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November 4, 2022



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It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

Proverbs 21:15

“Vote Republican as if your life depended on it”

This story is why I say “Vote Republican as if your life depended on it.” Thursday, a woman was jogging along the Hudson River in New York City when a stranger knocked her down, choked her into unconsciousness, and raped her. Thank God she survived, and I know you will all join me in praying for her full recovery from this horrific crime.

Police quickly arrested a suspect who was on a spending spree with her stolen credit card. You’ll be infuriated but not surprised to learn that he’s been prevously arrested between 18 and 25 times and is a suspect in two other sexual assaults…but he was still let back out on the streets to rob and rape again.

That story by Kevin Downey Jr. at PJ Media quotes a sickening fact: in 2020 alone, “woke” New York City DA’s let nearly 6,500 suspected felons go free after refusing to prosecute them. He said one source called that “a bucket of woke.” I’d call it a bucket of something else, but I don’t use that kind of language.

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FBI allegedly sabotages own 'search' for J6 pipe bomber

It would have been good to have a legitimate, non-partisan congressional investigation into the events surrounding January 6, including the mind-boggling security failures.

But that was not to be. The House Democrats’ J6 Kangaroo Kommittee was much too busy creating its own false narrative to blame Trump for everything to bother investigating some of the perplexing mysteries connected to that day. And one of the mysteries they didn’t get close to touching was that of the unidentified would-be bomber who supposedly planted pipe bombs at both the DNC and RNC headquarters the night before the rally. Once again, undeterred investigative reporters such as the ones at REVOLVER NEWS have had to do the investigating that the government has either failed to do or actively covered up.

So let’s look at what we know about that pipe-bomb planting and what about it is still strangely murky. For one thing, you’d think the DNC headquarters in Washington, DC, given the importance of many of the people who walk through its doors, would have some of the tightest, most technologically cutting-edge security on the planet. The bomb supposedly planted outside those doors the evening of January 5 would presumably have been there when advance security was being done for Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit on January 6. One enduring mystery has been how the bomb-sniffing dogs managed to miss that bomb. Maybe….let’s see…..the dogs had come down with canine covid and lost their sense of smell? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

As REVOLVER NEWS points out, the January 6 investigation is the biggest one in FBI history, and the pipe bomber was by far the most dangerous threat of the day in terms of potential for mass casualties. Recall that it dominated the headlines in the days following the so-called “insurrection.” And as far as we know, this very dangerous person is still out there. The FBI has had two years to track him down.

But in all that time, the FBI says they haven’t found “a fingerprint, a hair follicle, a skin cell, an age range, a gender, or a cell phone ping from the exact coordinates we can see he/she/zir texting from the surveillance footage.”

And that footage. There’s something very curious about it, considering the above-mentioned need for sophisticated, high-tech security on Capitol Hill, specifically at DNC headquarters. REVOLVER NEWS says, “The pipe bomber played Security Camera Frogger on the home turf of of the center of the U.S. national security state itself for over an hour and we’re supposed to believe the source tapes at the DNC national party headquarters the night before January 6 had lower resolution and frame rates than those shot on the surface of the moon 50 years ago.”

That's hardly an exaggeration. Modern security cam images look really good these days compared to the way they did decades ago. Remember the grainy images, the jump cuts that look like a series of still frames? That was to avoid the expense of storing all that information. But technology has changed, and today, the images of that person outside the DNC headquarters should have been quite clear, with the movement smooth and unbroken. Instead, what the FBI has released appears so degraded that it is virtually useless for identification purposes. The frame rate is off.

To quote REVOLVER NEWS, “ is trivially easy to artificially lower a video’s quality and output a clip at a lower frame rate than the source footage captured. All that is required is engaging an output setting available in every retail video editor. Any 14-year-old kid could tamper with video footage in this fashion, so it’s not exactly much of an operation for a rogue FBI operative or outsourced third-party multimedia contractor to do. It’s a lot harder to falsify a FISA warrant than manipulate surveillance footage, and we saw how the Feds had zero qualms about doing the former.”

Good one. Of course, they’re talking about former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who got a slap on the wrist for altering a document used to get the warrant to spy on Carter Page.

