April 9, 2019

I almost feel sorry for the top Democrats in politics and media.  After having built their lives and belief systems around the Russian collusion delusion for two years, now that it’s collapsed in public, they seem to be lost and scrambling around for anything to cling to.


Some simply refuse to abandon their faith in a false narrative.  They think that the Mueller report must contain something that Attorney General Barr deliberately covered up because he figured it was worth throwing away a sterling reputation built over a lifetime in order to protect Trump for a couple of weeks until the report was released publicly.  Those diehards are the ones now demanding that the Mueller report be released immediately, even though Barr already told them it has to undergo standard redactions and will be released in mid-April.  He’s going to get even more of that hysteria today.   

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My advice to those Democrats: cool your jets.  You just suffered through an embarrassing public humiliation. You can wait 10 days to do it again.   



Those who sense the Mueller horse is dead and won’t budge any further no matter how hard they beat it seem to be falling back on the tried-and-true anti-Trump lies that have been aired and re-aired by the media more often than the Beatles’ “Yesterday.”  (By the way, when I say “lies,” I don’t mean the definition the media apply to Republicans like Trump: an opinion they disagree with, a fact they don’t want to acknowledge, a humorous exaggeration, etc.  I mean a real lie, the kind of Whopper you don’t find at Burger King.)


For instance, the man with the most incongruous job title in DC, House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, went on CNN Sunday to repeat this moldy oldie from the anti-Trump hit parade:

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“Look, it’s not the Democratic Party that believes that there are good people on both sides of a Nazi rally. There’s just one party and one party leader who believes that, and that’s Donald Trump.”


I guess he figured CNN wouldn’t correct him, which they didn’t, even though their own original reporting of Trump’s comment admitted that Trump made it clear he was talking about people on both sides of the debate on whether to remove Confederate monuments, and even added, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”  (Note that the commenters on Mediaite, hardly a Trump-friendly site, weren’t so forgiving of being lied to by Schiff.)


Five minutes on Google would have shown Schiff that the claim he was making on national TV about the President of the United States supporting Nazis was a slanderous lie, if he’d cared.


There are only two excuses for repeating this thoroughly-debunked canard at this late date:


1.  He is a bubbleheaded moron who can’t comprehend words. 

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2.  He is an unprincipled liar willing to say anything for political advantage, no matter how scurrilous.


I try to look for the good in people and give them the benefit of the doubt, but even I have a hard time being charitable enough to believe Schiff is merely a misguided moron.  He knows full well that he’s spewing poisonous and divisive lies, but he keeps doing it anyway.  Even worse, he was repeating it in an attempt to court Jewish support by painting Trump as a Nazi sympathizer, when Trump has Jewish children and grandchildren and has been perhaps the strongest ally of Israel of any President in history.


Remember this the next time Schiff claims he has ironclad evidence of some political opponent’s criminality while waving around a piece of paper that is more than likely his grocery list.   


Another old favorite on the greatest hits list of lies about Trump is that he called all illegal immigrants “animals” (and let’s not forget “rapists” and “murderers”) when he was clearly talking only about members of the brutally violent Mexican drug gang, MS-13.  MSNBC commentator Ana Navarro, who seldom lets facts influence her opinions, was desperate enough to try to resurrect it over the weekend on Twitter in such over-the-top fashion that even Trump critics begged her to knock it off already and stop making them look bad.


But the most pressure to come up with an issue other than "Russia! Russia! Russia!" is on the 18 (or is it up to 200 by now?) Democratic Presidential hopefuls, who are locked in a fierce competition to stand out from the crowd by seeing who can mouth the most extreme anti-Trump, far-left positions.  “Beto” O’Rourke is going for quantity over quality: he may have set a new land speed record for lying by actually reeling off the top five most-repeated libelous, easily-debunked lies about Trump in less than one minute.


I have to admit, it is an impressive accomplishment in the field of transparent lying to voters.  But then, “Beto” has to do something to prove he’s ready for the national political stage.


The bad news for “Beto”: these particular debunked clichés are getting so overplayed and worn out now that there’s no “Russian collusion” hysteria to drop into the mix that everybody’s starting to notice.  It’s like a golden oldies radio station that has only about 10 records in its library.



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  • Alan Doud

    04/11/2019 07:05 AM

    Their are two democrats in my state that are still pushing propaganda against Trump big time. One email I got recently is still using the Trump puts children in cages and separated families. Few people know Obama put the kids in these so called cages as well. From what I read their was a court battle over the practice. It just disgusts me that representatives of my state are still using these semantics as propaganda. Oh, believe me there is more. They know they're lying. These relentless unfounded accusations about Trump has got to be exposed for exactly what they are. And that is manipulative tricks to fool the public.

  • Bella Gray

    04/10/2019 04:13 PM

    Is more going on here than we are trying together? Russia/Germany/Obama

    "Chancellor Angela Merkel has received former U.S. President Barack Obama at her office in Berlin for a meeting characterized by German officials as a routine private encounter with a former international peer."

    I have to ask myself: All while Obama colludes with Germany's Merkel. A disgraced ex-president, whose opinion should be all but worthless, that has no business on the international stage, is still in secret meetings with foreign leaders, clearly undermining America's foreign policies by appearances if not deeds.

    Considering, by the evidence being disclosed about his weaponizing our intelligence agencies in an attempted coup against our president and thus America—treason, why would we think he is not doing the same on the international stage?

    If there was ever a reason to enforce the Logan Act, it is now. This is also strong evidence that those who colluded in the attempted coup to takedown America must never be allowed to go unpunished.

    As an aside did you ever notice that Germany, throughout history, has always sided with dictators who intend to rule the world while they destroy it, which always nets their own destruction?

    Take the Islamic invasion that Merkel has brought down on Germany in record numbers. A dictatorship, geopolitical movement that masquerades as a religion, filled with autocrats who murder at will and snuff out all freedoms that the West holds dear. A regime that has a core tenant that requires it overthrow all other forms of government and force them under Islamic rule.

    Considering the Germans are not reproducing enough to replace themselves, not even close, what other conclusion can you reach when Germany is bringing in this sect that breeds like rabbits? The Germans inarguably will have zero chance to save their people from extinction by Islam.

    So logically speaking Germany attacked its neighbors during WWI, and when the rest of the world believes they are defeated, Germany merely sees itself as having lost a battle not the war.

    Yes, a large humiliating battle, but one history now shows us through their war records and leaders' diaries that they intended to be temporary. From day one they were planning a comeback, so they began rebuilding their war machine and brought us WWII and Adolph Hitler, yet another autocrat set on world domination.

    When this socialist/Nazis Reich is put down, did their inner struggle with the need for world dominance actually end? Perhaps not … considering the tenacious mindset that spanned generations and brought us two world wars and a Hitler with his cast of murdering minions.

    Now consider they expect America to protect them from Russia, yet they intend to make themselves totally depend upon Russia, through their purchasing of oil from the very country they want us to protect them from.

    Have the Germans chosen a new colluder in a modern ex-American leader, whose party colluded with Russia in a coup against our current president —treason, who is capable of destroying his own country?

    Are they purposely, or by happenstance, morphing German citizens into a new war catalyst? After all, time doesn't seem to be of the essence, as they had the patience to plan between World Wars without giving up.

    If not this, then it begs the question: What makes Germans always side with murderous regimes? Maybe their citizens need to start asking that of their leaders and ask themselves if that is that path they want to travel.