July 30, 2020


July 30, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


We all know the name George Floyd, and rightly so. We also know the names of several other black people who have died while in police custody. This has ignited the Black Lives Matter movement, and we all agree that, of course, black lives matter. But the backers of BLM seem to have a very large blind spot about which black lives matter. They strongly support abortion, which has been a genocide for black babies. They don’t seem to care about black cops killed or maimed by rioters. They show little concern for black business owners and homeowners victimized by the violence they encourage. We barely hear a word about the thousands of black victims of gang killings. And they, and the TV networks that promote them, have done little to nothing to help us learn the name of Bernell Trammell.

Bernell Trammell was a 60-year-old black resident of Milwaukee who was a well-known community activist who backed police reform and other liberal issues. But lately, he had declared that Obama did nothing for black Americans while “Trump at least had, whether the will of God or his own inspiration, to do something that no President has ever done and that's why he's got my vote." And so, he had started showing up at public events holding signs supporting Trump. He knew this might make him a target, but he said, “No fear, come what may.”

Last week, Trammell was sitting in a lawn chair holding a Trump 2020 sign in front of his office around noon, in broad daylight, when someone shot him to death. Again, have you heard his name before now? Maybe the media will finally cover his murder if Wisconsin Republicans can convince the federal government to launch a civil rights investigation to find out if he was murdered for his political beliefs. Let’s hope they succeed, because his life mattered, as does every American citizen’s right to freely express his or her political beliefs without fear of violence. That type of terrorism might be tolerated in communist and socialist nations, but there’s no place for it in the United States of America.

And in a related story, black conservative journalist Andrew Duncomb went to Portland to cover the “peaceful protests.” He says that when word leaked that he was a conservative journalist, he was followed and stabbed in the back. The assailant’s blade missed Duncomb’s spinal cord by a few inches. The alleged attacker was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. Duncomb plans to be in court Friday to testify.

Once again, the “protesters” have given us an illustration of how, to them, the noble slogan “Black Lives Matter” does not apply to black unborn babies, black business owners, black cops or black conservatives.


The heads of tech giants Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google were grilled Wednesday by a House Judiciary Subcommittee, and in a rare instance of bipartisanship, both Democrats and Republicans raked them over the coals for their odious business practices. The Democrats focused on how they use their massive clout and wealth to kill competition, while Republicans drilled in on their transparent efforts to silence conservative voices.

Here's a fairly comprehensive write-up, and seldom has there been a more well-deserved public flogging. But now, the question is, what is going to be done about it, beyond a House show trial?

For instance, Rep. Jim Jordan offered 15 examples of how big tech is out to get conservatives…

Twitter, one of the worst abusers, wasn’t represented at the hearing, but here’s just the latest example of their outrageous behavior: limiting the account of the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party one week before the primary election for allegedly violating Twitter’s ban on sharing “misinformation.” Her crime: sharing a news video of the Texas doctor who said she’s treated 350 patients with hydroxychloroquine and none of them died.

Conservatives should simply abandon Twitter for, but in the meantime, exposing the endless abuses is not enough. If social media platforms are going to behave like publishers who control content and try to influence public opinion instead of an open forum like a public utility, then why should they continue to enjoy protection from lawsuits?


With so much of the media being fulltime Democrat propaganda organs, and terrified companies and universities bowing to the Twitter mob to “cancel” anyone who voices a non-PC opinion, it’s easy for conservatives and Christians to fall into the trap of believing that they’re hopelessly outnumbered. But it’s not true.

Want proof? Check out this expose from the Federalist about how silly online petitions with practically no supporters are used to gin up media stories claiming the “public is outraged!”

Just one example: remember how Trader Joe’s rushed to change the packaging on a number of products because they were accused of being “racist”? That was based on a petition created by a 17-year-old that even after all this publicity still has fewer than 5,000 signatures. By contrast, another student’s petition to get his English teacher to show “Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith” in class instead of “Romeo and Juliet” has over five times more at 26,000.

And all those stories about Ford being pressured to stop selling police cars were based on a petition that drew one-tenth as much support as one demanding an update to the video game, “Star Wars: Battlefront II.” Maybe the CEO of Ford bothered to look that up, so when some “woke” employees demanded that Ford give up one of its biggest accounts, he suggested that they go back to work. The editors of the Wall Street Journal brushed off a similar ultimatum from their young staffers, and I haven’t heard of any of them quitting. If they did, applicants would be lined up out the door, eager to take their jobs.

