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October 27, 2022

Preface:  The January 6 Kangaroo Kommittee may have overstepped its authority in subpoenaing the phone records of Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who hears emergency applications from that state, has put a temporary stay on the subpoena. The Kommittee has until Friday to respond.

This subpoena was clearly a fishing expedition. “If Dr. Ward’s telephone and text message records are disclosed, congressional investigators are going to contact every person who communicated with her during and immediately after the tumult of the 2020 election,” Ward’s lawyers wrote. “That is not speculation, it is a certainty.”

Of course, the Kommittee has also subpoenaed President Trump, but after he said he'd LOVE to testify on live TV, co-chair Liz Cheney says they won’t allow that. After all, they wouldn’t want their Kommittee to be turned into a “circus,” she said. Too late for that! What they envision doing, of course, is taking the former President into a secure room, turning on their own cameras, lecturing him about “our democracy,” making accusatory speeches, and asking questions like “How long have you conspired with Vladimir Putin to declare yourself dictator?” Then they would edit the video to their hearts’ content and present it as “evidence.”

In their fevered dreams. That will not be happening.

And now, THE BIG STORY:  It’s not Trump who tried to lead a coup, but the FBI and the intel community as a whole, who worked tirelessly to derail both his candidacy and, when that didn’t work, his presidency. Emails produced for John Durham in the trial of Igor Danchenko, Christopher Steele’s primary source for the fabricated “dossier,” prove without a doubt that this is what they were doing with that piece of trash. Investigative reporters Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahnke have used these communications to ascertain the timeline for every step they took, proving that the FBI knew the Steele dossier was rancid baloney from the start but used it to build the entire Russia Hoax.  THAT was the coup attempt.

The latest revelation is that they initiated their plan early on to hide Danchenko as a “confidential human source” (CHS), out of reach of investigations that would come along later. They did this to cover their bases even before they had interviewed Danchenko. So when Danchenko admitted the material he’d passed to Steele was just “bar talk” and stories told “in jest,” they didn’t have to tell anybody. And they didn’t.

The information is in a “premium” story at THE EPOCH TIMES, so here’s the link if you’re a subscriber. (Warning: it will make you very angry.) We sort it out and summarize below.

The particular email that gives this away was buried in hundreds of unused exhibits and brought to light by an internet sleuth called “Walkafyre.” Only the subject line was made public, but that was enough.

As Carlson and Mahnke report, “The revelation...indicates that that FBI deliberately targeted 2016 presidential candidate and later President Donald Trump with claims it already knew at the time to be false.”

Their timeline of the period between the November 8, 2016, presidential election and the appointment of Mueller on May 17, 2017, “reveals that the FBI --- with the help of the Obama administration and Washington establishment figures --- executed a concerted campaign to oust a sitting President.”

FBI agent Kevin Helson sent this email to unknown (redacted) recipients on January 12, 2017. The subject line reads “Plan to convert Danchenko into CHS.” Having already learned that Steele couldn’t provide evidence for his dossier even with a $1 million incentive, they were protecting Danchenko even in advance of his interview with them, which didn’t take place till late January. As a CHS, Danchenko was shielded from any external investigations, including those of Congress. Until now, the assumption had been that Danchenko wasn’t made a CHS until later, after he was interviewed (which was bad enough).

If they’d thought the dossier was real, they would not have hidden Danchenko from investigators. On the contrary, they would have touted him endlessly as proof of Russian “collusion.”

We've organized the major plot points chronologically and will walk you through...

November 8: Trump is elected, despite the FBI’s efforts to, in Peter Strzok’s words, “stop it.”

November 9: Strzok and Page exchange cryptic texts about a meeting of their “secret society” to discuss something “election related.”

November 10: Strzok texts Page, saying, “Bill [Priestap, head of FBI counterintelligence] just sent a two hour invite to talk strategy.”

Early December: The CIA tells congressional leaders that “Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency.” So now CIA Director John Brennan is involved, more than just behind the scenes.

December 9: After the congressional briefing, Obama signs an order directing the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency (NSA) to draft an intelligence community assessment (ICA) on Russian interference in the election. Both the CIA and FBI had already had this in the works, with the FBI working to get the “dossier” into the ICA, to make it official, even though they already knew it was fake. (Note: they never inform Congress, the courts or Trump officials of the $1 million offer to Steele and his inability to provide evidence.)

December 16: Andrew McCabe personally pushes his agents to include the dossier in the ICA. When asked if it should include not just information regarding Russian interference but also allegations against candidate Trump, McCabe says to YES, include the Trump allegations, “due to concerns over possible Russian attempts to blackmail Trump.” So now Trump is personally targeted.

December 20: The FBI identifies Danchenko as the primary source for the dossier.

December 28: Director Comey makes a push to the CIA and NSA for the dossier to be included in the ICA. Comey characterizes Steele as a “credible person with a source and sub-source network in position to report on such things.” (Comey knows Steele can't verify any of it.) They agree to include a two-page summary of the dossier, thereby legitimizing it.

