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January 18, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Tonight's stories include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - John 5:24
  • Vaccine Mandate Dropped
  • Real threats
  • Correlating Incompetence by Colonel Kenneth Allard, U.S. Army (Ret.)
  • Memo to Dr. Fauci
  • “John Doe’s” Update
  • Positive for Covid
  • New Study
  • The Big Wheel of Random Oppression
  • Question for you
  • New mask guidance
  • This is no joke
  • Superhero material
  • No, shame on you

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Mike Huckabee


Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.”

John 5:24 NIV

Today's verse was recommended by Sue P.

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2. Vaccine Mandate dropped

The latest company to announce that it’s dropping its vaccine mandate in light of last week’s SCOTUS decision: General Electric.

The giant company has 56,000 employees, and apparently, they really need them all to show up to work, not just 90% of them.

President Biden’s favorite mode of transportation, Amtrak, also announced that it’s dropping its vaccine mandate because it would have resulted in losing so many workers that service reductions had been planned for next month. So Biden would have gone down in history as a President who bullied people like Mussolini but couldn’t even make the trains run on time.

3. Real threats

Well, that didn’t take long. We’re still two days away from marking just one year of the Biden Presidency. Already, our foreign adversaries sense so much weakness that China is threatening Taiwan, Iran and the Taliban are ramping up threats, North Korea is testing hypersonic missiles, and now, Russia is threatening not only to invade Ukraine but to create Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 right in our own backyard. Yet the only threats that Biden sees are Trump voters, concerned parents and voter integrity laws.

Colonel Ken Allard with Russian airborne forces, Bosnia, 1994.

4. Correlating Incompetence by Colonel Kenneth Allard, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Col. Ken Allard, US Army (Ret), had a distinguished career that included serving as Dean of the National War College at West Point and as a military analyst for NBC.

In assessing potential battle outcomes or even deciding to go to war, Russian military science always seeks a “correlation of forces.” Put more simply, Bolshevik revolutionaries were taught, “If your bayonet strikes steel, pull back: But if it strikes only mush, then thrust forward.”

Despite the looming indicators, only Vladimir Putin knows for certain if Russia will really invade Ukraine; but so far, he has struck only mush. Haplessly presiding over the third Obama administration, President Biden appears shell-shocked by the sobering evidence amassed by those few Russian experts not yet re-assigned to studying climate change. Consulting dog-eared order-of-battle files airily dismissed by Democratic apologists, these analysts have watched with growing alarm as 120,000 Russian troops converged on Ukraine’s borders. They can’t be serious - or could they?

Like a slow-motion Cuban Missile Crisis, this ring of steel now surrounds Ukraine from three sides. Should Putin give the order, those forces will instantly roll forward to let the blitzkrieg begin. Russian armies are a well-honed network of “operational maneuver groups” - integrated, armor-heavy, fast-moving mechanized formations built to overwhelm border defenses before spreading out to seize key terrain and exploit any breakthrough. Organic Russian artillery and missiles invoke the proverbial “Red God of war,” indirect fires obliterating any targets or obstacles impeding the armored blitzkrieg.

At the strategic level, Russia’s potent air forces are designed for aerial supremacy, first neutralizing enemy air defenses before eliminating critical infrastructure targets - much as the US did in Baghdad thirty years ago. Lending their own distinctive character are the Russian airborne and Spetsnaz forces, wonderfully mobile, elite formations transported by helicopters or cargo aircraft to seize and hold strategic targets, often deep behind enemy lines. Those well-armed squads of “little green men” deployed to Crimea in 2014 controlled restive populations through direct intimidation. Also from their Crimean bases, Russian amphibious and naval forces can support either limited seizures of key territory or the nightmare scenario of Western analysts: An all-out, multi-phased campaign to end Ukraine’s existence as an independent country.

