June 9, 2020


June 9, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Over the weekend, I was asked to comment on a report that three prominent Republicans announced they would vote for Joe Biden. They were Colin Powell (who reportedly hasn’t voted Republican in over a decade), Mitt Romney (what a surprise!), and former President George W. Bush. I said they should all “Get over it.” If they don’t like Trump’s personal style, fine; sometimes I don’t either. But he’s been great at cutting taxes and regulations, strengthening the military, putting America first, fixing the economy, creating jobs for all Americans, enforcing immigration laws, renegotiating trade deals in our favor for a change, appointing conservative judges, defending Israel and religious freedom, and standing up for the sanctity of life. Any vote for any modern Democrat is a vote for the exact opposite of all of that.

However, since this story was all over every media outlet (of course it was; it’s catnip to the anti-Trump crowd), I didn’t think to question whether it was entirely true. Turns out, part of it is fake news:

President Bush’s spokesman says that as a former President, he never reveals who he is voting for, and the claim that he’s not supporting Trump was “completely made up.” Had I known that it originated with the New York Times, I would have been far more skeptical. As I noted yesterday, the Times’ credibility as a news source is now on a par with that of old issues of High Times magazine, whose reporters at least had the excuse of being stoned out of their minds.

My apologies to ex-President Bush for not asking, “Wait a minute, did this come from the New York Times?” before believing it.


As always happens after a bender, the leaders of blue cities who allowed rioters and looters to “vent” are waking up with a big headache and realizing just how much longterm damage has been inflicted – in this case, on the very people the protesters claimed to be championing.

After previous riots in cities like Watts and Detroit, the damage to the economy and quality of life lingered on for years, even decades. Once again, the victims taking the brunt of it are the law-abiding black residents of the neighborhoods that were trashed, burned and looted. They lost friends and family members killed and injured while trying to defend the businesses they’d spent their lives building, lost their homes, and lost jobs they needed in order to take care of their families.

And now comes the secondary pain: the stores that were burned and looted closed, many possibly for good. The residents depended on those stores for food, medicine, clothing and other necessities. Now, they’ll have to travel long distances for basic needs. Liberals used to decry what they called “food deserts.” President Trump promoted tax breaks and other incentives to get businesses into these neighborhoods to provide goods, jobs and services. Now, liberals, in the name of “helping” those communities, are driving the businesses out, leaving the mayors to plead with them not to leave for good.

It’s going to take a lot of convincing to get businesses to stay after this. It will require a leader who knows how to talk to business people, who understands their needs, and has experience negotiating deals that will entice reluctant investors to sign. If only someone like that were running for President in 2020!


The WHO has now reversed its most recent reversal of its guidelines on wearing face masks in public. Click the link for details. And please note that if you were planning to harangue someone for not following expert advice, make sure it’s the current expert advice, which is what people might have been doing when you harangued them last week.


Congratulations to Larry Elder for joining the elite club of conservatives who get branded by Politifact as saying something that’s “Mostly False,” even though it’s 100% accurate.

I had that honor once. It’s been so long, I don’t even remember that the story was, but I do seem to recall that the facts I quoted were not only accurate, they also came out of the Washington Post. I don’t remember Politifact’s reasoning, but I recall thinking at the time that it amounted to, “What he said is true, but if the facts were different, it would be false.” I think my missing “context” was that I failed to include hypothetical situations in which things were different from what they actually were.

More recently (like in the past three days), we’ve had several web pages at be flagged and blocked by Google. These pages contained no commentary whatsoever: they were just reposts of news videos of comments by people such as the White House press secretary and the Minnesota attorney general (a DEMOCRAT). We had to appeal to get them reinstated. Is posting a video of prominent people’s own words a thought crime now?

Anyway, when I put quotation marks around the phrase “fact-checker,” these are just a few of the many, many reasons why.


The OUTRAGE Machine has been fired up again over a story about Buffalo police violently shoving an innocent elderly protester to the ground and leaving him lying injured, with nobody to help him. That would be horrible, except it isn’t true.

As Jack Dunphy at PJMedia (and the video) reveal, the “elderly protester” had a history of profane anti-police online posts. He deliberately tried to block the police as they were moving forward to clear an area after the curfew passed (the curfew was imposed after violent protests and looting left two people shot and three officers injured, one seriously). The man also appears in the video to be trying to use his cell phone to capture Bluetooth and wifi data from the cops’ devices, in violation of state and federal laws. He wasn’t shoved roughly to the ground; he ignored warnings to move and was pushed back in the correct procedural manner. When he fell over backward and appeared to be hurt, the police did step around him, but other cops trained as EMTs immediately rushed up and began giving him aid.

