January 3, 2020

Welcome to 2020!  The New Year went out with a bang, and I don’t mean fireworks. 

On Sunday, the US carried out airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed militia group believed to be behind rocket attacks on US bases that recently killed a civilian contractor and injured several American troops.  Iran denied any connection to the attacks, a claim you can take for what it’s worth.   

On Tuesday, some members of that militia attempted to attack the US Embassy in Baghdad.  They were ridiculously described by some in the media as “protesters” and hilariously dubbed “mourners” by the New York Times (see, they were “mourning” the militants killed in the airstrikes, by throwing rocks, setting fires, etc., the way mourners do at funerals.)  It couldn’t possibly be that this is just the latest of many attacks stretching over months; no, they had a case of the sadz because their comrades were killed, just like the militants in Benghazi just happened to attack on September 11th because they were upset over a YouTube video.

This chaotic assault on a US Embassy in the Middle East was greeted with unseemly glee by many on the left in America, who appeared to be more excited about hanging a “Benghazi” around President Trump's neck than they were concerned about our people inside the Embassy (concern for the safety of people inside our embassies in the Middle East doesn’t seem to be too high on their list of priorities, if history is any guide.) 

Unfortunately for them, it was virtually the polar opposite of Benghazi.  The Embassy personnel were safely evacuated before the attack.  Trump reacted quickly and forcefully, threatening Iran, demanding that Iraq send security, and ordering in 100 Marines, to be followed quickly by hundreds more US troops.  He tweeted, “The Anti-Benghazi,” which is a perfect description. 

After all the years of spinning and “What difference at this point does it make?” excuses, it must have come as a shock to Trump’s critics to learn that the Commander in Chief doesn’t have to sit around impotently and do nothing for hours on end while our people are being attacked.  He can actually order our troops to go in and stop it.   Who knew?!

Here’s one who earned the Golden Hypocrisy Award:

Another naked example of hypocrisy were the attacks from the left because Trump was reported to have visited his golf club earlier that day.  He angrily denied playing golf, saying he had meetings all day and was closely monitoring the situation in Iraq. I’d care more about that if any of the sources attacking Trump had shown a molecule of curiosity over the past seven years about where Obama was during the Benghazi attack. 

By Wednesday, the militants/protesters/”mourners” had rethought this whole “attack the American Embassy” idea and were retreating.  The Washington Post reported that they were chanting, “Yay, we burned them!” because the fires they set damaged two reception areas.  Watch the movie about the Benghazi attack, “13 Hours,” and see how that destruction and carnage compares to a couple of charred settees. 

For now, we should all thank God that our people in Baghdad are safe, and that those who attacked them learned there’s a new sheriff in charge. Once again, the mindless rush to attack Trump and hang the term “Benghazi” on him only served to point up just how different things are now.  During the Obama years, the media echo chamber helped to delude a lot of people into believing that patently false things were unarguably true: we couldn’t drill our way out of an oil shortage, we couldn’t stop millions of people from streaming across the border, we couldn’t just crush ISIS with military power, you’d need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs, 2% GDP growth is the “new normal,” etc. etc.  Trump has proven all those things wrong.  All his critics are doing by bringing up Benghazi is reminding us of how tragically incompetent Obama and Hillary Clinton were, and how it didn’t have to happen the way it did.

If you want to read more about this, Nina Bookout at the Victory Girls’ blog has an excellent summary.

And here’s what one of the heroes who was actually at Benghazi has to say about the ludicrous “Trump’s Benghazi” claims.

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  • Connor Davis

    01/14/2020 02:01 AM

    No Sir, the only incompetence is our president's. He just threw away 17 years of blood and sacrifice - not only by American soldiers, but by our allies and innocent Iraqi civilians to gain their freedom from an murderous regime. Just as the Shia in Iraq were beginning to protest the Iranian presence, our president pushed them back into Iranian arms, gave a green light to ISIS to form again thanks to our abandonment of the Kurds, and to top it ALL off, Iran will begin enriching uranium again - but not before demonstrating the surprising accuracy of their rockets. All the gains lost in one selfish act - over-reacting just as Iran had hoped. You're right, comparing the US embassy occupation in Iraq (an action the US would not be prepared for had it not been for the establishment of the Marine Crisis Response unit formed under the Obama administration (Yes, you didn't mention that) - as a part of the sad lessons learned from Benghazi. Comparing the two events is indeed apples and oranges - and simply shameful on your part now. The small number of comments on this blog post speak volumes to your sycophancy in paying tribute to our blowhard idiot president.

  • Carl Weatherd

    01/05/2020 08:23 PM

    Go Trump. So sad our country seems split right down the middle. So glad we now have Trump and there was no dilly dallying or pallets of cash sent over!

  • M Jill Busam

    01/03/2020 05:31 PM

    What President Trump did, immediately and without hesitation, showed complete strength. He showed our enemies that they would NOT attack America and get away with it. What a wonderful change from the cowardly and terror sympathizing community organizer we used to have running the Country. I got an incredible sense of pride when I heard how President Trump took care of this attack. It made me incredibly proud to be an American. Thank you Governor for your excellent writing. I read them all. God Bless you.

  • Sharon Edmonds

    01/03/2020 05:26 PM

    To quote Hillary what difference doe it make anyway

  • Rosetta Ballard

    01/03/2020 04:56 PM

    Thankful for the quick response of our President. He is constantly doing wharever is necessay to keep us safe and making us great again.