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April 6, 2023



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9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Romans 10:9 NIV

Dismiss the case against President Trump NOW

Enough of this farce.  Stop wasting everybody’s time.  Judge Juan Merchan should dismiss the case against President Trump NOW.

Unless he himself is too Trump-deranged to preside fairly over this case, he has to know that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case is nothing more than a disgraceful political hit job against a former President and current leading candidate for a major party’s nomination.  He knows this is unprecedented election interference.  He knows it’s abuse of the legal system, lawfare at its worst.  And we all know that he knows.

Bragg ran for office on a promise to ‘get Trump.’  That alone should be enough to discredit what he has done here.  For those who might not agree that it is, the laughably insufficient indictment itself definitely is.  This is still America --- we can’t have this in our country.  It is not acceptable.

We’d ask the same question posed by Dan Bongino:  “What kind of a clown joker wrote this thing?”

JUDICIAL WATCH released a statement calling this indictment and arrest “a blow to the rule of law and our republican form of government.”

“This is an indictment about nothing,” they said, “based on non-crimes and politics.  It is a rigged prosecution to rig an election.  The courts must end this malicious prosecution before the nation is irreparably damaged.”

JW calls for Congress to immediately investigate Bragg’s election interference and his attack on Trump’s civil rights.  Thanks to them for using the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) to get the ball rolling until Congress holds hearings.  But the way FOIA requests are slow-walked, it could take a year to get the information they seek.  This case needs to be dropped NOW.

Legal analyst Margot Cleveland has a new column on Bragg’s indictment of Trump, which she says is “even more partisan and pathetic than we could have imagined,” to the extent that other Democrats will distance themselves from it to “avoid the fallout from the political targeting of Trump.”  Bragg’s reputation as a prosecutor is cooked, on both sides.

Donald Trump, the indictment says, “with intent to defraud and intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof, made and caused a false entry in the business records.”  Thirty-four times.

We’d assumed that the 34 counts reflected 34 payments made to Michael Cohen, as in 1-for-1, but Bragg broke them down even further than that.  Each payment typically required several records:  invoice from Cohen, general ledger, for the Donald Trump Trust, issuance of a check.  Each one of those records is a separate count.  Bragg “stacked” this indictment as much as he possibly could.  “The repetitiveness of the counts reeks of a desperate piling on by the Democrat prosecutor,” Cleveland says.

Bragg included a 13-page “Statement of the Facts” that offers no facts that would bolster the charges.  He described a “catch-and-kill scheme” to try to keep unflattering stories out of the media.  Bragg called this “unlawful,” but in reality, it’s quite common in the celebrity world and is certainly not a crime.

And as everyone knows by now, Bragg never did identify the “other crime” that these falsified records were in service to.   The whole case stands or falls on this, and he left it out.  Bragg’s job yesterday was to convince the American public “that the evidence overwhelmingly supported his decision to criminally charge the former President of the United States.”  He utterly failed.

Even with these glaring deficiencies, Bragg might “successfully sidestep initial efforts to have the case tossed,” Cleveland says.  If he does, it’s hard even to imagine how damaging that will be.

“Evidently Bragg and I went to very different law schools,” said Trump civil attorney Alina Habba to FOX NEWS’ Jesse Watters Wednesday night.  (Editorial note:  Alvin Bragg went to Harvard Law, which doesn’t say much for Harvard Law.  Ironic factoid:  He was an editor of the Harvard Civil Rights—Civil Liberties Law Review.)  Habba had been waiting, she said, for “a little something” from the indictment, just as a challenge.

“He’s going to go down as a disgraced DA,” she said.  “And this judge, same thing,” although she gave him credit for at least trying to appear measured and unbiased in court.  Still, this is a judge who has “heard many Trump cases, and ‘somehow’ got another Trump case,” she added with a wide smile and no further comment on that.

She noted that Stormy Daniels had already come out with her story before the 2016 election; people knew about it.  As we reported yesterday, a court had already levied a $500,000 judgment against her for frivolously suing Trump for defamation, and another $190,000+ was added to that the very day of Trump’s arraignment.  Payments to Cohen were not recorded until 2017.

Note:  As some legal experts have wondered, how can payments and records of payments made in 2017 be considered an FEC violation for the 2016 election?

For those who detest President Trump, it doesn’t matter that there’s nothing to this indictment; he just needs to be prosecuted, for something.  As you know, James O’Keefe has a start-up business doing essentially what he did before; namely, catching people unawares on camera so they tell us what they really think and are up to.  And on Tuesday, he decided to go wandering around among the many journalists who were outside the courthouse to cover the arraignment.  It was easy to strike up conversations with them and get them to reveal their leftist views and hateful attitudes towards Trump.

“Whatever reason he [Trump] is in prison is good for me,” said a news producer at Eurovision Americas.

“Hopefully he doesn’t get the [nomination].  He just goes away,” said an ABC cameraman.

“Whatever it takes, right?” said an unidentified journalist.

