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February 24, 2022

Say what you will about Sen. Mitt Romney, but he was right when he warned during the 2012 presidential campaign that Russia would be America’s biggest security threat. The media laughed, and Obama mockingly said that “the ‘80s called, and they want their foreign policy back.” Well, Romney just responded to the Ukraine invasion by saying, “The ‘80s called, and we didn’t answer.”

He also rightly pointed out how predictable this was because Putin pulled similar assaults against Georgia and Crimea while Obama was in office, not that the media spent much time telling you about that.

Oh, but wait: Mitt just couldn’t get through his statement without taking a slam at Trump and trying to blame Putin’s aggression on Trump’s policy of putting “America First.” So close, Mitt…

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  • John Wiles

    02/28/2022 01:13 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Mitt is still an aggrandizing, "I'm in it for me" politician. He was right about Russia, but Obama did nothing to help this country with telling foreign powers we were to blame for their problems (true or not), and bowing to dictators. He was weak, and Trump was strong. Strong enough to get North Korea to behave, strong enough to get Putin to behave, and strong enough to get China to behave (from whom we the people have heard nothing, and that is even scarier). Trump's overall attitude was: "I am controlling my country. You (put in appropriate leader's name) need to run your country. You need to stop trying to push us around because you know in your heart if you (fill in appropriate expletive [it is Trump]) with me, I will quite literally destroy you." He meant it; they knew it; and everyone agreed to play nice. Now we have the weakest administration in the history of our country - a rapidly mentally failing idiot and his back up who is a babbling buffoon. Add to that a bunch of liberal idiots who couldn't balance their check book, let alone the national debt in the trillions, or have any focus about where we the American people as a nation and as a power should be headed in 5, 10, or 15 years. We need a recall for every political position at the state and national level NOW. Get rid of the deadwood, which is overwhelming (Democrats and Republicans) and replace them with people who have enough common sense to know that the world is run, not on political ideologies, but on the flow of money, which creates its own power. Trump was immensely successful to the population who actually 'work' in this country because he was and is a 'businessman'. Why do we put sanctions on Russia's banks? Because when the money stops, many, many things stop. Of course, backing a mad man (Putin) in a corner is asking for a wounded bear to use anything he can to survive, including nuclear weapons, and that is the position our weakest administration has put us in. Plus, and I want you to understand the sincerity with which I say it, "The Bell Curve for Intelligence has never been wrong. Half the people in the world, so billions, are to the left of center of an intelligence quotient of 100%." Look at congress and tell me I am wrong. Career politicians, as George Carlin put so pointedly, "don't give a shit about you (us)" and that is way more true than ever in our history.
    Respectfully, and with the love of God as my only redeeming quality,
    John Wiles, Pinehurst, NC

  • Carolyn Thornley

    02/28/2022 10:10 AM

    It's the strangest thing Romney cannot shake his Trump derangement Syndrome and how that damages the Republican Party. We need him out of our party.

  • Ed Thompson

    02/28/2022 08:57 AM

    Hindsight is always 20-20!

  • Ed Thompson

    02/28/2022 08:53 AM

    Mitt Romney right?? 2012! Ya, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while! Just shows how even a blind Rhino can still go on living!

  • R Reedy

    02/27/2022 11:25 PM

    Paper ballots

  • Carol Majewski

    02/27/2022 08:46 PM

    I didn't speak of Romney because he is one of many RINO in our government.

  • Carol Majewski

    02/27/2022 08:44 PM

    In the 1994 Budapest Memorandum Ukraine gave up the world's 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in exchange for the promise the US would protect them. We have failed them + blood is on the hands of the Biden Regime. I am 100% American with 50% Rusyn blood. I am a member of D.A.R. with 2 maternal patriots that fought in the Phila. Militia + paid the support tax. My grandmother family's village in now located in Zarkapattia, Ukraine. My grandfather's Sanok is in Poland. I am angry disgusted heartbroken. Putin should have been sanctioned weeks, months ago. He could be could be diminished now. Biden needs to stop buying his oil! We were energy independent! We could help Ukraine and our own inflation. Psaki said we will not go back because we need to use wind mills + other foolish alternatives. Biden has a new title murderer.

  • Dale Hall

    02/27/2022 07:12 PM

    Sorry Mike but Romney is still batting 1000. The greatest existential threat that the US has ever faced is China.

  • Rachel Morrell

    02/27/2022 04:34 PM

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. That is the very definition of Romney. He was right about Russia, too bad he is wrong about everything else.

  • Corey Sedgwick

    02/25/2022 10:46 PM

    After Romney and 3 other Republicans refused to show up for the Lee bill he can go to ____. The worst mistake I ever did was to vote for him and MaCain when they ran for president. That Democrat that you have had on your show (maybe just Fox News) would probably get my vote and I have never voted Democrat. Wish you had got the nomination then. Sorry for the error