So it won’t surprise you to hear the FBI has tampered with video evidence before. Fourteen years after the Oklahoma City bombing during Bill Clinton’s administration, it was observed that they had edited the security footage that they’d finally been forced by court order to release. We did some checking –- for what it’s worth, guess who at the DOJ was personally supervising the Oklahoma City bombing investigation and also the trial? Merrick Garland.

Videos from four different cameras went blank at exactly the same time, and came back on the same way. The attorney who had obtained the recordings through a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, did not believe this was a coincidence and said, “The absence of footage from these crucial time intervals is evidence that there is something there that the FBI doesn’t want anybody to see.” He suspected this might have been a way to hide the involvement of others in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Considering we can’t trust the FBI farther than we can throw them, and that they’ve apparently done this sort of thing before, it’s not such a stretch to suspect they did it with the J6 bomber video.

Most importantly, it does seem obvious that they don’t want to find the bomber, whom REVOLVER NEWS speculates is almost certainly “a government asset of some sort.” Consider that the same Bureau that offered Christopher Steele $1 million cool dollars if he could authenticate anything in the “dossier” only offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the bomber.

REVOLVER NEWS has focused on the two clips of video from DNC building security cameras that the FBI released in March and September of 2021. They say that in August 2022, they definitively proved that the video clip from the September release should have captured the “money shot” of the bomber taking the bomb out of the bag and planting it near a park bench in front of the building. “...For some reason,” they say, “the FBI censored the tape so that the public could not see the alleged criminal walk back into the camera frame to commit the actual criminal act.”

This alone, they say, is enough to justify a Congressional investigation under a GOP-led House commission on FBI malfeasance. This commission should demand the exact chain of custody for the DNC surveillance video that the FBI released to the public.

The REVOLVER NEWS piece also goes into detail about the ridiculously low frame rate of this video and what that does to the quality of what the human eye sees. A frame rate that low makes it very hard to get a clear shot of a subject’s face looking towards the camera --- “the subject has to look right into the camera for a full second, and practically say ‘cheese.’”

Again, the DNC would not have had a security video system from the age of the dinosaurs. So this is less a question of whether the FBI messed with the footage than of what they had to hide by doing so.

October Jobs

The October jobs report is out, and it’s described as “solid.” It’s the final jobs report before the elections, but it’s not likely to help the Democrats much. Things didn’t get noticeably worse or better. Most of the numbers were in line with September’s (261,000 non-farm jobs compared to last month’s 263,000.) Unemployment edged up from 3.5% to 3.7%. Hourly pay was up 4.7% from one year before, but that’s still not keeping pace with over 8% inflation. Call it a holding pattern. You can read more at the link.


Colbert: No Facts

As if anyone needs it, here’s more proof that Steven Colbert may be an excellent source for smugness and liberal propaganda, but not for facts. Or, Heaven knows, humor.

Not comedy

No, this isn’t the plot of a 1980’s teen sex comedy. The University of Wyoming has admitted the first biological male “sorority girl.”

Not clear if any of the actual sorority girls oppose having a male living among them since if they did, they apparently aren’t allowed to say so. So add “making women shut up and know their place” to socialism, segregation and judging people by their skin color as terrible things from the past that so-called “progressives” are bringing back.

Days before the red wave, Democrats are suddenly realizing they misread the room

Welcome to the last weekend before (I hope and pray) the red wave washes away America’s terrible mistake of entrusting full power to today’s loony-bin Democratic Party.

Democrats hoping for a last-minute miracle of a big turnout from minorities to save them are discovering that that life preserver is made of cement. This election could mark a historic shift in which big minority turnout does not benefit the Democrats, because Party leaders have radically misread what those voters want.

Case in point: Black voters don’t want to live in crime-ridden neighborhoods where people are afraid to leave their homes and there’s no police protection. The Dems let the criminals out of jail, slashed police budgets, and thought Blacks would thank them for it. But they’re the biggest victims of crime and gangs in blue cities like Chicago and Philadelphia. Just a week before the election, as Democrats are frantically urging blacks to vote, a poll came out showing that over 80% of them want as many police in their neighborhoods as there are now, or more. Only 19% want fewer police officers around.

