December 1, 2020

December 1, 2020      

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • "The Long Count"
  • The Gov. answers reader's concerns about election
  • Election challenge: The one to watch now is NEVADA
  • Good news


Mike Huckabee


For decades, the term “The Long Count” referred to the 1927 bout between Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey. But now, I doubt that anyone will ever hear that phrase without thinking first of the 2020 election.

Latest example: last night in California’s 25th Congressional District, Democrat Christy Smith conceded to GOP Rep. Mike Garcia, 27 days after Election Day. Despite all the claims of a “blue wave” increasing the Democrats’ House majority, Garcia’s win makes it official: no Republican incumbents lost their seats. Republicans have flipped 14 Democratic seats so far, and there are still two races yet to be called (maybe we should call the 2020 election “The Long, Long Count.”)

As of now, the House balance stands at a narrow Democrats 222, Republicans 211. Let us hope that enough Democrats from purple districts have the spine to stand with the Republicans and say no when Nancy Pelosi inevitably tries to force far-left legislation down the throat of a nation that’s made it abundantly clear that they will not swallow any more of it.

The Democrats’ 2020 Congressional flop was so bad that even the New York Times is finally admitting and commenting on it.

I particularly took note of this quote from the Times: “Democrats are now in the process of recalibrating their expectations on a wide variety of issues, such as immigration, healthcare and climate change...In terms of legislation, that means Democrats are scaling back their plans — and their rhetoric.”

Correction: They might be scaling back their rhetoric, but I’ll believe they’re scaling back their plans when I see it.


From Patti:

Gov. Huckabee, if President Trump is not able to get this into court or investigated by the FBI or DOJ, we are doomed. The rest of us are nobodies with no power or influence or recourse to "make" anyone hear us or take action.

I listened to the interview [between President Trump and Maria Bartiromo] and was so frustrated, I turned it off. Who in the world can get action on this if the President of the US cannot? Who hires and fires at the FBI and DOJ? I thought the President did! Why aren't heads rolling over there because no action is being taken to protect the citizens of the US? I am so angry at the FBI and DOJ and the courts! Regardless of who appointed them, is there no one left to defend the Constitution and We the People?!

Thank you for letting me comment. I want to know what We the People can do to get this fixed. I pray. I write my legislators and those in other states. I re-post the truth about election fraud to every social media account (including those that censor and those that don't). I do not know what else I can do.

Thank you for keeping us informed with the truth. I have pulled the plug on MSM and refuse to watch it anywhere. You and a few other independent news sources are all I have. Please tell us what We the People can do other than watch it go down the drain. God bless you.

From the Gov:

Thank you so much for writing, Patti. I think your letter expresses very well what so many are feeling right now. If it seems to us that even the President of the United States can only stand and watch while the Republic circles the toilet bowl, we’re bound to feel truly powerless.

Democrats and the media (same thing) are trying 24/7 to make us think we’re crazy even to consider that there’s anything strange about the election results, let alone to believe we can do anything about it. Do you know where the term “gaslighting” comes from? It’s from an old Ingrid Bergman movie called GASLIGHT, in which the main character’s husband manipulates the environment around his wife to make her think she’s insane and powerless to maintain her grip on reality. It almost works.

The reason these tactics are so effective against this character, at least for a time, is that the victim is ALONE. She essentially has only one source of information, her husband –- no other way to tell what is real and what is not. This is why social media is trying so hard to cut off access to “outside” information about this election and the hearings going on now.

The idea is to isolate conservatives and expose them only to information that furthers the one permissible narrative. The covid lockdown helps perpetuate that sense of isolation, too.

Another part of the plan is to make you feel powerless and ready to just give up and go along. To "move on." They want you to think the current is too strong for you to swim against it. If you keep trying to resist, they’ll label you as a crazy conspiracy theorist. But millions of people, and even some brave news outlets, continue to swim strongly against that current.

So how does our main character come to realize she’s not crazy? SOMEONE ELSE enters the picture, figures out what is going on, and SHOWS the victim how she is being intentionally misled and that she is perfectly sane. This is what we can do for others who are slowly being worn down by the media and "cancel culture." What you are doing --- writing legislators, posting everywhere you can, ditching the MSM and finding alternatives, and even writing letters like this one --- is important, because this is how we remind each other that we are not crazy and we have eyes.

Surveys show that a large majority of those who voted for Trump believe the vote count is way off and that Trump really did win the election. (Even a surprising number of Democrats can see this.) Statisticians are saying the anomalies they've seen virtually guarantee that these results would not just happen. And now Bill O'Reilly, who strikes me as a hardened realist, agrees.

As more evidence comes to light, I think the chorus of doubters will grow, perhaps to encompass virtually everyone who supported the President. That’s 73 million people, just including the ones whose votes made the count.