In their comprehensive study, “Russia’s Possible Invasion of Ukraine,” CSIS analysts Philip Wasielewski and Seth Jones recently identified no fewer than six major options available to the Russian military, ranging from more limited incursions to seize breakaway hot-spots (such as Donetsk) or belts of land connecting Crimea with Odessa, effectively severing Ukraine from any Black Sea ports. But their most comprehensive option is that nightmare scenario: “Seize all of Ukraine and, with Belarus, announce the formation of a new tripartite Slavic union…(Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians).” The more military power Putin deploys, the greater his range of options, the only downsides being a re-energized US or NATO response. Even then, the fate of Ukraine would be grim: “Ukrainians in any occupied territory can expect forced Russification that the nation experienced under…Catherine the Great, Alexander II, Stalin and Brezhnev.” P.3

Should Ukraine manage to mobilize its population and deploy the limited “lethal aid” sent by the US since 2014, Philip Karber of the Potomac Foundation points out that “Ukrainian forces would be hard-pressed to cover a much broader front that stretches from Belarus in the north to the Black Sea in the south…(including) classic tank country where the Ukrainians do not have extensive prepared defenses” (Quoted by Warren P. Strobel, Michael R. Gordon and Nancy A. Youssef, “Moscow Bolsters Weaponry Near Ukraine,” Wall Street Journal, Jan. 15, 2022.

And as Russian diplomats have become more truculent, their information megaphones blare louder: Russian military units moving west, video footage of combat drills and even cyber-attacks against Ukrainian government websites with the warning, “be afraid and expect the worst.” Worst of all: Displaying sheer gullibility to Soviet-style dezinformatsiya, White House spokes-person Jen Psaki charged that, "Russia is laying the groundwork to (create) …a pretext for invasion, including through sabotage activities and information operations, by accusing Ukraine of preparing an imminent attack against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine."

With his innate Russian contempt for weakness, Vladimir Putin must take savage glee from having flummoxed the US and its NATO allies - all at comparatively little cost. By shrewdly guessing how far he can play his hand, Putin can either seize territories through pin-prick attacks or even reach for the whole enchilada, de-escalating for “peace” whenever tactically necessary. As always, the greatest danger is war through miscalculation, why former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld always maintained that weakness is provocative. Those provocations naturally befall a country like ours which no longer drafts its young men or even studies war. Instead, we cheerfully elect a clueless military cipher like Joe Biden to serve as commander-in-chief.

Hey man, what could possibly go wrong?

5. Memo to Dr. Fauci

It’s not a good idea to call a Senator a “moron” for asking you a question, especially not when your answer wasn’t true. Senators have the power to unearth the truth about things like your financial records and put it out into the world, where it can do even more damage to whatever credibility you might actually have left with some people.

6. “John Doe’s” Update

After being convicted on multiple charges of enabling late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney announced that she will no longer protect the identities of eight “John Doe’s” cited in a woman’s lawsuit against Britain’s Prince Andrew.

They’re allegedly men involved in Epstein’s sexual abuse of underage girls. While Andrew denies the allegation, he’ll have to defend the case as a private citizen because Queen Elizabeth II has stripped him of his royal titles. Maxwell’s lawyers say the eight men have able counsel to defend their privacy, so she’ll leave it to the court to decide whether to keep shielding their identities.

This is a good step, at least, toward transparency and justice. Let me also be among the first to say something I’m sure will soon become a meme: “Ghislaine Maxwell did not commit suicide.”

7. Positive for Covid

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, has tested positive for COVID and is isolating with mild symptoms. Milley is fully vaccinated and boostered. A spokesman said that the “performance of his duties will remain unaffected.” Too bad, since a lot of us have been praying that the performance of his duties would vastly improve.

8. New Study

A study in the journal Pathogens found that in a lab setting, Listerine mouthwash significantly reduced COVID-19 virus infectivity and that use of it could reduce viral spread. So, one more thing that might help end the pandemic that you probably won’t be able to find on store shelves.

9. The Big Wheel of Random Oppression

Let’s once again spin the Big Wheel of Random Oppression and see what’s racist now! And the Wheel comes to a…stop……on……traffic cameras! Mark it down, everyone: traffic cameras are racist now!

You can read the link to see why, or just take my word for it, since everything’s racist these days.

