Evening Edition - March 24

March 24, 2020

Reader: Timeline shows Congress' warped impeachment priority as virus took off

From the Gov:

Thanks for passing along this story! Here's the original Breitbart piece, by Joel B. Pollak...



For Your Convenience: In one infuriating list, all the leftwing fantasies that have nothing to do with the coronavirus and that Nancy Pelosi insisted be put into the urgent, emergency economy rescue bill or the Democrats would keep blocking its passage. These people have no business holding power over anyone.


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Must-See Video: Residents of a Dallas apartment building demonstrated that they are all in this pandemic fight together even while “social distancing” by leaning out their windows and singing Bill Withers’ classic song, “Lean On Me.” The man with the incredible voice who led the song-along became an instant Internet sensation (I hate to say he “went viral” now!) His name is Danzel Barber, and he’s also interviewed in this clip.


And just because we could all use a dumb laugh right now:

Someone told Bill Withers that “Ain’t No Sunshine” was grammatically incorrect. He replied: “I know, I know, I know, I know; I know, I know, I know, I know; I know, I know, I know, I know…”


Chris Cillizza of CNN tried to “instruct” President Trump on border security by tweeting condescendingly, “Viruses don’t, uh, recognize borders.”


At the link, Stephen Green of PJ Media humorously recounts the story and some of the ways in which Cillizza got skewered on Twitter for his failure to comprehend that viruses spread by, uh, using infected people as hosts and yes, secure borders do, uh, keep out infected people.


Is there nothing President Trump can’t do? He’s not only responsible for the death of an Arizona man who swallowed fish medicine because it had an ingredient that sounded like the drug Trump said shows promise for treating the coronavirus, he’s also now the reason why some Nigerians died of overdoses after self-medicating with it…in Nigeria.



An Arizona man has died and his wife is in critical care after they swallowed chloroquine phosphate in the belief that it would inoculate them from the COVID-19 (Wuhan) coronavirus. The wife said they did this after hearing President Trump talk about the potential benefits of chloroquine.


Some media outlets are already trying to blame this on Trump, claiming he dispensed “false hope” and now Americans are dying because they tried “a drug Trump promoted as a potential treatment…” Orange man VERY bad!!

Well, as Paul Harvey used to say, here’s the “rest of the story.” The couple did not get the medicine from a doctor. They took a tropical fish medicine off a back shelf that had previously been used to treat their Koi, noticed that “chloroquine phosphate” was listed as one of the ingredients, mixed it with a liquid and swallowed it. Within 20 minutes, they became very ill and called 911.

This is a tragic story, and I’m not making light of it. But President Trump has never suggested that people self-medicate by taking tropical fish medicine with an ingredient that sounded kind of like what he said. This shouldn’t have to be said, but let’s make it crystal clear: whenever we talk about using any medication against the coronavirus, that means the actual medicine formulated for humans and prescribed by a licensed physician.


News You Can Use: People who aren’t used to working at home might find it difficult to keep from putting on weight, particularly with gyms closed and all the stress-related snacking. So here are some tips from a nutritionist on how to manage telecommuting without becoming a couch potato.


And if you’re not working at home, but just stuck there, or if you’ve been diagnosed with the coronavirus and are in quarantine, here are some resources to help provide financial help until this thing runs its course.


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For those who continue to cling to the “Trump is a racist and xenophobe” canard…



Hillary Clinton continues to use Twitter to attack President Trump’s handling of the pandemic, tweeting yesterday: “In the face of crisis, FDR had the New Deal to help suffering Americans. Now, @realdonaldtrump, you and your fellow Republicans are pushing the #SelfDeal. See the difference?”


Let me just say that as much as I appreciate a lesson in self-dealing from the absolute world champion of that skill, I really don’t want to hear any lessons about how Trump didn’t react fast enough to save Americans whose lives were in danger from Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton.