Social media can’t isolate and indoctrinate 73 million people, not in America, though they might try. In fact, one study has shown that "fact-checking" can backfire, causing people to be more likely, not less, to believe something if social media plays nanny and tries to "correct" it.

That doesn’t mean Trump will prevail in the courts, though he might. It’s impossible to predict whether he will or not. There is a balance of power and the Constitution prescribes remedies for this situation that will give us an outcome, but not necessarily a good one. Trump might tweet angrily about what has happened, and complain to Maria Bartiromo about it, but he’s not about to overstep his authority the way Democrats love to tell us he will. That's just another lie from the left. Without a doubt, the real megalomaniacs dwell on the other side of the aisle.

So right now, we must leave it to the attorneys and let this situation play out.

As I’ve said before, Trump is providing a public service to the country he loves by forcing us to take a closer look at the institution of “The Vote.” Yes, it’s in his own interest, but it’s in our interest, too, and he's well aware of that. There have long been instances of “manipulation” in elections, but if the 2020 election really turns out to be what it looks like, we can’t have this level of anarchy and continue as a democratic republic. That’s how important this is.

And whether or not Trump gets another four years, we 73 million people will have had perhaps the biggest wake-up call of our lives.


Considering that Trump's election challenges have “no evidence” (right), there sure is an explosion of such activity going on around the country. It’s so much, in fact, that we can’t possibly condense and comment on it all. Believe me, you wouldn't want that, and my little staff and I would be in the loony bin if we tried. (They risk ending up there anyway; it's a risk that comes with the job.) Fortunately, THE EPOCH TIMES' homepage has links to most of the updated information, state by state.

Their news site has done an amazing job of staying on top of all this. The story out of Nevada is one we find of particular interest at the moment.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak is pushing forward with certifying the election for Biden just as District Judge James Russell in Carson City has set an evidentiary hearing for this Thursday, December 3, in a contest-of-election case filed by Trump’s campaign attorneys. Trump attorney Jesse Binnall says he intends to prove that so many fraudulent votes were cast across the state of Nevada that Trump actually won there, not Biden.

Kayleigh McEnany, appearing on Sean Hannity’s TV show Monday evening, talked briefly about this. Part of this lawsuit, she says, is that Trump’s side has been granted discovery, which means they get to depose witnesses. “Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail,” she said, for us not to be able to depose witnesses, not to be able to investigate and ask questions.” One question: if Democrats didn't steal the election in Nevada, what possible objection could they have to this?

It’s not in the EPOCH TIMES story, but what we find especially interesting about this is that the moment Trump's team was granted discovery, ten attorneys from the law firm Perkins Coie magically appeared. These are the same Hillary cronies who hired Fusion GPS and paid for the phony anti-Trump “dossier.”

Most interesting of all, the lead attorney for the group is Hillary's guy Marc Elias, the very lawyer who spent this year going around the country filing lawsuits in key states to make them loosen their election laws! I am not kidding. Democrats are bringing out the big guns in Nevada, and one has to wonder what they're hiding there. Stay tuned.


Sen. Charles Grassley is back at work after being in quarantine for the coronavirus. His age of 87 put him in the high risk category, but fortunately, he says he experienced no symptoms.



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    12/03/2020 07:15 AM


  • Jean Unland

    12/02/2020 06:42 PM

    Why are we, the american people letting this election slip out of Trumps hands. Not enough of the american people have complained, and I wish we had a good strong leader, LIKE YOU HUCKABEE, to lead the people, and if you will do that, I will gather as many people as I can to write to whoever you say will do the most good, I believe we need to vote again, truly this was a stolen election. If we let them get by with it, nothing will ever be the same again. l Say the word, and I'll get on facebook and write everybody that I can. I will get my friends writing too.!!!

  • Sheryl L Carroll

    12/02/2020 06:35 PM

    Prayer warriors are praying.

  • Stephen Russell

    12/02/2020 10:08 AM

    Read (fake news) NV GOP trashing ballots?
    Damn tied of lies, fake data, misleading data A-Z.
    Still have not seen any Long Range plans for virus
    Or to address for virus

  • Buddy Baird

    12/02/2020 09:04 AM

    My question is . . . since there are so many irregularities in several states, why can't the Supreme Court rule that each of those states must redo their elections so we can get an actual, accurate count.

  • Valery Yeramianchuk

    12/02/2020 08:47 AM

    THANK YOU for being those who are not afraid to speak the truth! You are not alone MOST of us and we will not let the corrupt Zuckerberg and the rest of the scum gag you !!