The crybullies have only as much power as we grant them. Note that in cities where officials make it clear that riots won’t be tolerated, there are no riots. Likewise, as President Trump pointed out, the minute some vandals of federal monuments were arrested and charged with serious crimes, you stopped hearing so much about assaults on monuments. The correct response to their threats and demands is to channel Glinda’s line to the Wicked Witch in “The Wizard of Oz”: “You have no power here! Now begone, before somebody drops a house on you!”

The next time you think we’re completely outnumbered and surrounded, remember that the roar you hear is just a mouse squeaking through the Coachella rock festival's amplifiers.


Just when you thought the government of Portland, Oregon, couldn’t get any more pathetic, useless or ridiculous, they said, “Hold muh crackpipe!” and came up with this doozy.

City commissioner Chloe Eudaly declared that the fencing put up by federal agents to keep the mob of violent terrorists (sorry: “peaceful protesters”) from destroying the federal courthouse is an unpermitted fence that obstructs the street. So the city is fining the federal government $500 for every 15 minutes it remains up. They claim Washington already owes them $192,000 in fines for the fence. Eudaly declared, "We intend to collect," and she is "committed to doing everything in my power to end this federal occupation and move forward with our community's reckoning with racial injustice and our efforts to transform our approach to policing and public safety."

News flash: you already transformed your approach to policing and public safety. You transformed policing and public safety into rioting, vandalism and terrorism. Good job!

Now, tell you what: we’ll deduct the fence fine from the millions of dollars we’ll be charging you for the cost to taxpayers nationwide of the vandalism and security for federal property because you and your fellow officials are such tragic failures at doing your jobs.


By Pat Reeder, “Huckabee” pop culture guru (

I’ve heard it said that 2020 is 1968, only with much worse music. True, but I also think it has worse TV, so I’ve been taking a break from all the “peaceful protester” gaslighting by watching one of my late dad’s favorite shows, “Dragnet,” featuring my favorite TV cop of all time, Sgt. Joe Friday.

While the black and white ‘50s episodes are cooler, the really amazing watch is the mid-‘60s revival, featuring Harry Morgan as Friday’s partner, Bill Gannon. For years, these shows were the to-go example of a laughably outdated pop artifact, with their blue-faced LSD addicts and dirty hippies badmouthing the Establishment, man. But stunningly, in the space of only a few months, the ‘60s “Dragnet” has become the timeliest show on TV (i.e., YouTube.)

I already recommended this episode, in which Friday and Gannon had to investigate a police brutality complaint against a cop who was so stressed from being called a fascist pig and having bricks and other things thrown at him that when a jerk started yelling in his face and tried to rip his badge off, he snapped and backhanded him…

And then I discovered this, the season opener from 1968, which is even more like today’s news.

In this episode, Friday and Gannon appear on a controversial TV talk show with the topic, “The Police: Who Needs Them?” The opposing guests are a pompous liberal professor who sees cops as his intellectual inferiors and a yippie “journalist” who accuses the police of being fascist goons who just want to beat blacks and Hispanics and defend the property rights of their bosses, the rich (I told you it was timely.) The yippie is played by “Don Sturdy,” but yes, your eyes and ears don’t deceive you, that was a stage name used by Howard Hesseman (Dr. Johnny Fever from “WKRP in Cincinnati.”) I assume the leftwing studio audience that hoots and claps for all the anti-cop comments is the same studio audience as “The View,” which has spent the past five decades homeless aside from living in TV studios.

Despite the older reviews at IMDB carping about how outdated this episode is, you’ll be amazed at how many of the arguments for doing away with the police are the same palaver we’re suddenly started hearing now, only couched in Summer of Love garb and slang…and how the rebuttals from Friday and Gannon are the same responses you’d hear now. Even 52 years later, the left’s arguments haven’t changed, nor has their utter disinterest in facts and evidence. It’s just taken them this long to think of actually declaring reason and the scientific method to be “white supremacy.”

