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January 18, 2021

Matthew McConaughey has an excellent new memoir out, filled with wise essays about his life, marriage, fatherhood and Christian faith, and advice that you might be surprised would come from a Hollywood star. He’s also become one of the few voices of reason and moderation in Hollywood. And his willingness to reach out and listen to other viewpoints sets him apart in an ocean of lockstep leftist totalitarians.


But of course, in this toxic political climate, being reasonable is a thought crime, and the Twitter warriors are now after him, accusing him of “flirting with the alt-right” just for granting interviews to promote his book with mainstream conservative TV and radio hosts.

In that story, the Daily Beast writer who went after McConaughey insists it’s not a call to “cancel” him. She writes, "The issue with 'cancel culture,' to the extent that one even exists, is not that anyone is, to borrow McConaughey’s neologism, 'illegitimizing' what these guys are saying. The Jordan Petersons and Joe Rogans of the world are not, as they so often complain, being persecuted or, as McConaughey put it in his Russell Howard interview, erased. They’re simply peddling the losing ends of arguments that have already occurred countless times—perpetuating a culture war while simultaneously trying to frame themselves as its victims."

If she’s so sure that, say, Jordan Peterson’s views are “losing arguments,” why is she so terrified of allowing him to make them publicly? Does she fear his “losing arguments” will be more persuasive than her own, which they surely are?

It’s yet another example of what I always hear from the left: “There’s no such thing as ‘cancel culture!’ And anyone who says there is must be CANCELED IMMEDIATELY!!!”

PS – At the risk of drawing even more fire from the left at Matthew McConaughey, here’s a terrific interview that he was gracious enough to have with me recently on “Huckabee.”


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