January 15, 2020

Last night, CNN hosted the sixth Democratic Presidential debate, and the last before Iowa, when the first votes finally come.  If the vote were held now, I predict that the winner by far would be “No more debates!!!” Of course, there were also complaints about the whiteness of the candidates. I wonder if Hollywood announced the Oscar nominees just before the debate to help divert the diversity protesters’ attention away from the Democratic candidates.

Last night’s debate was a snooze, even by the usual somnambulant standards of these things.  Anyone hoping for fireworks between, say, Warren and Sanders, had to be as disappointed as a kid with a bag full of wet bottle rockets.  Earlier this week, there was a conflict in which Warren claimed Sanders had privately told her a woman couldn’t win the White House. Sanders denied saying it, and with no witnesses, it was just a “he said/she said,” and with Warren as the “she,” who could believe anything she said?  But the closest thing to an altercation came after the debate during the end credits, when the audience was sound asleep.

But for the most part, it was all tired, big government, tax-and-spend talking points that those of us unfortunate enough to have to watch these debates for a living have heard about 10,000 times by now. Even the Trump impeachment was dispensed with quickly, a sign that both CNN and the candidates know that’s a rotting dead horse of an issue for them.

One thing I’ve noticed in these “debates” (they really aren’t debates, hence the quotes) is that they seem to be beamed in from the Superman planet, Bizarro World, where everything is the exact opposite of the way it is here on Earth.  In Bizarro Democrat World, Trump only cares about the New York billionaires and bankers who, here on Earth, he outfoxed repeatedly and who are either funding his opponents or running against him themselves. Bizarro Trump is a power-mad tyrant who needs to be replaced with someone who’ll run every aspect of your life, from child care on up, via executive orders. On their Bizarro planet, lower and middle class workers can’t find jobs, wages aren't rising, the unemployment rate is through the roof, we're practically in a depression, and workers are begging for the only thing that can stimulate the economy: 90% tax rates and a return to the policies that gave us the economic Utopia of the Obama/Biden years. 

Oh, and in Bizarro World, ISIS didn't grow into a threat all across the Middle East because it was crushed by Obama and Biden.

I won’t bother to recap the whole evening, which was probably the most boring piece of fantasy fiction since “Battlefield Earth,” but here are a few of what might pass for “highlights”:

Bernie Sanders is getting razzed for his shaky grasp on math because he got upset that Elizabeth Warren was described as the only candidate who’d beaten an incumbent Republican in the past 30 years.  Sanders insisted that he’d beaten an incumbent Republican…which he did, in 1990.  Let’s see, it’s now 2020, minus 1990…uh, that’s 30 years ago.

I don’t think anyone wanted to bring this up, but it’s more likely that Bernie was exhibiting that trait of people who are getting older and tend to remember long-ago things as if they were yesterday and forget things that are more recent, like what the economy was like three years ago.  It’s hardly news that he has a shaky grasp on math; his entire economic world view is built on a shaky grasp of math. 

Another hilarious moment: Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s attempt to compare President Trump to Sen. Joe McCarthy of “Red Scare” fame.  Right, it’s Trump who is constantly trying to fill us with fears of Russian infiltration in the government, and who waves around a blank piece of paper in Congress, claiming it’s evidence of government officials who are colluding with Russia.  Hey, guys: that’s your party now.  Once again, we’re back in Bizarro World.

Overall, I was left with the impression that I wouldn’t trust any of these people to manage a taco truck, much less be President of the United States.  You know a Democratic debate went badly when MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called it “dull” and “plodding” and said, “Nobody looked good on the debate stage,” while Van Jones described it as “very dispiriting” and compared it to “cold oatmeal.”  

I also noticed that a number of talking heads started their commentaries by saying, “If the Democrats were smart, they would…” and then naming something they’re not doing.  Draw your own conclusions.