One interesting side light: an audience member incongruously argues for the right to bear arms, and Friday and Gannon practically sound like modern gun control advocates in response. Gannon argues that the gun would endanger the man's children, and the two or three minutes it takes him to fetch it from where it’s locked up could be used to get to the phone and call the police. Yes, but at that point, you’d either have your gun in your hand, or be waiting unarmed for 10 or 15 minutes for the police to arrive. I’m a native Texan, so you can guess which option I’d prefer.



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  • Carmine Fea

    07/31/2020 05:48 AM

    Governor Huckabee: Thank you for writing about the murder of Bernell Trammell for supporting President Trump.. Would like to know the murderer of Mr. Trammell is found and put behind bars for a very long time. Mr. Trammell's murder for supporting our President lingered on my mind, as did outrage nothing can be done about the lawless liberal democrat leaders in our country who helped it happen.

  • Jack Foster

    07/31/2020 01:16 AM

    Mike - I don't know if I violated any copyright protection but I copied the first portion of this post regarding BLM and shared it on Facebook (with attribution) and got a record number of reshares within two or three hours with more following. Am I okay with it or should I quit doing that?

  • Janet Pingston

    07/30/2020 10:09 PM

    events happening in our country is a play book taken from the book "I Am Malala ". how the taliban took over her hometown. first take the guns away from the citizens. then dismantle the police thru violence directed at them. then the taliban just walked in...... Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize for her bravery and story.

    When trump started talking with China. China tried to divide the nation by singling our farmers. trump told the farmers it would not be easy- real tough- but if they as a group stood with the country we would win the deal. because ANY government know you feed your people. trump knew he had brought china to the table with this tactical error.

    now china is buyiny food from usa. i am sure they are not happy about it. and are looking for other food sources. hence the fishing ships.

  • Beth Moore

    07/30/2020 09:57 PM

    I hope this story goes viral and the eyes of the deceived will be open to what’s really happened to our free speech.

  • Linda C Furlong

    07/30/2020 07:33 PM

    This man did not deserve this. This chaos has to stop.

  • KeoniBoy

    07/30/2020 04:13 PM

    "Just the facts Ma'am, just the facts." ~ Sgt Joe Friday

  • Anne Turner

    07/30/2020 04:02 PM

    How does one get past thinking one’s friends and neighbors are becoming terrible misguided people and totally unlikeable. I try to chalk it up to ignorance but there is no excuse for being ill informed in this age. I am not an extreme conservative by any means. I believe I am middle of the road with conservative leanings. I register as an Independent. But that being said, I am viewed as a TRUMP SuPPORTER. There is not middle road. These people will not attempt to listen to another viewpoint. When one does say something in the mildest way that makes sense, they immediately say, that’s just FOX talking or we best not talk politics. The implication is that I am brainwashed by FOX . I am really getting tired of being classified automatically as a racist bigot simply because I was born white. Most of the men I know are good people. I should think they would be tired of being classified as totally despicable and that they should shut up, but they crouch in the corner. Of course if you are a Nadler, white male, you are okay. These are the most hypocritical bunch of people on the face of the earth. Only certain Black lives matter. Only Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims are victims. Poor Asians, Jews, or Christians aren’t victims under any circumstances. Talk about racial bigotry. To the Dems, the perfect candidate would be a trans, Muslim, homeless black person from an Hispanic country. Or perhaps an old democrat in the beginnings of dementia who has limited his choice of a running mate based on their color and sex. So choosing someone because of race and sex isn’t bigotry? So much for choosing the best person regardless of appearance.

