May 5, 2017

You might have seen those satellite photos of Asia at night, where every nation is ablaze with lights except North Korea. Kim Jong-Un keeps his hold on power by keeping his people in the dark, both figuratively and literally. But the days when dictators could keep entire nations hermetically sealed are coming to an end.

It’s said that one of the keys to the fall of the Soviet Union was satellite dishes: when the Russian people saw what life in the free world was really like, they rebelled against the false images fed them by Soviet propagandists. Now, according to a recent defector, a similar situation is quietly spreading in North Korea, where young people are obtaining and sharing information that contradicts Kim’s lies about being the world’s greatest leader and all outsiders being hostile enemies. Check out the story at the link to see how dropping iPads on North Korea might prove more effective at toppling their dictator than dropping bombs


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