I wrote yesterday about how outrageously irresponsible it was for Joe Biden to pretend to be President and “compete” with Trump by holding daily press conferences on the coronavirus when he doesn’t have the information Trump has and will only confuse and mislead viewers.

Well, after his first attempt at it on Monday, it appears that the person who was most confused was Biden. Even supporters on social media were bemoaning it as a stiffly-delivered disaster. Biden started by claiming this was a time to come together and not make partisan attacks on each other, then proceeded to make a partisan attack on Trump for how he’s handling the crisis. He pressed for the urgency of action, while his own party was blocking the emergency relief bill.

Worst of all, despite the fact that he was quite obviously reading from a TelePrompter, Biden referred to Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker as “Charlie Parker” (the great jazz saxophonist) and repeatedly garbled his words, including this verbatim quote:

“And uh, in addition to that, in addition to that, we have to make sure that we, uh, are in a position, that we are, we. Let me go to the second thing.”


I’m much relieved after watching Biden’s first “competing” press conference, since I now doubt that anyone will be watching any more of them.

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  • Sue Palik

    03/24/2020 09:58 PM

    Did Nancy fly in to D.C. on a broomstick? I feel she and Chuckie will be responsible for the devastating consequences on everyone and our country which will become another Venezuela if a bill that puts the American people first does not pass. In my opinion, their behavior shows lack of mental stability and a condition of personality disorder that I feel should be looked into, and I feel their behavior goes way beyond politics. At this point, I feel she has turned the American public so against her that she will never be speaker of the house for any next term, nor do I believe Chuckie can ever gain that position in the Senate. With this current situation in Congress, I expect the American People will rise up to put in place a Republican Congress and Senate and a re-election of Donald J. Trump. When that day comes, we should have a national celebration, even if not declared!
    My question: Is there not something in place under house rules or ? that can remove a Speaker of the House under circumstances that harm our nation and its people so devastatingly? Can she not be required to have a mental evaluation? Chuckie too? If a President can be impeached, why not the Speaker of the House? God have mercy...I'm having a hard time with having mercy myself..I have to leave it to the Lord. In my opinion, both she and Chuckie are frauds.

  • Michael

    03/24/2020 08:47 PM

    Today (Tuesday) Fox News has posted the list of everything evil Nancy Pelosi and the dispicable Democrats want in the Coronovirus relief bill. Absolutely appauling that everything they want including abortion funding, none has a thing to do with the Coronovirus!!! Can an Executive Order be signed or some quick legislation be proposed to stop this complete nonsense of adding to bills items that have nothing to do with the purpose of the bill? The Republicans better stand their ground and not let the Democrats run rough shod over them as they often do. When this bill is passed and We the People see any of the Democrats pork spending, the Republicans will pay a price from the American voters who normally support them (Republicans). Sick of the evil Democrats and their agenda and the Republicans better not allow this sham (one more to add to the Dems long list) to happen and screw over the American people!!!

  • Jerry Korba

    03/24/2020 08:00 PM

    Biden is a Farce as a Politician he didn't do any good for this country for 40 years and now that he can not speak coherently and is slow he will just do harm at a slower pace. The reason Biden still is still on the ballot is because his voting base takes fish medicine use a lot of crack and use MSM CNN for their education the use of the latter is being used less and less each week. The next step is to get them away from the MSM and that has happened. Mike I watched an interview you had last year with Rich Little you guys are still very fun to watch and I think you had fun with him also thank goodness for U tube.

