Beware of Leftists' Intentions

June 17, 2019

This is a terrific article from the Orange County Register, looking at the Grand Canyon-sized gap between the so-called “good intentions” of progressive “social justice” policies and the quality of life of the people they claim to be helping.  The results are anything but “just” and offer more proof of why "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you" is considered one of the biggest lies of all time.

We’ve all observed how government policies in the most liberal cities have led to widespread crime and violence, filth, disease, unemployment, homelessness and scarcity of affordable housing, all heavily impacting the poor and middle class (what’s left of it, anyway.)  But this piece looks even deeper into the numbers to show why so many minorities are fleeing places where “social justice” leftists run the show for cities and states in the South and Midwest that those same leftists haughtily condemn and boycott -- but where everyone, including their own black and Hispanic ex-pats, lives better lives. 

This goes into some details as to why that is.  For instance, the obsession with “climate change” drives up the costs of gas and electricity, which kills job creation while putting a huge burden on working class families.  Heavy environmental regulation blocks construction, which kills blue collar jobs while making housing scarce and expensive.  The further left the politicians, the more they rail about “income inequality”…but the further left the government, the worse income inequality is (California has the worst in America, while San Francisco has practically reverted to a feudal system of lords living in castles and impoverished serfs taking refuge in caves.) 

Despite claims that liberal cities are more friendly to minorities, most of their minority populations are shrinking as they flee L.A., San Francisco, New York and Chicago for “non-woke” cities like Dallas or Phoenix, where they have a better chance of attaining the American dream.  For instance, in Los Angeles, only 37% of Latinos and 33% of African-Americans own their own homes.  In "unenlightened" Houston, those numbers are 51% and 42% respectively. 

Read the whole thing, and if you’re a young person who still believes there’s a connection between how much someone virtue-signals and how much actual virtue they have, then read it twice.  And again, on behalf of the residents of those cities to which the refugees from leftism are fleeing, I convey this message: “You are welcome here, but please don’t vote to bring the same garbage you fled (and we mean “garbage” both figuratively and literally) to the places you fled to.” 

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  • Kenny Price

    06/21/2019 04:03 PM

    Mike, please, please, start calling these people what they are. They are not Leftists. Leftists hints toward the opposite of center or right and a linear spectrum. These people are not even on the same plane of existence at all, and you know this. They are Marxists/Socialists/Totalitarians/Maoists, Facisists. They really are. Never, ever in our history has a nation has one political party so aligned itself with such an ideology that is so OTHER, so anti-constitutional and anti-democratic republic. We are on the brink of implosion and we must respond in such a way to begin to cast them in the light as they really are. They are not giving conservatives the benefit of the doubt, they are seeking to eliminate us.

  • Dean Barto

    06/18/2019 09:54 AM

    Governor Huckabee, I stumbled across this great article on "Democratic Socialism" that does a great job explaining it (I already knew it). The article might be a good one to share with others.