Aside from that, the story was correct. Nevertheless, because of our hypersensitive times, the two officers who made contact with him were suspended without pay and charged with felony assault, to which they’ve pleaded not guilty. Good luck getting a fair trial.


"And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up."

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (KJV)


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  • LAARA Zimerman

    06/09/2020 09:15 PM

    Curious to find out if you have any plans to lead a trip to the Holy Land anytime sooner or later?

    Would love to go.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/09/2020 07:09 PM

    With almost everything in America is run by the Left The MSM The House of Representatives Police Departments,Governors and Mayors of States and Cities which are failing miserably The Education System, the Judicial System, The Unions, Hollywood the film industry, The Banking Institutions the Pentagon the Prison Institutions, with these institutions run by the Left why do people continue to vote for the Democratic Congress that are funded by these institutions so when the the Left call Conservatives Racist and people of color feel they are being oppressed the people oppressing them are the people they vote for. why would they vote Democratic? Because the Democrats blame Conservatives for oppression while NOT in the position of power too oppress. Either people of color are being convinced by Fake News or the Democrats are the Oppressors. To the People of Color the Democrats hold your fate in its hand if you are oppressed better change your voting block. What do you have to lose. MAGA

  • Jerry Korba

    06/09/2020 05:36 PM

    The Memorial service for G Floyd had a couple of things I thought was enlightening take the bad apple out of the barrel replace with a good apple It is to late for George nobody should ever be treated like George I normally shed a tear at funerals I shuttered when George called for his Mother his final words as I write this I am very sad. I am not Black however when a police car pulls behind I wonder, what is it up to why would it follow me. I have been stoped before speeding and mistaken identity the car I have the same type car was involved in a crime guns were drawn and I got scared and after they were finish with me and figured they had the wrong guy I thought they could figured it a bit faster. I have worked in Black parts of the city and I have been escorted by police to the Freeway for my safety sometimes one forgets that people will not like a person because of what you look like whether they know you or not, they don't like you because you didn't look like them. So I don't take for granted when Black people say they may be targeted by police and people in general. Good people should be angry if they are watched closely while in a store, the other side of the coin is when people are on camera, National TV and don't forget the world is watching thats not the type of ambassador people want to see looting and destroying property, that doesn't give any people confidence you can be trusted. Just saying! I also say America has been good not always Great so I say again MAGA.

  • Marty Jones

    06/09/2020 04:39 PM

    As always you have put together a great read. I can tell you (I am sure you already know) that our great nation is in trouble if the people do not wake up and research on their own what the truth is.
    Between the Democrats and the majority of the media telling half truths and deceiving the people, the false information is vast. Never stop what your doing Governor. Your voice is needed.

  • Lisa Ford

    06/09/2020 03:00 PM

    I am worn out by the "experts", we can do better than them. We all wrestle through flu season every year, which I still wonder why it happens & always comes from China? I am tired of all the time on tv devoted to "supposedly George Floyd". Today is the service in Houston. I know it was a horrible thing. But why make us go through it over & over again. By the way, what did he do to be put into handcuffs? Haven't heard anything about that. When will we get full stories on things? But one very big blessing we do have. God cares & loves each & everyone of us. He will get us through this too, just like all of our other trials. Put it all in His hands to sort it out.

  • Arlene Metrione

    06/09/2020 01:53 PM

    How is it I turn on every channel to see funerals for a criminal who never should have been murdered and his killer deserves punishment but during this pandemic they can gather in crowds but I cannot have a simple funeral for my beloved husband who died recently and not from the virus! Is that justice?

  • Mike Spears

    06/09/2020 01:30 PM

    Gov Huckabee: 1) With regard to the man pushed by Buffalo Police: They were clearly in a moving police formation and he was interfering. Smart money would have been to get out of the way. Also, as you said, medics took care of him right away. 2) With regard to the Left's wish to de-fund and dismantle police departments: They probably do NOT intend to get rid of police altogether; they most likely intend to dismantle the EXISTING POLICE FORCES and then quickly replace them with Antifa or BLM. In which case there will be many more police than anyone ever imagined to replace them and enforce THE LEFT'S NEW WORLD ORDER. We must stop this NOW.