“Georgia seems like it would be better at taking him down than this,” said another.  “I’ll take this!” said another.

“It seems like he gets away with everything...Yeah, he’ll buy his way out.”

O’Keefe might have recorded lots more comments from journalists, but he got recognized.  He spoke with a DA in the Appeals Division, Sylvia Wertheimer, who works there in the courthouse, and she said, mystified, “I still don’t understand that people think he [Trump] won the election.”  She was also ready to “change a lot in the Constitution.”

Even POLITICO had to admit the support for Bragg among Democrats is weak.  You know the case against Trump has to be a disaster when as big a political enemy as Mitt Romney says, “The prosecutor’s overreach sets a dangerous precedent for criminalizing political opponents and damages the public’s faith in our justice system.”  Still, this piece ends on the Democrats’ new talking point that it’s time to look ahead to the “acute legal threats” posed to Trump from other cases, outside Manhattan.

Among friends of Trump, attorney Joe DiGenova spoke out Tuesday, saying, “I think this indictment is an embarrassment to the historic Manhattan district attorney’s office.  It’s an embarrassment to the Bar of the City of New York and the court system of New York.  This case should be dismissed for a number of reasons:  statute of limitations, prosecutorial misconduct, failure to state a crime…There’s nothing of value the former President defrauded anybody of.”

DiGenova believes there’s a “silent majority” in the New York Bar that thinks this case is awful (“and so is Alvin Bragg”) and that Judge Merchan should dismiss the case.

Even FBI agent-turned-CNN-commentator Andrew McCabe, of all people, found the flimsy case a “disappointment.”  He said, “Everyone was hoping we would see more.”  Whatever it might take to tie 34 misdemeanor charges to another crime to turn them into felonies “simply isn’t there.”  (McCabe didn’t mention the problem with the statute of limitations on every one of those misdemeanors.)  “It’s hard to imagine convincing a jury…”

This should never get to a jury.  It’s maniacal to do this to a former President and current presidential candidate, over a case that likely can’t even be made at all.  It’s a colossal waste of time, resources and millions of dollars at a time when our country faces serious problems on virtually every front.  (Thanks, Joe Biden!)  Trump, his family and the millions of non-deranged onlookers in this country will, of course, never receive the apology that is due us for being subjected to such a malicious and abusive stunt, but the case should be dropped, NOW.

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The Media ignores the news in favor of Trump indictment story

I’ve been trying to ring the alarm bell to alert people to important stories that most media outlets are (deliberately?) ignoring in order to go “All-Trump Indictment All The Time.” Some of those stories have involved ominous economic signals, from bank failures to other nations abandoning the dollar to OPEC+ cutting oil production. While all those stories are bad enough individually, they could result in a snowball effect rolling toward the US economy.

Tucker Carlson got into this on his show, and the writer Sundance at Conservative Treehouse shares that segment and builds on it, explaining how the failed policies of the Biden Administration and the IMF to undermine Russia’s currency and prioritize “climate change” over reliable energy production are backfiring to empower China and undermine the strength of the US dollar and the sale of US Treasury bonds.

It’s times like this when I fervently wish there was somebody in the White House who knew anything about money other than how to spend other people’s.


Passover Attack

Early this morning, the Jewish population of Israel began celebrating Passover, and you know what that means. No, I’m not referring to the Biblical meaning of Passover. I mean the sad but expected missile attack by militants in Gaza during a holy religious observance. More details at the link, along with video of Israel’s Iron Dome defense system blowing up all seven rockets in mid-air.

The Job Market reacts

The Labor Department reported this morning that there were 228,000 new applications for unemployment last week. The Department is using a new calculating method that shows jobless claims running significantly higher than the recently reported numbers, which had been below 200,000.

Economists say this could show that the job market is finally starting to react to rising interest rates, with hiring slowing and previously announced layoffs starting to hit. The government also reported this week that there were 9.9 million job openings nationwide, the first time that’s fallen below 10 million in two years.

We’ll learn more tomorrow when jobs numbers for March are released, so stay tuned. We might have to call on President Biden to again do whatever magic he performed to “create” those 10 million jobs that people went back to after the pandemic lockdown ended.


World War III gets closer

Latest results of President Biden relying on his “long-honed” foreign policy “instincts”: reports that Russia announced it has deployed nuclear-capable missiles to the borders of NATO in Belarus and refitted Belarussian jets with equipment to carry and drop nuclear bombs. Also, a Russian government minister blamed the US for rising nuclear tensions and said the “hybrid war” in Ukraine has moved beyond the “cold war” stage and the US is now in a “hot conflict” with Russia.

But thank goodness Trump isn’t President! Remember when we were warned that that bumbler was going to get us into World War III?

The Babylon Bee sums up Bragg's legacy perfectly

I’ve already mentioned this, but it’s worth hammering away on: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg wants his bogus show trial of Donald Trump to start in January, the same month the GOP primaries start. Bragg couldn’t make it any more obvious that the point of this is to interfere in the 2024 election if he hung a neon sign around his neck.

