more than the thought of the people having freedom of speech.

I’ve always operated on the assumption that if you are so afraid of defending your ideas that you feel you have to silence anyone who would challenge them, then you must not be able to back them up intellectually. I’m confident enough in my beliefs that I happily invite liberals to come on my shows for a friendly debate, although I notice that hardly any of them take me up on it.

These days, leftists seem to believe, despite massive evidence to the contrary, that their opinions are objective truth. If that were true, they wouldn’t be so terrified of letting the other side talk, but instead, they’re desperate to maintain a highly censored public square with themselves, naturally, in charge of determining whose ideas are worthy of voicing.

When you have so-called “thought leaders” like Robert Reich and Max Boot actually arguing that Musk’s free speech agenda is the dream of every dictator on earth (Really? Name one) or that “For democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less,” you know are engaged in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

Instapundit had a good wrap-up on what an important day last Thursday was, a turning point in the left revealing its true attitude about freedom of speech.

As Glenn Greenwald put it, “It was the day they were forced to explicitly state what has long been clear: they not only favor censorship but desperately crave and depend on it.”

And speaking of victories for free speech: Congratulations to philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether, who was punished by Shawnee State University for refusing to call a male student by his “preferred” female pronouns because it violated his religious beliefs. Meriwether said he treats all students with dignity and respect, and he offered to call the student by name, but that wasn’t good enough. He sued, with his attorney saying that nobody should be forced to contradict their core beliefs just to keep their job.

Last month, the 6th US Court of Appeals found in his favor, ruling that the university violated his First Amendment rights. As part of a settlement, the university agreed to rescind the written warning issued to him, and pay his attorney’s fees and $400,000 in damages.

Congratulations to Prof. Meriwether and a big salute for fighting to defend both First Amendment free speech rights and correct grammar.

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  • Rosemarie Mitchell

    04/25/2022 12:14 AM

    I think you and others need to investigate Elon Musk more before assuming he is better than Twitter. had experts question his honesty and have evidence of questionable background about Musk. Please investigate him more and check with Brannon Howse on about Musks' history. They feel musk may be more of a danger than Twitter.

  • Randy Snell

    04/24/2022 05:33 PM

    The entire Twitter tantrum is over free speech which could possibly tell the truth about the last two years and some. The intense opposition is a reflection of the magnitude of global human trafficking. Meanwhile, the reaction of leftie Tesla owners may be "entertaining".

  • Bill Watson

    04/24/2022 05:24 PM

    There are comments that dissolving the Disney benefit district in Florida will cause the taxes for other taxpayers to go up.
    When my local community replaced the sidewalks in the business district I had the choice of paying the full cost of the portion in front of my office or paying for it over 7 years by having it added as a special assessment to my property taxes.
    I opted for the special assessment.
    Why can't the huge debt that Disney accumulated for their Special Benefit District be treated the same?

  • Marie Bender

    04/19/2022 04:34 PM

    Hooray for Prof Meriwether for standing his ground for free speech and his religious beliefs. God bless him and all those who fight for freedom of speech