January 3: Outgoing AG Loretta Lynch implements new executive order greatly expanding the intel agencies’ ability to share information.

January 5: During a White House intelligence briefing on the intel assessment, Obama expresses his desire that information be withheld from the incoming Trump administration. (That’s the infamous meeting in which Comey stays behind to brief Obama on the dossier.)

January 6: Now the top intel officials brief Trump and his national security team on the salacious stories from the dossier. Reportedly, newly appointed Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn asks about Steele’s sub-sources. (Uh-oh. It’s likely this is the moment they seriously targeted Flynn.) Hours later, the briefing is leaked to the media.

(Trump, frustrated by so many leaks, had conducted a “sting” to find out who was leaking. He didn’t tell his staff about his January 6 briefing at all, so when news of it leaked, he knew it was the intel people.)

January 10: Comey testifies before Senate Intel Committee, stating that he can neither confirm nor deny an active investigation of Trump. The media go wild. The dossier is released by BUZZFEED.

January 11: The Senate Intel Committee opens its own, very politically driven investigation into Russian interference. Trump gives a press conference naming the intel community as the leakers. This says so much about Trump's presence of mind…

January 12: Agent Helson sends his email about signing up Danchenko as a CHS. Also, IG Michael Horowitz announces he’ll review the actions of the FBI in the lead-up to the 2016 election. This ties up any outside probes into the FBI’s actions for two years. Also, Mike Flynn’s call with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak is leaked to the WASHINGTON POST, which reports it as an attempt to undermine Obama’s sanctions against Russia. (The object is to get Flynn out.)

Also on January 12: The first renewal of the Carter Page warrant is approved. The FBI knows the dossier is bunk but has not informed the FISA court.

January 19: Obama’s top intel and law enforcement deputies meet to talk about Flynn’s call.

January 22: Flynn is sworn in as Trump’s national security advisor.

January 24: Comey sends “a couple of guys over” (Strzok and Pientka), as he later brags, to do the ambush interview on the unsuspecting Flynn.

End of January: Over a three-day period, Danchenko is finally interviewed and tells the FBI he never intended his wild rumors and bar talk to be included in Steele’s dossier. Again, because he was being made a CHS, this information would be shielded from investigators.

February 13: Flynn resigns. (In 2020, it’s revealed through detailed transcripts that Flynn never discussed sanctions with Kislyak.)

February 27: President George W. Bush says “we all need answers” on alleged Russia “collusion.”

March 2: New AG Jeff Sessions totally recuses himself from "Russia," without even looking into whether the inquiry is legitimate.

March 4: Trump tweets that he knows the Obama administration has been spying on his campaign.

March 6: The FBI reacts by sending McCabe, Strzok and Priestap to brief the DOJ on their Trump investigation. They mention no issues with the dossier and instead lie that it is their fully checked-out “Crown reporting.”

March 8: Comey briefs the congressional “Gang Of Eight,” who aren’t told about any issues with the dossier, either.

Month of March: Danchenko is an official CHS now, shielded from inquiry.

March 20: Comey announces that the Trump campaign is being investigated for Russian collusion.

March 21: House Intel Committee chair Devin Nunes meets with a source, then informs President Trump he believes Trump and his staff were illegally surveilled and “unmasked.” Nunes demands the FBI, CIA and NSA reveal details of this.

April 6: Following an ethics investigation being opened against him, Nunes is forced to recuse himself from the Russia collusion investigation.

April 7: The warrant to spy on Carter Page is renewed again.

May 9: Trump fires Comey; McCabe becomes acting director. Steele has a phone call with Bruce Ohr at the DOJ, expressing concern that “they will be exposed” with Comey’s firing.

May 12: Steele and Ohr exchange texts, with Ohr conveying a request from McCabe that Steele be reengaged.

May 16: Comey leaks memos to THE NEW YORK TIMES through a Columbia Law School friend. (Comey later acknowledges he did this to spark the appointment of a special counsel.)

May 17: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller special counsel, with dossier source/fabricator Danchenko still safely hidden by the FBI.

I think we might have just given you a summary of Durham’s final report. And perhaps we can condense it even further, to five words:  THIS WAS A COUP ATTEMPT.

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  • William P Appelt

    10/27/2022 09:24 PM

    So, nobody cares that they used a FISA court (I for International) illegally?
    Corruption in the court?

  • Njim Greer

    10/27/2022 03:48 PM

    WOW!! Did the (intelligence community??) consult with James Patterson on all this bull…..? Make one hell-of a good plot for one of his novels. Too bad - no it’s down right shameful - that it’s not just something out of a book or a movie but something our government actually did to one of our own!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/27/2022 11:59 AM

    God Bless and Thank You for your courage. If only we could clone the Trumps and Huckabees our country would be safe by land sea and air (;