  • Giovanni Catanese

    07/30/2020 04:01 PM

    In your post you wrote: “As a conservative, I’m normally not in favor of government intervention in the free market. But these gigantic tech firms have all stepped over the line and stopped the online marketplace for goods and ideas from being truly free. If it takes the heavy hand of Uncle Sam to force them to act in ways that do not cheat the American public, then so be it. Antitrust Subcommittee members are doing what they are supposed to do: investigating behavior of companies accused of violating antitrust laws and holding them accountable to explain their actions …the tech giants are flagrant antitrust law violators … these companies have been promising to change their ways for a long time, but haven’t done so to the extent necessary.”
    I recently read an NPR article on Section 230 (USC 47). The “1996 statute became known as "a core pillar of Internet freedom" and "the law that gave us modern Internet" — a critical component of free speech online.” It was devised to curb “ websites featuring ads for sex with children forced into prostitution … Congress [created this statute] to make Internet companies take a little more responsibility than they have for content on their sites … [some people] argued it [the internet platform] couldn't be responsible for a user's post — like a library, it could not liable for what's inside its books. Or, in now-familiar terms: It's a platform, not a publisher.” However, the Social media giants have clearly demonstrated to purposefully censor selective “free speech” and thus they must lose the liability protection from being sued they currently hold. It’s true that the bipartisan committee “grilled” those CEOs, but like many other things in life, a lot of barking don’t achieve anything like real bite. Congress must rectify this aspect of the law and hold these companies accountable! Case is point, “the original purpose of Section 230 lives inside the Communications Decency Act of 1996, and it gives websites broad legal immunity: With some exceptions, online platforms can't be sued for something posted by a user — and that remains true even if they act a little like publishers, by moderating posts or setting specific standards … "Section 230 is as important as the First Amendment to protecting free speech online” however, when these platform owners pick and choose which content to allow and which to repress, they go outside the bounds of the protection of Section 230. Unless something is clearly illegal, people must be allowed to express their opinions without censorship. The prospective reader can determine to engage or not, meaning ignore the post or respond, But when these platforms ‘selectively’ repress speech or ‘hide’ information they do not agree with, then it’s a violation of the First Amendment and thus they no longer are protected from libel or suits by the affected party. “… without Section 230, we would never have platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or Reddit — sites that allow ordinary people to post opinions or write reviews. … [However] “The broad leeway given to Internet companies represents "power without responsibility," Georgetown University law professor Rebecca Tushnet wrote.… “Section 230 [was supposed to shield the web site owners and social platforms] from liability for the posts of [their] users” but now it has become the excuse for them to do what they want without being held accountable for THEIR OWN abuses while racking billions of dollars.
    Congress must do more than giving lip service to the People; they must uphold our First Amendment (and all our rights). That’s their primary purpose for being.

  • Amelia Little

    07/30/2020 03:45 PM

    I don't know the name of the guy with the mic (a guy who, I guess, has a following on utube?) Terry Crews was talking with him and asked about the 100+ shootings and 44 deaths (some of them children) in Chicago one weekend. The guy with mic informed him that BLM is NOT about ALL black lives, don't distract the movement with stuff about black-on-black murder, including children, don't bring up the number of black babies murdered by abortion. No, blm is ONLY about the "unarmed" black people killed by police. All 7? or maybe 9? this year? While all their lives do matter, their spin on these deaths are skewed as not all were really unarmed (such as a knife in the waistband) and they weren't all innocent choir boys trying to comply with police. But, that's not important. It also seems to be not important that top dogs at BLM admit they are actually about destroying America, and aren't really concerned about ANY black lives, except what they can use to cause mayhem and chaos.

    I have only ever been on fb. All those other things--too many people, posts that move so fast the one you are looking at disappears because 50 more people have put in their 2 cents worth. It seems one would need to stay glued to twitter, and still, only get to follow one or two twits--there just isn't enough time in the day. Actually, maybe following twitter is why some people seem to never put down their phones, they are reading as fast as they can? I do see twitter stuff on the articles in various newsletters, they sit there until I read them!

    One thing about boycotts. Like the "boycott Target!!" because one activist decided to complain about boy/girl toys and how they were displayed, etc. (The same as every other store, but I guess that was okay, the activist forgot to include them all?) That went away pretty quickly. I go to the stores I like to go to, I buy the products that are useful to me, and the only thing a boycott (and both the left and the right demand them) does is, I'll probably check things out and go to that store, or buy those products. Like GOYA--from what I can tell, their sales have been booming since the loony left (at least a couple of activists) decided the president of the company should be ostracized along with his products for DARING to say something positive about the President. Love when this happens!!

    Been a couple of years since I have seen Dragnet reruns, but, yes the ones I did see were just as timely now as ever--the clothes and the slang are different, but the message from Friday and Gannon are right on.