  • Mike Horst

    06/09/2020 01:06 PM

    Mike, From your article about police being charged for touching a 75 year old man with felony assult and suspended without pay. The better thing for them to do might be to quickly head to their patrol cars at the start of the curfew and head home. If it is that easy to get charged as a police officer it seems as though the best thing to do is to avoid all contact with the public. In fact maybe they can negotiate to drop the charges if they resign. If that is all it takes to be charged with a Felony I wouldn't recommend anyone remain or become a police officer. Seriously, it is a sad day for America when they are looking for any excuse to destroy a police officer. The left just wants to abolish police, ice or any sort of accountability for their unacceptable behavior! And then Democrat Senators, Congressman, Governors and Mayors keep pandering to them & enabling them. Anything for power and a vote! Pathetic and Dangerous!

  • Janet Pingston

    06/09/2020 01:00 PM

    It is the Police- courageous men and women who protect, help, and enforce the very laws we put into place. It you do not like what the police are doing - change the 300,000 laws.

    George situation was very sad. As with any group, police-teachers-carpenters-pastors. There are some bad apples. With the UNION backing them up, it is impossible to get any of the needed personnel changes made. Once you are a member of the union you have that job for life. no matter what. It is the not the police that need to be defunded. it is the UNION.

  • Sam Sayger

    06/09/2020 12:46 PM

    First of all, thanks tons for makeing your entire post viewable in my browser. It is so much easier to read and I do enjoy your posts. I inow you represent Truth and all it stands for. Your posts are always refreshing to read and speak of America and the good for which it stands. Thank you sir for believing in the proposition that America is worth the effort and risks we take for supporting that proposition. God bless you and yours - certainly your wonderful daughter, Sarah.
    Sam Sayger

  • Floyd A Unger

    06/09/2020 12:40 PM

    Thank you for the correction update. I was worried about Bush, but then I noticed the source and how it was presented.

  • Steven Ridinger

    06/09/2020 12:38 PM

    I don't agee with everything President Trump is saying, but I know he is the right President for the USA. I hope and pray he is reelected.

  • Sharon Smith

    06/09/2020 12:34 PM

    I feel like everything this year has been a hoax from the Covid 19 to the death of George Floyd. Looking at the video of his arrest and death, there are too many things that don't make sense. There is so much evil in our country and among the democrats, how are we supposed to believe anything?

  • Janet Underwood

    06/09/2020 12:27 PM

    I'm not sure why the newsletters sent to my mailbox do not show nor allow any comments, but here's something I just had to share with you in case you and your staff hadn't already seen it:

    George Orwell's message is sadly apt today.


    06/09/2020 12:21 PM

    I caught exactly the same thing, and am sorry for the same reason. But only for that misjudgment in Placing any Value in anything the Media Drools, I'm sure the Ashes of American Businesses, Privet Property, Maybe the Blood of Law Abiding Citizens or Murdered Babies got in their eyes while they were Fabricating this Bit of Propaganda against the Truth for the American People! The Lives of the Honest Law Abiding Matters!

  • Sue Bigsby

    06/09/2020 12:21 PM

    Yes we have all been fooled with "FAKE NEWS" that we are drowning in. But Mike Huckabee -- PLEASE STOP with the little side comments about not liking Trump's style. President Trump's style is honesty and forthrightness -- which is so lacking we are gobsmacked by it sometimes. Here's an idea -- embrace it. Stop throwing crumbs to the anti and never Trumpers. You don't win them over. And you piss off Trump supporters. Like me.

  • Dr. D. A. Palmer

    06/09/2020 11:46 AM

    Thank you for the correction. We all make errors, but not all admit and apologize. God Bless You.

  • William Fuhrer

    06/09/2020 11:40 AM

    President Trump demands a lot from Organization like the United Nation and WHO. President Obama expects politicians to do their jobs...provide an atmosphere for economic growth in cities and states. President Trump wants safe streets. President Trump wants truth in media. President Trump does not want politicians to abuse the Constitution

  • Stephen Russell

    06/09/2020 11:25 AM

    Chicago mayor wants businesses back:
    Her actions pre & during riots spoke volumes alone
    She lost. If i had a business Id leave pronto

    Has2 lose the Leftist mantra IF U want businesses back:
    Fund Police forces
    CUT taxes, regulations
    ID bad cops in force.
    CUT leftist ties
    Prosecute crimes,
    Sue Antifa for damages to cities.
    Cut city corruption citywide then
    Hire new blood?
    Reopen prisons.
    Use workcamps
    Have inmates rebuild city & ex gangs working 15 hour days.
    End Digital divide for schools
    Modernize, update services.
    & applies to other Blue State cities
    Change city govt policies, procedures