January 13, 2017

One reason Donald Trump was elected President is that millions of Americans trusted him to use private-sector knowledge and experience to help solve seemingly intractable problems in government. One of his new appointments, especially, demonstrates that their trust was well placed.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has been tapped to advise the President on cybersecurity issues. He’s the best of both worlds: not only does he know government bureaucracy like the back of his hand, he also has moved into a private-sector career as a cybersecurity consultant. His many years in law enforcement and his leadership during and after the worst attack on American soil add to his stature. First on his agenda will be to bring together experts from the business world to share their insights and suggestions for combatting cyber intrusion.

It seems that while others in politics are using the cybersecurity issue for political gain in this period of transition, President-elect Trump is already grabbing it by the horns. His hiring of Giuliani for this purpose signals that he’s not fooling around. Imagine for just a moment that Trump lost the election and the ultimate decisions about safeguarding our nation’s cybersecurity were being made by...Hillary Clinton! But then come back to the real world and smile.


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