  • Dick Algire

    12/02/2020 08:42 AM

    I am reminded of two quotes, one attributed to Benjamin Franklin and the other to President Garfield. Franklin, it has been said, was asked the question as he left the convention that gave us the Constitution, "What type of government do we have, a Republic or a Monarchy?" To which Franklin replied, "A republic if you can keep it." To me this statement meant that the people needed to be diligent about those they elected to public office. In the beginning I believe the early Americans did pay a great deal of attention to those they voted into political office, but as time passed 'we the people' shirked on their duty of diligent examination of those we put in power. President Garfield wrote the following in his article, "A Century of Congress." This is a little long but I think worth reading: "Congress must always be the exponent of the political
    character and culture of the people; and if the next centennial does not find us a great nation, with a great and worthy Congress, it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces which are
    employed to select the men who shall occupy the great places of trust and power.And this leads me to say that now, more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave, and pure, it is because
    the people demand those high qualities to represent them in the national legislature." I believe what Garfield stated is an absolute truth. We can point fingers at others but the truth is that those who are in office today "we the people" put them there, the good and the bad. But, I believe one more thing: God works in strange ways and I believe He installed Donald Trump in the office of President of the United States and through him is showing our nation just how corrupt our government is. We are at a crossroads. We, as a nation, have to choose the path we take: freedom and liberty or treason and tyranny. The choice is ours to make.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    12/02/2020 08:16 AM

    We the People, all share Patti's concerns. NOTHING was done during the 4 years to the people who fabricated Russia Gate, the Ukrainian Deal, Benghazi, etc...NOTHING! But the Dems disrupted this country for and entire 4 years and I STILL CANNOT AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE!

  • Colleen Zabriskie

    12/02/2020 08:02 AM

    Mr Governor, thank you for posting Patti's letter. She basically wrote everything I am thinking as well. Your answer gives me some comfort. You're right not to give us false hope by saying Trump will certainly win (the response I wanted to hear), but boy, am I worried! Thank you for your level-headed commentary.

  • Wayne Dillworth

    12/02/2020 08:02 AM

    I think, like Israel we should throw the when thing out, and do over!!!

  • Karen Hinton

    12/02/2020 06:30 AM

    Gov. Huckabee, Thank you for your voice of reason, your "calm against the storm". I personally can relate to the above story of Patti. These are very frustrating times and often I don't feel we the people are heard. Thank you.

  • Hollis Kirkpatrick

    12/02/2020 02:49 AM

    Mike, your Voice is so critical for this season of Jesus’ Kingdom! Remain focused, we bless you!

  • Anne Turner

    12/02/2020 02:36 AM

    Funny thing is, .i don’t hear “he’s not my President” Regarding Biden. I don’t hear Republicans talking about starting massive investigations into the Biden family relationship with China including a special prosecutor, nor do I hear of people trying to find every woman who thinks Biden harassed her. I don’t hear of the GOP parsing everything Biden has said or done over his long career, nor accusing him of lying in every other sentence. Surely there must be some ex college girl who went to school with him and saw him drunk harassing some girl. He may never have done so, but if he were GOP that wouldn’t matter.

  • Lenetta Haynes

    12/02/2020 12:45 AM

    I am with Patti, and have thought there was fraud since the day after the election. My 50 year old son who never posts about politics, and says that on his Facebook post tonight, after reading all the evidence, reading affidavits and reading and watching every news story and hearing on the evidence said he himself has gone from 10% believing there was fraud to 90% positive there is fraud. That is saying a lot from my son who is a computer guy and into statistics, reality in all subjects, and hard evidence, and is hard to be won over. So I have a feeling that most people who voted for Trump and even quite a few who didn't believe now that there is fraud after listening to the hearings, and seeing all the sworn affidavits (that people did under oath under penalty of perjury). THIS has to be taken up by the courts all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary or we have lost our Republic. This is one of the articles that convinced him, along with a you tube video done by Glen Beck.

  • David McGillvray

    12/02/2020 12:42 AM

    It seems as though one of the biggest problems with the whole fraud filled election is that even with all the evidence, the Judges are not being honest, and ignoring the evidence, affidavits piled up in front of their faces. Could some kid of guilt trip be laid on these judges that will guide them into an honest decision?
    A note about the Nevada election fuss, could the investigation (whatever) check retroactively into Governor Sisolak's election, and Senators Rosen and Masto.???

  • Renee Kendrick

    12/02/2020 12:01 AM

    Most of the states that Biden won should be challenged. CA, DE, HI, and NY should be the only exceptions for no recounts or investigations. Even the election night vote counts that I watched in VA, RI, and ME were showing Trump leads until the next morning! Since I have been old enough to vote, it has irked me profusely that the news media declares states for one candidate or the other before polls close or vote counts even start. No election media coverage should be allowed until the polls close in Hawaii! The less media coverage on the election, the better! Actually, the less national media coverage on any political story, the better!

