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February 1, 2024

A full year after the train derailment and toxic chemical spill that devastated East Palestine, Ohio, it was announced that Biden will finally visit the town. For reference, Trump wasn’t even President anymore, and he visited there two weeks after it happened and donated a truckload of bottled water (Fun fact: leftists on social media attacked him for visiting, blamed the train derailment on him, and falsely claimed that the water was 13 years old. Imagine what they would have said about him if he didn't show up at all, then only came because it was an election year.)

After a solid year of the White House ignoring pleas for help from the people of East Palestine (Biden seems more concerned about the people of Middle Eastern Palestine), this sudden about-face isn’t going over too well with locals who are blasting Biden’s cynical, Johnny-come-lately visit online.

The mayor cordially welcomed the visit, but pointedly said that the best time for Biden to visit (other than right after the catastrophe actually happened) would be in 2025, “when he's on his book tour.”

When asked if Biden will drink the water in East Palestine (the safety of that was a major concern), White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged the question, declaring, "This is about this President being a president for everyone and showing up for this community. I'm not going to get into some political stunts about drinking water."

Besides, if he’s thirsty, they can hand him a bottle of that Trump-branded water. That would be a great photo-op. And incidentally, as someone who was Governor of Arkansas for 10 years and who had to deal with my share of calamities, like tornadoes, I can confirm that “showing up for the community” is an important part of the job. But when it takes you a year, is that really “showing up?”

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  • Clyde Stauff

    02/01/2024 03:57 PM

    Mike, like you, but Trump has a toxic personality and zero integrity. Wish you would support a candidate that isn't disliked by 70% of the voters.