April 10, 2017

Hillary Clinton has recently emerged from the deep woods to resume public life, but her speeches so far show that she still hasn’t gotten over her loss or come to grips with why Americans rejected her. Thursday in New York, she told a crowd at the Women’s Summit, “Certainly, misogyny played a role. I mean, that has to be admitted.” Well, no, it doesn’t. It’s possible to think that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be President without hating the entire female gender. But never fear, she has other reasons for her loss. Like WikiLeaks. And Russian hackers. And James Comey. Also, she claimed women suffer from an “inverse relationship” between success and likeability, so people didn’t find her likeable because she was just too successful. No, I don’t think that’s it.

It’s kind of shocking that five months of pondering her loss haven’t given her any more perspective or self-awareness than that. A detailed study was already done on why she lost. Among the reasons cited were that voters didn’t trust her, they wanted a change, she failed to connect with blue collar workers or campaign in states she needed to win, and her ads were mostly negative personal attacks on Trump while his were about “Making America Great Again.”

The good news for Hillary, though, is that if it’s true there’s an inverse relationship for women between success and likeability, then her stunning electoral failure should make her more likeable. I’ll keep you posted on when and if that happens.

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  • Sam Helsper

    04/21/2017 06:59 AM

    Hey Mike my wife told me about yur facebook page ....said I should check it out. I work so much these days that I have lil time fer news and the such. I was hoping for Rush 24/7 for Xmas to no avail. Oh well. I really appreciate all the hard work you've put into these article briefs. You are now my only source of current events. Keep up the fight. And remember...don't drink the coolaid. God bless you.