  • Gloria Kirkland

    12/01/2020 11:50 PM

    Re: Potential voter fraud?
    My 89 year old Mother, has lived with me in SC for 3 years. She used to live in GA. She is a registered voter in SC and has voted here for the past 3 years. She received a "VOTE EARLY BY MAIL" application in her name, addressed to our SC address, to submit an absentee Ballot Request for the Nov. 3rd General election in Georgia. It was to be returned to Fulton County Election Supervisor in Atlanta, GA. This mail out was paid for by "Georgia Action Fund". She did live in Fulton County prior to moving to SC. We just ignored the request.

    Now yesterday, we received an "URGENT NOTICE" saying she has not requested her Absentee Ballot for the Runoff Election . It says all Georgia voters are eligible to vote absentee-no matter the reason. This notice was addressed to "The (our surname) Household or current resident" at our SC address. The first notice came to my Mother individually. This one is to our household or current resident?! It also gets returned to the same Fulton County Board of Elections address in Atlanta, GA. This run off ballot request says it is Paid for by the Republican National Committee. Do absentee ballots get sent to households or current residents to solicit votes from anyone who fills them out?

    I don't know why my mother is getting requests to vote absentee in Georgia when she hasn't lived there in 3 years. She got her car tag & insurance transferred from GA to SC and got a SC drivers license in 2017. She should no longer be on the GA voter records.

    I don't know if this is important enough to pursue. I wonder how many of these notices are sent out to former residents of a state. I Would appreciate you thoughts.

    Thank you for all you do to keep us informed with real and accurate news.

  • Pat Shaw

    12/01/2020 11:37 PM

    I think even a first grader is able to tell that the faith of a significant proportion of the American people has been eroded. It is not just the election but the horrible side show we've endured for the last four years. If I thought for one minute that both sides could come together, agree on which votes are legal and abide by the results then I could also hope that both sides would care enough to figure out how to regain the confidence of the people. What I see frightens me. I see people willing to defy authorities and fight to keep their businesses open. I see people willing to go into a civil war if they don’t believe they will be heard and their concerns addressed in a satisfactory manner. I honestly believe that it has gone past the point of one side retreating and regrouping for the next election. I am very concerned that the poetical figures will not recognize just how close they are to that possibility. What concerns me the most is I see no sign that the Democratic Party is going to address any of the concerns of the people. Why would they not if they had nothing to hide? Their behavior is clearly telegraphing they expect to ignore it and that is just not something that is possible. It is their behavior that convinced me that they are indeed hiding things that could even be criminal. If they think they can stick their head in the sand, they are sadly mistaken.

  • Kathleen Olson

    12/01/2020 11:30 PM

    Thank you Mike. I have always appreciated you and your character. I voted in NV and the poll staff would not look at my license. I was adamant that he look at it to prove I was who I was portraying. No he would not look at my license. I asked him "how do you know I didn't steal this ballot out of someone's mailbox". He said I can compare your signature. I was signing upside down. NV is guilty of voter fraud or not getting voters vetted. I have a good mind to rally for our President at the court house in Carson City Thursday in Carson City. I left CA because of their politics. I am a God fearing Christian and I love the amazing job Trump did for us with all the obstacles and false accusations from the left. God will prevail. The left should be on their knees praying for forgiveness. Thanks again Mike for your postings and spirit. May God bless you and your family.

  • Videlle Marshall

    12/01/2020 11:29 PM

    I receive your prayers every morning and love reading them to start my day. Thank you so much for making them available to me

  • John Howley

    12/01/2020 11:29 PM

    Patience is what is needed as God exposes all the evil so we can return to his light and love.

  • Nancy Reynolds

    12/01/2020 11:06 PM

    I watched 2 videos done by Steve Vaughn from First Harvest Ministries. He said that Trump is appearing weak while setting many traps for Democrats to basically show how illegal their activities are. Then, with all the evidence Team Trump and Sydney Powell have accumulated, the Democrats are walking into a trap and will reveak their guilt. Many on Parler are hoping this is true. Is there any truth to Trump kids being pardoned?

    Thank you for your continued search for the truth and sharing it with us. With so much at stake, your efforts are appreciated. Please let us patriots here on Parler know how we can best help the cause.

    Nancy Reynolds

  • Penny Pearson

    12/01/2020 11:01 PM

    Thank you for your uplifting writings. I identified with everything Patti said! But you are right-we are not alone.
    Jesus is always with me and I pray things will work out the way it is supposed to. God bless you and your family and God bless Sen. Grassley.

  • Dianne Lee

    12/01/2020 10:56 PM

    I joined Parler about Five days ago and found Mike Huckabee, TREY Goudy and others I trust. So glad I found and join in the positive atmosphere! These days it’s hard and even harder some days to lift yourself up. I have hope in our Lord but this daily battle on earth creates a more challenging battlefield. Thank you for your newsletter Mike!

  • Janie Russell

    12/01/2020 10:54 PM

    Thank you, Governor Huckabee. I’m an Arkansan. I follow you & appreciate all that you do. May God continue to bless you.