  • Lawrence Foster

    03/24/2020 07:48 PM

    We now have an answer to that question posed by so many former democrats, "When did the democrat party and 'sleazy' become synonyms?" The answer now is clearly, "When Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the house. Her behavior during the Bush presidency was obnoxious, wasteful and an example of classlessness. Case in point, her abuse of the Air Force "VIP Wing" which earned the nickname "Air Nancy" because of her frequent and abusive demands made on the personnel of the flight unit. But now, she clearly has lost her mind, not to the Corona Virus, but to the "TDS2020" virus (Trump Derangement Syndrome 2020). At a time when Americans need help, she is interested only in helping left-wing losers like the "green new deal" sponsors, the racist baby-killers of Planned Parenthood (Yes, racist! Those clinics aren't all in the inner city for no reason), and of course keeping her job with its perks. Under her leadership, the democrat caucus in the house has become anti-semitic, anti-American, and totally opposed to the needs of the American People. I keep trying not to think how poetically just it would be if the Corona Virus took her away. Like old bloviatin' Joe Biden, she has clearly entered her second childhood, and she is not a nice child.

  • James Drury Jr

    03/24/2020 07:36 PM

    Thanks Mike appreciate it.

  • Kay DeWitt

    03/24/2020 07:26 PM

    While I have a Master's degree in psychology and counseling, I am learning more about "insanity" from your newsletters than I learned from any of the courses I took that earned me that degree!!!

    How...how....how can Hilary Clinton not be so grieved by the fact that her slow response to the Benghazi cry cost men their lives that she would want to use what ever remaining years she has left to try and make a positive difference to as many souls as she can...while would include her President?....As I think of it, that question put the cart before the horse....so I will rewrite it....

    Knowing that she was responsible for people's deaths (there were others besides Benghazi) how can she not wonder if, just maybe, the Bible might be right about there being a very real heaven, and a very real hell?....What an example she is of how some of the financially richest people in the world are, in reality, so poverty stricken when it comes to the TRUE riches in life!

    Do you know, after I moved from Jackson Heights, in Queens NY (near where President Trump lived), I then moved to Ossining, NY, in Westchester County, that was located only five minutes from Chappaqua, where Hilary lives! While some Christians say that there is no such thing as a "coincidence" , this presents itself as a good refute TO that!

  • Bear Carter

    03/24/2020 07:16 PM

    Just a note for humor, and yes, you may use my name. Bear Carter

    With the shortage of toilet paper, how about modifying and using paper towels.
    Simply cut a roll of paper towels into three equal lengths. Voila, "toilet paper".
    Wait for it - Call it "Mutiny on the Bounty"

  • Bear Carter

    03/24/2020 07:13 PM

    Just a note for humor, and yes, you may use my name.

    With the shortage of toilet paper, how about modifying and using paper towels.
    Simply cut a roll of paper towels into three equal lengths. Voila, "toilet paper".
    Wait for it - Call it "Mutiny on the Bounty"

  • Larry S. Grubbs

    03/24/2020 07:12 PM

    Taking Back America- Taking ON the World
    “Know Your Self – Know Your Enemy”

    America - the Republic first imagined by “founding fathers” who were God fearing believers in Jesus Christ willing to set aside personal ambitions in order to “form a more perfect Union”- is presently coping with one of the most terrifying multi-dimensional assaults in our history- assaults upon our faith, courage, and capacity to collaborate in order to contain and control a world-wide pandemic that threatens not only life itself, but collateral contagion testing national and international economic relationships . The barriers to information sharing and productive collaboration are hidden the patterns of counter-cultural realities obscured by politically correct protocols that dictate mutual tolerance of otherwise intolerable codes of conduct that carry risk of assured mutual destruction.
    As we work to define the origin, characteristics, consequences and means to overcome the unseen enemy that ravages everyone, it may be useful to consider this battlefield in the larger context of the epic struggle between opposing forces described by the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians.
    “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 4:10-12

    World-wide battles can be recognized as earthly manifestations of the assaults by evil godless forces with determination to destroy the most perfect creation of the Almighty Sovereign God: mankind. To this extreme intent, God fearing believers in Jesus Christ, Son of God must contend with godless people who oppose, persecute, and destroy by every possible means. The strategies of these opposing forces include eradication of the printed Word of God, servants of God, and all historical evidence of God’s loving provision for His people, to be replaced with false teaching and counter-cultures rooted to idols which promote self-worship, self-gratification, self-empowerment and the pursuit of insatiable desires for wealth, pleasure, power and all things forbidden. The daily counter-cultural provocations reported by news media attest to the reality of our circumstances.

