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September 9, 2022



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Romans 12:14

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Cry me a Rio Grande River

Senator Manchin’s approval rating back home sinks

I don’t know what was going through West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s mind when he broke his vow to his constituents and signed on to the trillion-dollar “Inflation Reduction Act,” a bill so comically misnamed that even the Democrats’ lapdog media outlets couldn’t bring themselves to mouth it. It may have included a $350 billion or so slush fund to enrich the Dems’ “green” cronies, but it’s already creating CO2 by burning Manchin’s political career to the ground.

Manchin isn’t up for reelection until 2024, but a new Triton poll matched him up against three possible Republican challengers. The one Democrat who used to seem unbeatable in West Virginia is now losing to all three of them. Current Governor Jim Justice would beat Manchin by 15 points (47-32%); Patrick Morrisey, who lost to Manchin by 3 points the last time around, now leads him by 14 (50-36%); and even the lesser-known Alex Mooney leads Manchin 45-38%

I hope that whatever Manchin got for selling out his principles and his constituents, it was worth it to him. Maybe he thinks his new friends in the Democrat Party will express their gratitude by offering him a cushy post-Congress job. I have a feeling both he and Liz Cheney will soon discover that the Democratic leadership doesn’t waste payoffs on people who have outlived their usefulness.

Laugh of the Day

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is getting razzed for saying that Russia is weaponizing energy by shutting down the “Nordstrom” pipeline.

I think she meant the Nord Stream pipeline, although it would also be upsetting if they shut down the pipeline of stylish yet semi-affordable designer activewear.

What it means to be a conservative in 2022

Latest from Kurt Schlichter on what it means to be a conservative in 2022, and how it’s not what a lot of people are trying to make us believe it means.

Things to remember when you’re voting

Here’s yet another example of the kind of wildly inappropriate leftist indoctrination that’s being forced on your kids without your knowledge or consent. A teacher at San Juan Hills High School in Capistrano, repeatedly boasted on TikTok about the “queer library” of over 100 books she’s kept in her classroom for students to read for five years, some of them containing sex imagery and information on orgies, sex parties and BDSM.

Warning: even though the writers of that article did their best to self-censor, even the most discrete descriptions of these books are quite graphic. There’s a reason why such books are branded “Adults Only.” That should be your first clue that they don’t belong in a school classroom.

News they tried to slip past you

Even as the Biden White House claims it’s authorized lots of new oil leases so it can blame the oil industry for high gas prices, it’s actually made it much more difficult to search for and produce more domestic oil. And on Tuesday, Biden quietly signed an order reversing yet another Trump policy that helped make America energy-independent by stopping drilling that had already been authorized under 113 permits in three Western states.

When the media tries to gaslight you by praising Biden for bringing down gas prices remember this:

1. They’re still over a dollar a gallon higher than they were when he took office.

2. Thanks to his crazy, war-on-domestic-oil policies, they aren’t likely to keep dropping much longer. They’re only lower now because he made gas so expensive people were forced to stop driving, which reduced demand. But it’s about as low as it can go without the Dems finally achieving their ultimate dream of forcing us all to give up our cars entirely.


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  • Mike Spears

    09/10/2022 11:17 AM

    Gov Huckabee: Concerning the ban on fossil fuels and the massive push for transition to electric vehicles. This will also require a massive upgrade to the electrical grid. Yet are we hearing much about upgrading the electrical grid? Are recent bills from Congress appropriating money for this project? It HAS to be in place long before everyone is driving electric cars, doesn't it? Are the Dems creating a highway to NOWHERE?

  • Anne Turner

    09/09/2022 11:51 PM

    The books in the classroom:
    Shocking as this may. it is the mindset of many of our lefties. We all recognize that there are adults with various ideas of sexual gratification but many of the things portrayed in these books are not “normal” or what most people want. I am speaking of thing like S/M. I am sure that there are those who get gratification from rape, but that’s not a normal expression of love. As long as it is not harmful, adults in this country are free to practice whatever sexual preferences they have. However, these kinds of books in the hands of minors will give them a very skewed idea of loving sexual relations. I submit these are grooming children to be victims of child predators. Has anyone thought to investigate this teacher’s relationships with her students? I fear we are going to have a lot of folks who require counseling in the future. We are born structured in certain ways that necessarily allow procreation to occur through pleasurable sexual encounters between men and women. We live together and in doing so we have to decide on certain ways society need to behave in order to do so peacefully and without physical harm or spreading disease. So yes, there are standards and the community does get to decide what is acceptable. If it were otherwise we could simply pick up a weapon and kill kill each other over disagreement. We could simply have sex with our neighbors child, or our own for that matter. I could decide I wanted my neighbors car, or gold neckless, or diamonds rings, or maybe those fashionable shoes and just go take them. Without agreed upon standards of behavior we would live in chaos. That does not mean that adults cannot not prefer other types of gratification but these are not adults.

  • Carmine Fea

    09/09/2022 06:22 PM

    Gov. Huckabee: Where is the republican voice in this mid-term election? Other than republican senator Rick Scott who is frightening seniors into voting for democrats in Nov., telling them the republicans will vote every 5 years on continuing social security, there is no strong republican message. Fox News replays Biden over and over all day, every day telling voters republicans are a threat to democracy. It appears the republicans are too afraid to tell the voters over and over all the good things republicans accomplished for the people and country when they were in office. Has Biden scared the republicans out of their voice in support of those great accomplishments for the future? Let's hear it, this is a 2-party democracy!

  • ken moore

    09/09/2022 06:19 PM

    Cry me a Rio Grande River if there were floaters in the river you would see a decrease in illegals entering the usa all we have to do is enforece present laws
    another comment frderal agencys that supress fredom need defunding IRS FBI and DOJ to begin with