    I think it is a marvelous idea to charge the cities where mayors (with the blessing of the governors) allow not only destruction of their cities, but also federal buildings, to be charged with paying for destruction of federal property. Moreover, I don't think the taxpayers of those cities should be footing the bill-the mayors, governors and city council members should personally pay up. All citizens in those cities don't agree with letting the destruction continue--but, maybe their being hit in the pocket book might wake them up to vote for conservatives---the left, of course, will be shouting how it is all the President's fault.

  • David McGillvray

    07/30/2020 02:49 PM

    I have a perfect solution to the "Peaceful Protester" situation: Re-instate the Selective Service System, aka DRAFT. !!!
    Maybe some regulations might need adjusting/updated. Ie. male/female, eliminate, (put them all together, they can't tell anyhow) No physical requirements or prohibitions, but the draftee must be alive and breathing.

  • David Colonna

    07/30/2020 02:30 PM

    Thank God for free thinking people, especially those who call themselves Christian who vote for candidates based on what they do for the American people. To be totally honest I cannot understand how you can say your Christian and then vote for any Democrat. The Democratic party supports every immoral behavior God's word warns us is sinful and even an abomination which is even worse than sin. May God please bless our nation with more good thinking neighbors like Mr. Trammell may God accept our great brother in to heaven, we down here pray for him and his family, what a brave soul.

  • Firewagon

    07/30/2020 02:12 PM

    Ahh, Gov Mike, one of your most perspicacious columns of recent vintage! "That type of terrorism might be tolerated in communist and socialist nations...." You mean these past 62+ days in Portland and Seattle don't rise to the level of "terrorism?" LOL!, well, really not so much. What part, however, is this 'peaceful protest of conflagration' NOT being "tolerated?" For me, old military type, this bastardization of FREEDOM has gone on FAR too long, and the president should initiate 'Martial Law' in these KILLER cities!! Install an 8 p.m. curfew where anybody on the street without a 'business license' or medical emergency will be arrested and escorted to that 'empty' terrorist facility in Cuba to await their "due process."

    I enjoyed your reference to 'Dragnet.' I, like your dad, was 'forced' to be a Dragnet fan and weekly watcher, back-in-the-day before color TV! I believe I have referenced these two 'excellent' ditties about police to you previously, however, they are worth reviewing: - and the late GREAT Paul Harvey is always relevant:

    I WILL re-watch that Dragnet episode where the 'heroes' are doing their best anti-gun schtick. In the early days of Dragnet, outside that BIG city, nobody felt the concern or need to be ARMED. Also, being much younger, I was not anything like the 'Be Armed 24/7' type I am today;) That little gun-control clip, however, was hardly the first, as some early Western movies would have the heroes spouting some pablum about "only a man that carries a gun needs a gun," or some other tripe. Sadly, these ain't the days of yesteryear!

  • Nancy Roberto

    07/30/2020 01:09 PM

    I wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper, but they lean so far-left that they didn't even give me the respect of verifying my name...I wrote that it doesn't matter to BLM about black babies dying, black police being attacked and injured, and now---with Bernell Trammel, that black conservatives are being murdered. BLM should change their name to OSBLM: Only Some Black Lives Matter!

  • Joseph Orsini PhD

    07/30/2020 12:50 PM

    YOU note that "the backers of BLM seem to have a very large blind spot about which black lives matter". Today's Sacramento Bee SURPRISINGLY today noted another group: black women. Seems the definition of "black lives" for BLM is "black men killed by white cops".

  • Paul Shiplett

    07/30/2020 12:31 PM

    So eloquently put...

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/30/2020 12:28 PM

    Sad, tragic, dumb, sheesh and “Just the facts”

    Great report

  • Ronald Gustine

    07/30/2020 12:11 PM

    You need to check your Greek NT and see that the Greek word "fear' in this passage is only used this one time. The idea behind the word "fear" equates our expression "being a chicken".

  • Gladys Hizer

    07/30/2020 12:03 PM

    Worst news of the day is the death of Herman Cain. I will miss his pleasant voice and smiling face.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/30/2020 11:57 AM

    Honoring Herman Cain:

    Ball field
    Sports field center
    Business Lab
    Innovation Center
    Business school bldg wing name
    Arts Center
    Rd, Blvd, St, Ave, Ct, Drive, Hwy, Frwy for home street
    & need GF Pizza nationwide