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May 22, 2021

Those who believed that all it took for the radical left to force their agenda onto America was for Democrats to hold the White House, a tiny majority in the House and a tie in the Senate should remember that despite the left’s efforts to create an all-powerful federal government, in the United States, the government still derives its power from the consent of the governed. And if enough Americans don’t give their consent, then we have ways to fight back.


One way is through the courts. We are seeing a lot of legal challenges to Biden’s executive orders and regulatory overreach. And some are succeeding: the Supreme Court just unanimously struck down the idea of warrantless gun confiscation. Even if they’d stacked the Court with four more liberal activists, they still would’ve lost that one 9-4.  


But another way is through pushback by local and state governments. Liberals see the US as a supreme federal government with subservient state and local governments far below. They forget that they upended that notion themselves when they started the “sanctuary state and city” and the legalizing marijuana movements, both in defiance of federal law. Using their own precedents, after just a few months of disastrous Biden policies, states are already refusing to cooperate in their own destruction.


Here are just a few of the latest examples:


Tennessee just became the second state (after Arkansas) to ban dangerous, experimental hormone treatments for prepubescent children who think they’re transgender. This kind of “doctors playing God” practice used to be considered monstrous before the Democrats went all-in on the LBGTQ+++ agenda. Now, some formerly cowed medical experts are finally starting to speak up, and even some European nations and hospitals are saying no to using children as guinea pigs.


South Carolina’s Governor just signed an open-carry bill into law, allowing permitted gun owners to carry weapons openly in public. This is part of an overall growing trend to protect the Second Amendment on the state level.


Nearly a dozen states are working on bills to ban racist and Marxist “Critical Race Theory” from schools. The Governors of Texas and Florida seem to be competing to see who can defend personal liberty from leftist federal tyranny the most. And in the most encouraging news of the day, Pennsylvania voters just approved two Constitutional amendments taking away the Governor’s ability to use emergency disaster declarations to assert unlimited power over the people’s rights and freedoms.


The Republican legislature tried to rein in Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf’s endless COVID lockdowns, which they say have crippled the state’s economy and destroyed jobs, but he vetoed them, which required a two-thirds vote to override. But under the new amendments, the Governor can only declare a disaster emergency for 21 days, not 90 days. After 21 days, the legislature has to vote to extend it. And a simple majority of the legislature can now terminate an emergency declaration at any time. (Wolf just extended his emergency declaration yet again, two days after the vote, so the voters’ message obviously didn’t sink in.)


Amazingly, Wolf accused Republicans of a “thinly-veiled power grab” for backing taking unlimited power away from one man and spreading it evenly among many elected representatives of the people in two branches of government. I’d say his beef is with the voters. We’ll see what they have to say in the 2022 gubernatorial election.

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  • Colette L Wagner

    05/24/2021 12:15 PM

    I, like most Americans these days, am completely frustrated. I see nothing stopping these horrible, evil, far-left politicians from doing whatever they want. There are no repercussions for their actions. They say and do some of the most outrageous things and nothing happens. They have bills in Congress right now that should have never passed a committee, let alone the house. They have shredded the Constitutional rights of free Americans. Stolen an election, yep I said it. All I hear from Republican politicians and radio hosts is to wait for 2022. By that time between the Dems and the RHINOs there won't be an free America left. The only thing I have to say is I'm glad I'm old, because I can die in peace in my hills of Idaho while I watch the country burn around the ears of the younger generation that couldn't care less.

  • Charles Mckee

    05/23/2021 10:16 AM

    Your so right. I live in California. When A petition to recall Governor Newsome received enough signatures to recall him he started to change his tune and by June 15th our state should be reopened. Yet he still started to hand out more stimulus money to gain favor. And money to pay back pay to protect renters from eviction. And the recall seems to be going away. And the unemployment rate is horrible. Now the state is demanding electric vehicles for Uber and Lyft drivers in the next few years. These workers can’t afford new cars. Im really disappointed the recall lost momentum when he started throwing out money.

  • Karen J Jones

    05/23/2021 08:56 AM

    But they can still take your guns with a warrant? I'd suppose a warrant is easy enough to get with these corrupt pols.

    And this govt is committing crimes against the nation & citizens EVERY DAY. Why aren't remedies being used? Every single dem involved shouldl be impeached. Btw where's Biden's impeachment?

  • Darlene Guthrie

    05/23/2021 01:56 AM

    Thank God for our decent and America loving elected officials coming against the policies that are designed to rob us of our freedoms, rights, assets, safety and peace of mind.