The biggest winner of the night, as usual, was President Trump, who stole the candidates’ thunder (or maybe that was just stomach gas, like Eric Swalwell’s) by simultaneously holding a rally right in their territory, the very blue city of Milwaukee, on the exact spot where the Democrats will soon hold their national convention.  Here’s video of the full speech:

Trump drew a humongous crowd with thousands more massed outside watching giant TV screens.  He used his speech to blast his opponents and list his accomplishments, particularly creating blue collar jobs, raising wages, renegotiating trade deals to help American workers and farmers, and standing up to terrorists.

Local Democrats accused Trump of only playing on negative emotions, but Trump’s list of accomplishments is real, and the people who lined up to see him know that they have more money in their paychecks (or that they finally have paychecks after eight long years of Obama.)  The Democrats’ only response to that has been to call him every dirty name in the book and vow to reverse all the policies that are working because “orange man bad.” You decide which side is running on negative emotions.  

My theory is that Trump plans to hold rallies at the same time as Democratic debates until he reaches the point where there are more people in the room listening to him than are watching the debate on TV.  By my estimation, that’s maybe two debates away. 

If you’re a masochist and want to read more about last night’s debate, Jeanne Zaino at Fox News has a very good write-up on the winners and losers that I mostly agree with:

And if you’d just like to read the funniest recap of it, scroll through Stephen Green’s hilarious live debate blog at PJ Media:

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  • rodney burke

    01/17/2020 05:46 PM

    It's becoming mroe and more obvious every day the left is challenged; economically, logically and truthwise. They can't seem to realize how much their insanity is going to cost. They can't seem to grasp that green energy is a failure. They can't seem to grasp what would happen if all oil and gas disappeared. They can't grasp that we are NOT now nor will be prepared to have electric vehicles to replace the gas ones. Nor can they apparently grasp the fact that we have a constitution which they want to destroy and that will NOT work. They can't seem to grasp that we KNOW they hate us and conflict is eventual and they are going to lose. As many say, likely including you, they are living in some other universe/planet and i am not sure where that is. yes, TDS is infesting them and it gets worse every day. uh reeducation camps?


    01/17/2020 05:03 PM

    Mike, I enjoy hearing from you, keep up the good work. We need to get the word to our President, fire Chris Wray, he is an extension of Liar Comey, he has already proven that he will do very little to improve the fisa process and he hasn't proven he can be trusted.

  • Susan Klinefelter

    01/16/2020 03:30 PM

    Thank you for making me laugh so much with your witty comments during a time when I am so blankety blank sick of Nancy Pelosi and democratic rhetoric!! You are awesome!! And I love your shows!! What a blessing you are!!! Thank you!!!

  • Jerry Korba

    01/16/2020 11:36 AM

    Like the Left they are capable of using one word to describe their hate for America they give the Hate groups a couple of days to practice the word in a six word sentence and they blast it on TV a 100 people get to listen to the performance and stand up and cheer we got the President this time.The Left dislikes the President yes we all know that the Left Hates America I am going to use my word to describe the Left EVIL Now 2 words PURE EVIL in the 100 percentile. The Left is one thing EVIL Pelosi the evil Witch from the West stirs her Black Pot adding a destructive ingredient every week using Religious beliefs one week, nobody is above the law the next week, then she throws in the Constitution which is unknown to her and doesn't believe in it as stands stands at her pot throwing Hate into the pot and serves it to the taxpayers one bowl at a time. Our Evil Witch not many are taking your EVIL brew Stop making it just get on your broom and fly into Iranian air space they won't shoot you down they like you.

  • John Japuntich

    01/16/2020 09:28 AM

    Gov -

    Nice pens Nancy used to sign the impeachment documents on her somber occasion. Wonder how much they cost and who paid for them.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/15/2020 11:30 PM

    Not many gave a rip about the Debate last night and why would they. Today the half wit Pelosi ,thats being gracious, thought that Putin electing our President was a bad thing If Trump is reelected that will be a good thing the real bad thing Pelosi is you impeached my President. I know you are mentally breaking down you remember a few words you just can't put them in order to make any sense. It all may be by design you speak like you had a major stroke give it Pelosi your old news you made a mess of the House go home and continue to ruin that house also good riddance the wicked witch from the West. Maga

  • Marysia Marts

    01/15/2020 10:10 PM

    Mike, I didn't see a place for comments after your article on the Oscar's but I have to address your continued berating of Chick-fil-A. You said, "They should know by now that any attempts to placate the professionally offended will only be seen as weakness and lead to even more complaints (just ask Chick-fil-A how many transgender activists are lining up to take the place of the Christian customers they betrayed."

