July 28, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Agony for Gard family  -- TV star warns of scam-- Media falls for fake news again -- Major Democrat scandal -- The richest man  -- News Bits (NEW)


As if Charlie Gard’s parents haven’t suffered enough from having to give up hope of saving their baby while fighting the British health care and judicial systems to let them take him to America for treatment, now they’re not even allowed to let their child die under their own terms. They were refused permission to take him home to die amid his loving family. So failing that, they said they’d rather have him die in a hospice than in the hospital, and asked that his ventilator be kept on so they could spend just a few more days with him. But since no hospice could provide care for that long, the judge gave the parents until noon today to work out an agreement with the hospital (which is hardly on good terms with them), or the baby will be ordered to a hospice and his ventilator tube removed immediately.

So to recap: the parents can’t make decisions about their child’s treatment. Or where their child will die. Or even when his tube will be removed. All these decisions over their child’s life and death are being made by hospital administrators and judges. And yet, we still have people in America who desperately want to convert to a government-run health care system. My question: if America did that, then where would parents like this go when they are trying to save their children from government-run health care systems?


Mike Huckabee



TV star warns of scam

By Mike Huckabee

Politics isn’t the only place where fake news is rampant. “Fixer-Upper” star Joanna Gaines is warning fans to avoid an Internet scam that’s using her name. It’s a line of skin care products that claims to be hers, and puts big charges on buyers’ credit cards. Joanna says she doesn’t have a skin care line, and contrary to rumor, she’s not leaving the show to start one. It’s all a scam, so don’t fall for it.


Media falls for fake news again

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, the anti-Trump media had a field day spreading the “news” that the American Psychiatric Association had decided that in Trump’s case, it was okay for members to ignore the “Goldwater Rule” and make public psychiatric diagnoses of a politician they’d never met. Oh boy, proof that psychiatrists agree Trump is mentally deranged! No wonder it was spread by reporters from Time, NBC, the Washington Post and more.

One problem: it’s not true. The report was from a different, much smaller APA: the American Psychoanalytic Association. And that group did not change its stance on commenting on public figures. Meanwhile, the real American Psychiatric Association issued a reminder that diagnosing public figures you’ve never met is “unethical and irresponsible.” But since I’m not a psychiatrist, I think I can state with some fair degree of certainty that the media figures who ran this story without even checking it are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Major Democrat scandal

By Mike Huckabee

This is a story that should be a major scandal, yet it’s getting very little attention in the media. It involves the Pakistani IT staffer for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was arrested by the FBI Monday while trying to leave the US. Rep. Wasserman Schultz seems very anxious not to let authorities see the laptop Imran Awan and his people had access to, to the point of publicly threatening police with “consequences” over it. Awan has provided IT services for dozens of Democratic Congress members for years, and Tuesday, he was arraigned on federal bank fraud charges. He’s been the target of a lengthy investigation into procurement fraud for allegedly stealing money, equipment and even classified information from his clients, so there could be more charges to come.

Tuesday, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks posted a portion of an email showing that Awan had access to Nancy Pelosi’s tablet, which could have given him access to classified information that would be very valuable to a foreign nation, like the one he has ties to.

Mark Steyn pointed out to Tucker Carlson that this story involves possible transfers of classified information, foreign skullduggery in our government, suspected collusion at the highest levels, a possible cover-up…in fact, just about everything that the Trump-Russia story has, except there’s still no evidence that ever happened, while we actually have an arrest in this case. Yet the media are obsessed with the Russia rumors and seem totally uninterested in this story. I’d call that odd, except, of course, it isn’t odd at all.



The richest man

By Mike Huckabee

There was a brand new “world’s richest man” yesterday, but only for a few hours. Amazon stock surged on a rumor of a strong earnings report, propelling founder/CEO Jeff Bezos past Bill Gates in total wealth. But the earnings turned out to be slightly disappointing, the stock fell, and by the end of the day, Gates was #1 again by $89.8 billion to $88.7 billion.

Bezos is one of the greatest American success stories of all time, going from selling books online out of his garage to taking a growing piece out of virtually every field of retail. But his aggressive business practices and attempts to use his financial clout to influence politics (such as buying the Washington Post and turning it into a daily Trump-hammering newsletter) are feeding a growing backlash, with some calling for a revival of anti-trust regulations aimed at Amazon.

It’s possible, of course, that Amazon will just keep growing until it provides every good and service on Earth, and as “Family Guy” recently noted, America will just be nothing but UPS boxes going back and forth. And Jeff Bezos will be so rich, he’ll make Bill Gates look middle class. On the other hand, there is an ancient book of wisdom that has a warning that applies even to the most rich and powerful: “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." You can even get that book in an Amazon Kindle edition.


News Bits

Friday fun: When not exploring space and chasing alien women, Captain Kirk likes to stun SJWs for sport.



Here’s a tip from someone who travels an awful lot: when you check into a hotel, request that the sheets be changed immediately, or else pack your own. Click the link to see why.



I can’t believe I have to say this, but: Please, liberals, before getting all excited about something, read the ENTIRE sentence.



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  • Pat Cramton

    07/28/2017 02:44 PM

    I love what you do. I can trust truth from you. ??(Maurice Sklar is a good friend and I appreciate your Israel trips) Your daughter is doing a great job and people here in Kansas love her.
    Now about healthcare, wow mine just left the state and getting something is near impossible. Did congress forget the working class?

  • Richard A McKean

    07/28/2017 11:28 AM

    This is what you get with single payer government run healthcare. I really don't understand why anyone would want this. Why people think insurance is the solution to healthcare is beyond me.
    Insurance does not fix cancer, diabetes, heart disease or or any other medical issue. The focus should be on finding solutions to disease and how to reduce the cost of the solution. Insurance only guarantees to cover a portion of the cost of care and not finding a solution.
    Just my thoughts.