Here’s more from Greenberg Research about how far more Americans are worried about the Democrats being in power and letting crime, homelessness and the open border be out of control than about Republicans being in power and restricting abortion rights.

One of the good things about Democrats not listening to me is that for years, I’ve been saying that most Hispanic-Americans are hard-working, patriotic, family-oriented and religious, and would be much more at home in the GOP. The immigrants usually appreciate the greatness of America more than native-born Americans do because they’ve lived under the horrendous socialist systems that ignorant leftists want to impose. They came here to try to achieve the American Dream that today’s leftists contemptuously claim doesn’t exist. 

The Democrats insisted on treating them as if they were just another victim-oriented racial identity group that would fall in lockstep with crazy leftist ideas as long as they called them the condescending PC name “Latinx,” which the vast majority hate.

But it turns out most Hispanic-Americans are not on board with destroying capitalism, crushing free speech, letting criminals out of jail and pushing radical gay and trans agendas in schools. They’re switching to the GOP in record numbers, so much so that Democrats have been reduced to calling them “white supremacists” because sure, that’ll bring them back.

And with the election just five days away, they’re learning that they’ve also driven away another voting bloc: Muslims. Traditionally solid blue Dearborn County, Michigan, is home to one of America’s largest Muslim populations that’s voted Democrat for decades. But Muslim parents there are appalled by the Democrats’ hard push for unlimited abortion, gay porn in schools, and forcing parents to let their kids be drugged and surgically mutilated in the name of “trans rights,” and they’re turning Republican in droves.

In fact, it was a Muslim resident who told Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon that he had switched to the GOP, a claim that former comedian Stephen Colbert mocked as a lie until the man came forward and confirmed it. Luckily for him, with the “jokes” he tells every night, Colbert is immune to embarrassment.

Add it all up, and the Democrats are suddenly realizing they made a huge mistake common to bad comedians: they misread the room. No wonder they’re bombing.



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  • Ruth Close

    11/05/2022 11:43 AM

    Please stop saying the republicans are going to win. It makes people lazy and they won’t get out and vote! That’s how AOC got elected. Everyone thought the incumbent was going to win so they didn’t vote. Now we have that nut job in office. People need to understand how critical this election is both locally and nationally! The democrats will do everything in their power to steal it, we must be vigilant! So please stop saying we are a shoe in because we won’t be if people don’t get out and vote!

  • Jerry

    11/04/2022 02:07 PM

    Some Women in office in government that were not blessed with a beautiful physical appearance do not care about a female jogger getting raped or assaulted or abused on the streets of by she is protected from rape because of her lack of sexuality her lack of intelligence is another protection what she is not protected from is mental illness that is running unchecked in NY and around the country it seems people with ugly disposition are getting revenge on the beautiful physically and just beautiful people that is a clear trait of the democratic leaders

  • Kenneth Nicholson

    11/04/2022 01:08 PM

    The President has repeatedly stated there is a threat to democracy in th US. I think that threat is the currant DOJ and the Democrats.

  • Jerry

    11/04/2022 12:59 PM

    I can only hope this American population understands biden and the Deep State are turning America Socialist yes everything its done is stupid the goal is to destroy capitalism the Constitution The Bill of Rights and they have already forgot the 10 Commandments as most people already don't adhere to; all is done by design people if you don't care for two tier Justice better not vote for your Socialist Congress person, they hate freedoms and prosperity, and religion .;Believe that.

  • Judy Radley

    11/04/2022 12:53 PM

    Honestly Mike, I don't think the Democrats care who they hurt, just so they get in power and abuse their authority by corruption and over reach and unconstitutional laws. The election coup of 2020 proves it. The only people Democrats care about, is themselves, and literally, themselves, like Nancy Pelosi cares only about Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer only cares about Chuck Schumer, Kathy Hochul only cares about Kathy Hochul, etc. The Democrats don't even care about each other in their party, only each of their own selves.

  • Dale Baker

    11/04/2022 12:17 PM

    I voted early. I voted Republicans. I live in NY and it's hard to survive here. Between Kathy Hochul's putting criminals back on the streets and Biden's inflation and gas prices, I'm being squeezed to death.

  • Stephen Russell

    11/04/2022 11:58 AM

    Pipe Bomber J6:
    FBI plant
    Rigged action