10. Question for you

Say, you know what’s a good spice company? McCormick.

11. New mask guidance

The CDC has changed its mask guidance, noting that cloth masks do not work as well against the Omicron COVID variant as N95 masks. This prompted Sen. Rand Paul to demand an apology from YouTube for censoring a video as “misinformation” in which he said pretty much the same thing.

Or as Sen. Paul put it, “Does this mean snot-nosed censors at YouTube will come to my office and kiss my (bleep) and admit I was right?”

No, they’ll probably just censor him for discouraging snot-nosed people from wearing cloth face masks.

11. This is no joke

Here’s why I feel sorry for anyone who tries to write satire these days: in a TikTok video, a substitute teacher claimed that she was fired by a school for refusing to “meow” back to a little boy who claimed to identify as a cat.

No, that’s not from the Babylon Bee. Boy, I miss the days when public schools identified as schools.

12. Superhero material

This Houston security guard who stopped an armed robber insists that he’s not a hero. He might have a point: read the story, he sounds more like a superhero!

14. No, shame on you

I know that conservatives are supposed to approve of tough judges, but shaming a cancer patient and telling him he should be in jail for being too weak to pull the weeds out of his yard might be taking it a little too far.

14. I Just Wanted To Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

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Comments 1-10 of 11

  • Jerry

    01/19/2022 10:29 AM

    Biden studies under Obama about drawing lines red lines are just that drawings blankets were given to crimea the drawing of the red line in Syria biden and Obama were and still are cowards and stick to their color crayons and ice cream cones while letting people kill each other the democrat template

  • Sharon Faulkner

    01/19/2022 10:26 AM

    The vaccines do NOT contain aborted baby parts. One has the remains of a naturally miscarried baby that was used by his parents approval.
    I like Matt Staver but he is somewhat of a mimi at times.

  • Tommy Wienke

    01/19/2022 10:25 AM

    The CDC has changed its mask guidance, noting that cloth masks do not work as well against the Omicron COVID variant as N95 masks.

    Does this mean they DO work as good against the other variants? From what I understand, cloth masks are useless against just about any type of virus, even detrimental.

    This is just more CYA bull from the CDC who are just a political arm of the Democrat party. They have no interest in facts or truth.

  • Jerry

    01/19/2022 09:40 AM

    Biden on his own with out the government to help him has enough brain left to know he is a loser he must know that a guy laid up in his basement during a president’s campaign could possibly get 80 million votes especially after his opponent just maga is a complete Loser 80 million voters are now characterized as national terrorists parents that want the best for their children and themselves are anti Americans biden screams and hollers at Americans and can not answer any questions about his policies and position the nba and the White House are very similar in the ways it operates

  • Jerry

    01/19/2022 08:46 AM

    Make no mistake this administration is not stupid this administration is making this county weaker and it is being done by design the design is to be anti American and that is what this China infused president should just tell the truth the democrat wants to be a controlling nation government like the CCP the NBA and White House are very much alike

  • James Drury Jr.

    01/19/2022 07:01 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Linda Wolfe

    01/19/2022 12:04 AM

    Trump won the 2020 election. If people are not severely punished for stealing the election, there will never be another fair election, not in 2022 or any other year.
    I voted for Trump, but he has some explaining to do about the vaccines he is promoting. Those vaccines are designed to murder people. Don't take my word for it, ask Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel. Over 400,000 deaths from the vaccines have already happened in the USA. Mat Staver can also tell you that all of them contain aborted baby parts. Who is speaking out for the murdered babies ?

  • Floyd A Unger

    01/18/2022 09:53 PM

    Thank you

  • Paul Kern

    01/18/2022 09:39 PM

    I see that demented Joe is falling in step with the "regrowth" movement. The umbrella under which all Marxist groups here follow. They are using him to push America back to the Stone age. Believing they are building a socialist paradise they are Lenin's " useful fools". Very demonic. Only God can prevent this!

  • Wayne Cox

    01/18/2022 08:58 PM

    Thanks for the real news that’s right on it