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June 29, 2023

IRS Supervisory Agent-turned-whistleblower Gary Shapley was interviewed Wednesday by FOX NEWS’ Bret Baier on “Special Report.”

What he said might give you a bit more confidence in at least some of the rank-and-file agents at the IRS.  Shapley, who supervised the Hunter Biden financial case before he and his team were removed,  says he came forward because “every taxpayer deserves to be treated fairly.”  He took an oath of office to make sure that happens.  “We would really lose the trust of the people of the United States” if it didn’t.  Sorry to have to break the news to him, but that ship has sailed.

Just listening to him, one can tell this move clearly is not political on his part.  “In my past,” he said, “I’ve voted for both D’s and R’s.  Politics are irrelevant when I’m conducting my job.”

He said he’s been an agent for 14 years and has served in his supervisory capacity since 2018.  The second whistleblower was a case agent working under him; they came forward separately.  Each had his own “red line” that got crossed.

Shapley told Beier that he personally heard U.S. Attorney David Weiss say he wasn’t the deciding agent on the case.  Neither Shapley nor the other whistleblower were allowed to be there when the case was presented to the U.S. Attorney in DC in March 2022.  But “they requested discovery, which is a typical step when they’re getting ready to charge,” he said.  After that meeting, though, “he [the DC attorney?] was no longer looking to charge in that district.”

The U.S. Attorney for DC is Matthew Graves.  What Shapley told Baier in this interview is consistent with what the whistleblowers have previously said, that Graves would not allow them to charge Hunter in his district.

Shapley didn’t find that out until October 7 of 2022, when Weiss informed him.  That’s when Weiss also said he’d requested special counsel authority and had been denied.  “In that meeting,” Shapley said, “I even had him repeat that, because I knew how important that fact was and I wanted to make sure I understood it.”

He put it into an email, which also documents Weiss needing to go to California and saying that if he wasn’t allowed to charge in California, he’d have to request special counsel authority “from the deputy attorney general or attorney general.”  (Note:  the deputy attorney general is Lisa Monaco, whom we’ve speculated is really running the Hunter Biden cover-up.  Needless to say, Weiss was not given that authority.)

The House Ways & Means Committee now has Shapley’s email record of what had happened.  He also sent it to two executives, “one of whom was at that meeting,” and asked, “Is this an accurate reflection of what occurred in that meeting?”

“And the response was ‘You covered it all.’”

Of course, Attorney General Merrick Garland has said Weiss had “complete authority” to bring a case, “anywhere he wants, in his discretion.”  Concerning that discrepancy, Shapley noted the corroboration he has for what he told the House Ways & Means Committee.  “I was there, I remember it, and I can vouch for exactly what’s written there today as what happened.”

When shown the clip of Ways & Means Chairman Jason Smith recounting what whistleblowers said about pervasive delays, such as in authenticating the threatening WhatsApp message from Hunter to a Chinese executive, “noting that his father is in the room,” Shapley said that this is all true.

The interview goes into some detail about the process for investigators to receive the WhatsApp message.  When they did receive it, they went to prosecutors asking to take “various investigative steps,” and prosecutors “were not supportive.”

“This is consistent with their ongoing theme of not allowing us to pursue or ask questions about President Biden, ‘the Big Guy,’” he said.

He said that throughout the investigation, he documented various issues “as they arose.”  One of those issues concerned the search warrants applications that weren’t allowed to be submitted.

“Between April and June of 2020, we drafted an affidavit to execute a search warrant in a couple different locations, and the prosecutors at the time stated that probable cause had achieved.  But as we moved closer to the election, it just seemed like they kept putting it on the back burner, and eventually didn’t allow us to do that search warrant, even though the legal requirements to execute that search warrant were met.”

There was another search warrant they wanted on a storage unit in northern Virginia being used by Hunter.  Prosecutors seemed initially supportive of this, Shapley said, and an affidavit was drawn up the night of December 8, 2020, to go forward for approval.  When prosecutors ended up not supporting it, he called the senior executive on the case, Weiss, who told him they didn’t want to do it.

Shapley explained to Baier how prosecutors managed to derail their chance to get into that storage unit, which could have been examined if the renter didn’t access it for the next 30 days.  Prosecutors notified Hunter’s attorneys of what was going on and the evidence sitting in that storage unit, and the attorneys went in.  This totally sabotaged investigators’ plans to search the unit.  There were other instances of sabotage as well.

Shapley said he believes the evidence in that storage unit was “crucial to the case” but that “we’ll never know now, because we weren’t allowed to access it.”

Fortunately, investigative reporter John Solomon doesn’t answer to anyone, and he managed to pick up a lot of facts long before they were confirmed in any official record.  He says the next big thing to watch for is the likely cooperation of Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer with congressional committees.  “I think that could be a seminal moment that could put a very dark cloud” over the Bidens, he says.

Solomon also reports that there’s another whistleblower just starting to cooperate with Congress, someone who supplied the Securities & Exchange Commission with a detailed report on Biden finances in November of 2016.  There might be something on this “as early as next week.”           

Also, House Oversight Chair James Comer demanded on Wednesday that the Treasury Department hand over Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) for “individuals and entities related to Ukrainian energy firm Burisma and an alleged bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden.”

You know, the judge in Hunter’s case doesn’t have to accept his slap-on-the-wrist plea bargain, and pressure is building on U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika to set it aside and investigate whistleblower allegations.  Solomon notes that THE WALL STREET JOURNAL published an opinion piece last week by Eileen J. O’Connor, the former head of the DOJ’s tax division, that said given the unprecedented level of interference this case has had, it’s appropriate to “throw Hunter Biden’s plea deal in the trash.”  This is a must-read.

Alan Dershowitz told Solomon that if he were the judge in the Hunter Biden case, he “would refuse to accept the plea bargain unless and until Garland and Weiss testify” and reconcile their differing accounts.

Be sure to watch this video clip of Solomon being asked about Joe Biden’s private “global access” cell phone paid for by Hunter’s company.  Solomon has a great story about how he saw a leaked document with a phone number that appears to have been that “burner” phone.  Solomon actually called the number in 2019...and Joe Biden answered!  He hung up really fast, though.

We’d like to end today’s Biden Daily Corruption Report with something unintentionally hilarious, an archival piece about Solomon we found from the leftist, David Brock-founded MEDIA MATTERS from December 2019, which accused Solomon of repeatedly trying to FRAME Hunter Biden “as the possible recipient of money laundering.”  Gosh, how could Solomon ever spout such a wild and crazy conspiracy theory?  A Biden taking payments from a foreign country like Ukraine and laundering it through foreign bank accounts?  It boggles the imagination.

We can think of just one person who has been repeatedly framed in recent years, and his last name is not Biden.

“Solomon has been deeply involved in pushing conspiracy theories surrounding Ukraine,” said MEDIA MATTERS.  (I wish we had a laugh track.)  Solomon’s work is “full of falsehoods,” they comically said.  They made fun of his “collaboration” with Rudy Giuliani and even included a clip of Giuliani on OAN with the screen text, ‘JOE, HUNTER BIDEN DEEPLY INVOLVED IN UKRAINIAN CORRUPTION.  They ridiculed it, calling it a “propaganda interview.”  Of course, their intent was to show how outrageous Rudy’s money laundering story was, but that clip of Rudy --- or anything reported by Solomon --- is likely the closest thing to the truth that MEDIA MATTERS will ever publish.


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