March 9, 2018

I keep offering this message in the spirit of honest good will: If anti-gun politicians ever hope to accomplish anything, they need to learn something about the subject they’re trying to regulate and stop letting emotion short-circuit their brains. For instance, when the Governor of Connecticut calls the NRA a “terrorist organization,” and the NRA responds by calmly pointing out that their members include thousands of his own law-abiding constituents from all walks of life, then the Governor is either showing painful ignorance or the NRA is the wimpiest terrorist organization ever.

Likewise, the mayor of Hartford tried to promote gun safety by demanding that the NRA be stripped statewide of the right to offer gun safety classes for people seeking carry permits. Apparently, he’s not aware that the NRA is not only the nation’s largest provider of such classes, but its gun safety training programs are considered the best available. He was calling for increasing gun safety by cancelling the most effective, most widely-available gun safety programs.

Voters might take anti-gun politicians more seriously if they’d stop shooting themselves in the foot every time they shoot off their mouths about guns or the NRA.


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Speaking of politicians who let their biases blind them to reason: Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh (D) plans not only to let students skip school to attend a pro-gun control rally in Washington, DC, but to spend about $100,000 in taxpayer money to pay for the buses to transport them. I guess if you’re a taxpayer and don’t agree with the anti-gun rally, too bad.

One other note: earlier this year, Baltimore had to close some schools because their heating systems couldn’t get the temperature above 40 degrees. So there’s money for buses to the gun control rally, but not for upgrading the heating systems?

Oh well, maybe the students will at least be warm on the way to and from the gun control rally, providing the school buses have better heaters than the schools.


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  • Ann Bruce de Pineda

    03/10/2018 05:24 PM

    I'm also learning about the NRA and about guns in general. I didn't know that the term "automatic weapon" refers to most guns except maybe revolvers. Right? I think some of my more liberal friends think "automatic weapon" is the same as "assault weapon", like a machine gun. I think, however, that the NRA and gun owners should accept as a compromise a law like that of Florida changing the age someone can buy a gun from 18 to 21 and prohibiting "bump stocks" (?). Personally, however, I'm in favor of seeking compromise before people misbehave and get what they want, as many of these young people, not wise at all, just loud, have. They're using a name similar to that of the pro-life March for Life in D.C. which our precious great niece helped organize a year ago. Please, please pray for her; her name is Emily; she's 29; and she had emergency brain surgery recently.