July 24, 2017

While much of the world’s attention was focused on the assault on parental rights in the Charlie Gard case in England, similar governmental abuses are rising here in America. Latest case: the state of Oregon seized two children and put them into foster care after deciding that the parents’ I.Q.s aren’t high enough to make them qualified as parents. Both parents do have learning disabilities, but they love their kids and have never been accused of abuse or neglect. The father has a driver’s license and says his learning disability is “very, very mild,” while the mother is the daughter of a pre-school teacher and has spent her whole life taking care of kids. A volunteer who worked with the parents to mediate with the state told officials that they were capable of raising their kids, and in return was told her services were no longer required.

Click the link to read the full story. This needs to have a public spotlight shined on it. If not having a very high I.Q. makes you an unfit parent, then the bureaucrats who ordered this might have to kiss their own kids goodbye.


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  • Alan Conner

    07/25/2017 11:15 AM

    This story didn't even make any of the local new I listen to?
    Looks like another thing I will have to look into and see how we Oregonians can turn this around for this couple.

    We have also been fighting with emails and phone calls a Oregon bill that will give free abortions to whom ever wants them. We have asked the Gov. to Veto but expect her to sign.
    We are looking at options to stop this from happening or fight other ways.