    Godly forces transformed by Jesus ungodly forces imprisoned by Satan
    God fearing, God, loving,--------------------------God hating, deprived of love God knowing and known by God----------------ungodly ignorant, but known by God Godly obedient---------------------------------------ungodly disobedient, God praising-------------------------------------------ungodly complacent and apathetic
    God serving, God praising--------------------------Self-serving, prideful, boastful
    ___________________________ ______________________________
    ___________________________ ______________________________

    Although people of the earth do not seem to comprehend the distinction or significance of counter-cultural realities, YET all people ARE endowed with one common component that can be “switched-on” to enable cross-cultural reconciliation and collaboration : the presence of the human spirit- the essence of God the Creator Himself, who created man in His Own Image.

    When a human becomes self-aware of a personal spirit that governs the power of choice and the involuntary sense of hunger and thirst for knowledge, curiosity about place and time within a greater context, and capacity to imagine pathways into a future, that human also becomes aware of the existence of other humans, all of whom share this characteristic and with whom they can choose to establish either mutually beneficial or contentious relationships.

    By the grace of God and His loving, patient, and eternal good will toward mankind, God elected to send His Son, Jesus Christ to earth, to live among us, to reveal God’s own plan for us and to personally implement His plan that empowers man, through FAITH in Jesus, to receive the gift of His Holy Spirit by which His grace is sufficient for us to accomplish that for which we are tasked, in spite of our weaknesses. However; acknowledgement of His gift of the Holy Spirit REMAINS A CHOICE for man- whether to be reborn into Christ and follow his path to God, or to reject Jesus and remain a prisoner of worldly sin – Freedom or bondage.

    It is the will of God that all who know him and are known by him not only have love for one-another, but also to be aware and responsive to God’s will that all people of the world regardless of cultural identity are to be reconciled to him by the outreach , compassion, and sacrifice of Jesus’ disciples.
    This awesome awareness and commission to love one-another, revealing the presence of God among men, was THE MISSION of Jesus Christ’ life and sacrifice. He in-turn commissioned his followers to do likewise. In Jesus, God revealed the truth of his omnipotence – absolute power over all creation, heavens and earth and his VICTORY over sin – overcoming the world.
    This reality is enshrined in both the written Word of God – The Holy Bible, and in the hearts of all reborn as children of God. It is displayed by the presence of God’s living light, the Holy Spirit, in all God’s sons and daughters by the fruit of the Spirit that they share with the world: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Their testimony is known by lifestyle of righteousness and high productivity for the mutual benefit of all peoples. (The “exceptionalism of America”)

    In stark contrast, the commission of the godless counterculture is to pursue strategies of imitation, deception, disobedience and betrayal which are commonly taught as fundamentals for “success”. As they are charged to “know your enemy – know yourself”, the godless welcome the Godly, feign friendship and desire for joint participation in worthy enterprises conceived by the Godly in order to acquire useful knowledge and skills and benefits while, by cunning, misdirection and subversion usurp control and divert attention by alleging insincerity, misunderstanding and unfair advantage by the Godly.

    Such slaves to deception are bound to their cause and submit to their authorities through fear of retribution to person and family even to fear of death. The hopeless godless are urged to participate in the bounty of illicit economic growth that out-performs partners entangled by hollowed out contracts, to the delight of the supreme leadership of the State.
    The earthly commanders of countercultures maintain control of populations through policies of rigorous enforcement of State propaganda, strict control of information, knowledge and rewards plus vilification of all “outsiders”.
    Their greatest fear is risk of permeating knowledge of Godly ways, the power of personal choice, and the compassionate love of God the Father and salvation available by the Son. They are weakened only by contact with Godly people working among them.

