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November 22, 2023

You’ve probably heard of the “thermonuclear lawsuit” Elon Musk has filed against Media Matters, a Soros-backed group that claims to be a media watchdog but has actually long been a Democrat Party attack dog. They recently launched an intimidation campaign telling companies that if they advertise on Musk’s platform Twitter (X), their ads will run next to Nazi and white nationalist posts. This has caused IBM, Disney, Apple, Paramount and others to yank their ads.

Musk’s lawsuit says that Media Matters “knowingly and maliciously” manufactured images showing ads next to racist fringe content when “not a single authentic user” saw ads from IBM, Comcast or Oracle next to such content.

Not only is Musk suing but the attorneys general of Texas and Missouri announced that they’re investigating Media Matters for possible fraud for allegedly deceiving the public in an attempt to limit participation in the public square.

But what you might not know is what exactly IS Media Matters? Issues & Insights published a good explanation for how this started, what it’s all about, who Media Matters are and what their true motive is, and it’s not fighting anti-Semitism or Nazism. Their twofold goals are (1.) harming Musk for taking away the left’s Twitter monopoly and bringing back free speech online; and (2.) drawing attention away from all the very real anti-Semites who’ve suddenly made themselves known in the Democrat Party.


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