December 18, 2017

In the latest eyebrow-elevating move by Robert Mueller’s team, it was discovered that his investigators seized tens of thousands of emails from President Trump’s White House transition team without a warrant.  Mueller simply wrote a letter requesting them, and the GSA sent them without informing Trump’s people, even though they covered a range of issues that have nothing to do with the purported focus of the investigation (“Russian collusion,” remember that?)  Trump’s attorneys and some Congress members and legal experts say the emails were unlawfully obtained, which will taint anything that comes out of the investigation.  Mueller’s team claims it was legal and they got permission from the holders of all the accounts, which remains to be seen.  Trump’s attorneys are demanding that the emails be returned, while Mueller is fighting it. 

Whatever the outcome, it once again offers a stark illustration of the difference between the way Trump and Hillary Clinton were treated by the same agency.  In Trump’s case, tens of thousands of emails were allegedly obtained without informing his attorneys, even emails that have nothing to do with the investigation and may be protected by attorney-client privilege.  His attorneys were given no opportunity to vet them, and they were used to question witnesses without their knowledge that the investigators had them.  In Clinton’s case, her lawyers were allowed to vet all her emails personally and destroy 33,000 of them, scrub her server with BleachBit, smash her and her staffers’ cell phones with hammers, and then she was cleared before she was even questioned. 

But bias, influencing the investigations?  Perish the thought!

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  • Theresa Carver

    12/21/2017 01:25 PM

    Someone should ask the FBI when would be an appropriate time to bleach his files, smash their computers and phones, then no charges pressed..oh yeah....they only do that when they are guilty.

  • Randy Butler

    12/20/2017 02:10 PM

    Governor Huckabee thank you for your straight forward and truthful commentary. Mueller and his DC Gang are totally out of control. They will be investigating for years not because they "Have'nt Dug Deep Enough to make a Case". This investigation will go on for years because of GREED and POWER.
    Randy Butler
    South Carolina