In fact, Bragg is such a ludicrous excuse for a prosecutor that only the Babylon Bee could possibly do justice to summing up his legacy:

The House Oversight Committee digs deeper into Biden's handling of classified documents

While most of the media were obsessing over Donald Trump’s heinous crime of initialing a document authorizing a non-illegal payment, they somehow missed the latest news about President Biden’s handling of classified documents. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer revealed it to Fox News’ Jesse Watters.

We had previously been led to believe that the first batch of errant Biden documents were found at the Penn Biden Center under lock and key last November, but conveniently not revealed until well after the election. In fact, Comer said, Biden’s former executive assistant Kathy Chung revealed that she had been trying to retrieve the documents since May of 2022, and they were moved from the vice presidency to at least three different unauthorized locations, including Chinatown, in a private vehicle with no security. In short, they were just all over the place. 

Bear in mind that when Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump hopefully gets tossed into the garbage where it belongs, the Dems will try to prosecute Trump for mishandling his own classified documents, which he had the power to declassify. As Vice President, Biden had no such power, and his handling of classified documents is roughly 100 times worse than anything Trump has even been accused of. But now, thanks to the Democrats, we have a legal precedent of filing criminal charges against Presidents over paperwork issues. Thanks, guys!


Related: Former George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleisher told Sean Hannity that the only way to close the Pandora’s Box the Democrats opened is for Republican prosecutors to give them a taste of their own medicine and start indicting Democrats who actually deserve it, like Bill and Hillary Clinton or Hunter Biden.

Or as long as they’ve shattered the norms, how about sitting Presidents who mishandled classified documents when they had no power to declassify them, not to mention all that nasty foreign money stuff that liberal media outlets are studiously ignoring?

Rep. James Comer said that two Republican county attorneys in Tennessee and Kentucky have already asked him how they can “go after” the Bidens now.

Comer said the left has “opened a can of worms.” And they’re not going to make us eat them for protein, we’re going to make them eat them.

Just to be clear: I don’t want to see any of this. But the Dems insisted on sowing the wind, so they need to reap the whirlwind to learn that they’d better back down fast and never do it again.

The Media is wearing three pairs of blinders when it comes to this scandal

Speaking of scandals that would be making screaming headlines if they involved Trump, the liberal media outlets had to don three pairs of blinders to keep from covering this story:

Imagine the hysterical coverage of if A-list movie star Leonardo DiCaprio took the stand in a federal trial to testify against Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, a founding member of the famous rap group The Fugees, who is accused of being an unregistered agent of the Chinese government and of funneling $30 million worth of illegal foreign campaign donations to the Trump campaign? Well, all of that actually happened, except the money was allegedly funneled to the 2012 Obama-Biden reelection campaign.

What’s that I hear from the media? Crickets?...

Here are more details, including testimony from other witnesses that Michel wired them thousands of dollars to use as shadow contributions to Obama.

Michel is also accused of accepting $70 million to lobby the government on behalf of China and fugitive Malaysian financier Jho Low.

You should read the stories at those links because when I did a search, I found very few media outlets that were covering this, despite the fact that it involves big money, international crime, A-list celebrities and a US President. I wonder why so few media outlets are interested in talking about it?

Oh well, if they’re not interested in looking into whether anyone other than this guy violated the law with all these illegal foreign campaign donations flying around, thank goodness the Democrats have now established the precedent that local prosecutors can investigate and charge former Presidents.


Making Hypocrisy Hip

AOC is among the many Democrats repeating the false claim by Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler that Donald Trump’s sons tried to intimidate his judge by tweeting a photo of his daughter. In fact, they linked to a news story about his daughter working on the Biden campaign, which included a photo of her that was automatically posted by Twitter.

But while climbing up on their high horses to declare it fascistic and intolerable to try to intimidate judges and threaten their families, they fell on their keisters when conservatives pulled up their old posts urging leftist protesters to go to the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices like Kavanaugh and Thomas, confront them in public, and, generally, you know…try to intimidate them and threaten their families.

I’m sure AOC will protest that these two things are very different. And she’s right. The Trumps were falsely accused of it, while she actually did it. Two totally different things.

You can expect outrage from the Left over these announcements

In a perfect illustration of the widening gap between the drag queen-promoting CMT country music world and the real country music audience, Travis Tritt (who plays real country music) announced that he’s removing all Anheuser-Busch products from his tour rider after Bud Light signed transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to an endorsement deal. Tritt added, “I know many other artists who are doing the same.”

However, I imagine only Kid Rock took it this far (Warning: language alert!)

Those announcements are stirring the expected outrage from the left, but I suspect nothing will upset them more than the Babylon Bee simply making people laugh at the patent absurdity of it all.

Then again, not even the comedy writers at the Babylon Bee could have come up with something as ridiculous as what Nike just did. Yes, men are now apparently better than women even at endorsing sports bras.




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