    It seems you are still bitter over their recent decisions they made since you were such a huge supporter of them a few years ago. It appears you want to get everyone as upset as you are. I have liked your commentary and opinions over the years and I voted for you when you ran for President. So, it is sad for me be close to wanting to unsubscribe from your newsletter because you won't stop berating them. I have read both sides of the matter concerning Chick-fil-A changes and will continue to support them because they are a good company who sell good food and give great customer service. However, I don't want to continue to listen to your negative comments about their company. Dan Cathy and their family are good people who do not deserve how they have been treated by Christians. We do we always turn on each other? We don't have to agree but we don't have to be spiteful either. Please reconsider how you speak about the company and family. I hope you find it in your heart to let go of any bitterness you have concerning this. You're a good man, Mike, and you above all people know how much it hurts when people talk bad about those you care about. Please consider stopping the negative comments about Chick-fil-A and show them grace.
    Thank you for hearing me out. It's from my heart and I thought I should share it with you.

  • Anne Turner

    01/15/2020 10:10 PM

    As always, Governor, you are right on. The Progressive beat just goes on and on, and on, and on. But, my lib friends blame Trump for everything bad. I don’t like the man personally, but he does the right things. Anyone who thinks he lacks intelligence is crazy themselves. I don’t have to be in love, or even in like, with my president, but I must be appreciative when he does most things right. I hope people realize that the Progressives have gotten so deranged that they do not care about our country, nearly as much as they want to down Trump. What a sad thing for a country that we should be thanking God for every day and for the right to live here. I am on a quest to read and study the Bible in a year. I am in Samuel 1. Two things I know for sure: The human penchant for good and evil has not changed; and when we stray from God and spiritual underpinnings, things do not go well. We have unimaginable luxuries and yet people are depressed, particularly teens. They lack that spiritual background training most of we older people got as children. I saw a street interview and a child of nine or ten did not know who had a birthday on December 25. He suggested Santa Clause. That is what happens when you take religion, ethics, and morality out of every public thing.

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/15/2020 08:34 PM

    When I read about Oscar NOMINATIONS in your article, my spontaneous response was that there is NOTHING in the realm of secular worldly events that has not been poisoned by the divisive hatred that has become America's new norm!

    Then, when I read your Oscar PREDICTIONS, I got a mental flashback of two pictures that are forever engraved in my mind because I made hundreds of copies OF them as a result of my including them in articles that I pass out as part of my message as to what REALLY makes life worth living.... and to underscore that winning man's awards...and applause...does NOT make life worth living, is why I Included these is Whitney Houston holding an Oscar...the other one is Robin Williams holding an Oscar.....So, in view OF these pictures, I will add one more prediction to your list.....WHICH IS THAT..

    While a winner of an Oscar award may experience a momentary "high" that one gets when his ego is flattered, however, as time goes on, that high will dissipate and, as more time goes on, the winner will experience an ever-increasing void that comes from living life on a TWO-DIMENSIONAL level rather than on the THREE-DIMENSIONAL level God intended for us to live on because we are BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT...

    SO MY PREDICTION IS THAT at least one of these Oscar so many who preceded them....will turn to drugs, or alcohol, to try and deaden the pain OF this void...and emptiness....and will run the risk of having these drugs eventually kill they did Jim Belushi!

    HOW PITIFUL THAT, at his age, Bernie Sanders is putting forth so much effort to try and win a Presidential election with never a thought about wanting to hear "well done, My good and faithful servant" from our Lord! !!

  • Joyce Durand

    01/15/2020 07:23 PM

    I love President Trump and thank God for blessing us with him to MAGA and KAG!