Newsweek gives "values voters" new name

October 16, 2017

Actual news story: President Trump spoke Friday to the Value Voters Summit, an annual convention of Christian conservatives. Newsweek version of that same story: “President Trump to Speak at Hate Group’s Annual Event.”

Newsweek’s editors seem to have learned the same trick as the leaders of the radical left group Antifa: claim that you’re fighting fascists, and then brand anyone who disagrees with you as a fascist. For the record: no, the summit’s sponsor, the Family Research Center, is not a “hate group” (a name that could more aptly apply to the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose slanderous attacks on the FRC as a “hate group” inspired an unstable man to try to launch a mass shooting in the FRC’s office.)

Christians believe in the power of love, not hate. Well, I take that back: we do hate being called “haters” when we don’t hate anyone. We love the sinner, but hate the sin. Especially when the sin is falsely branding someone a hater who doesn’t hate anything other than being falsely accused of hate.

So Newsweek, go forth and sin no more! To make it easier for you, I suggest reading the Bible more often instead of press releases from the SPLC.



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  • Julia Chaknova

    10/19/2017 09:28 AM

    It is too bad that Newsweek does not educate people about the First Amendment. It applies to Christians, too! So, hate groups try to tell Christians what they should say, believe, etc. The First Amendment applies to MY beloved President: Donald John Trump, Sr., as well. So I fully support every breath he takes, every thought he has, every drop of water he consumes, every bite of food he eats; because he loves me back!

  • Michael R Brannick

    10/18/2017 09:34 PM

    I've never liked Newsweek. I'd boycott them but since I never read them they would never know they were being boycotted.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    10/18/2017 08:43 AM

    Wouldn't that make those people a "hate group"...

  • Gayle Johnson

    10/17/2017 08:57 PM

    I also love reading your newsletters and commentaries. I go through my emails and delete all the JUNK eMail I'm getting, but I always save your newsletters in a "Huckabee" folder in my email so I can go back and re-read them at my leisure. Your voice is the voice of reason and common sense (or should I say UNcommon sense because common sense died when political correctness entered the picture!). Your voice brings a sense of calm in a whipped up, frenzied world of deceit, lies, and nonsense being spewed by main stream media and the liberal left. Also, I've noticed how your daughter remains calm when being questioned by the White House corps. of reporters about some ridiculous "story" that was on Tweeter, Facebook, or being circulated by MSM. She must have inherited that trait from you. Keep up the good work. God bless you and your family.


  • Ron Stephens

    10/17/2017 05:32 PM

    Mr. McCune. The quote is:

    REV2:15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.

    To say that God hates sinners is in conflict with the gospel itself.