    America’s Godly are challenged to listen, hear, and respond to Jesus’ call and commands to reach out to others as He does and to avoid “reacting” to the offensive acts perpetrated by the ignorant ungodly of countercultures pretending to be “assimilated” into the American “dream” and therefore claiming entitlement to be full vested with authority to participate in governance. The hopeless ignorant are not only blind to truth but blind to sin and the consequences of sin.

    The Godly of America are charged to “overcome evil with good”, by faith – “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. We must believe what we profess and become “living sacrifices” having no fear or doubt of our guaranteed inheritance and place reserved in the House of the LORD forever.

    To quote one of the most profound reminders to America during a time of grave danger, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. We must “take up our cross and follow Jesus”, putting on the armor of God and holding up the Word of God for all to see. If we are faithful, bold and courageous, the enemy will flee at the news of our coming, allowing us the opportunity to rescue the perishing, unchain prisoners and snatch others from the fires of Hell.

    Because America has everything to gain and nothing to lose, we must “GO FOR IT”. God assures us that his grace is sufficient, his power is made perfect in our weakness”. Jesus said “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But Take heart! I have overcome the world”. John 16:33

    What are we waiting for?

    Larry S. Grubbs March 23, 2020

    I will appreciate confirmation of your opportunity to review this comment.

  • Sharon Smith

    03/24/2020 07:05 PM

    Every member of the Senate needs to put in jail. They planned this whole thing with the impeachment. This is a disgrace to our country and our President. This cannot go on.

  • Topper Baker

    03/24/2020 06:49 PM

    I wish no one gets the China virus, but if I just had to, which of course will never happen, Pelosi and Schummer doomer would be at the top of my list.

  • R Reedy

    03/24/2020 06:33 PM

    Masks were not used in Italy; nor was social distancing; nor were borders closed. Is there something to be learned from that? Masks should be recommended for all who go out into public places. Few of us know if we are asymptomatic carriers, so the masks should help with that. Also, if some parts of the country are more infected than others, should there be closed borders within the country for nonessential travel?

  • Martha Schafer

    03/24/2020 06:18 PM

    Mike, you might want to check out your old friend Steve Barnes' aka "Mr. Journalism of AR" article in the Baxter Bulletin from 4:10 P.M. March 24th. It is titled: "Virus Response Bungled by China, Trump". In it he offers his own timeline regarding who knew what and when they knew it. Steve also rather snidely mentions Hogan Gidley in his article.

  • Trish Zechel

    03/24/2020 06:02 PM

    Good ole Hillary needs to retire to the good ole girls club. Uncle Joe needs someone to sing Rock Baby in the Tree Top. Or better yet, Hill and Uncle Joe needs that sweet ole Lilly-bye called Jack and Jill went up the Hill...

  • Stephen Russell

    03/24/2020 05:58 PM

    Lockdown to end Easter??
    2 weeks away & any more risk Econ damage.

  • Dennis Patrick

    03/24/2020 05:47 PM

    I am totally disappointed with all of the liberal fluff that Pelosi put in this bill. Why can’t this be pointed out piece by piece at a press conference to demonstrate what the Dems are pushing in this bill.

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/24/2020 05:39 PM

    This is a lot of good information.

    Thank you

  • Patricia Allums

    03/24/2020 05:34 PM

    Shame on the Democrats! They are obviously using Biden as a puppet! They must feel he was always popular and could go up against Trump and win! Even if he did, he could not last four years and I am sure who ever they choose as VP would become President.
    And shame on his family for allowing this! If this were my husband or father, I would put a stop to it! So wrong!

  • Susan Burdette

    03/24/2020 05:34 PM

    If the list you posted is passed and they include abortion funding then I will no longer support the Republicans and simply will not vote in the 2020 election as this is despicable and has nothing to do with the pandemic I’m so sick of this. Shame on the Democrats. And Nancy Pelosi is possessed by the DEVIL.

  • James-lynn Jonas

    03/24/2020 05:26 PM

    This is when an Amendment to our Constitution needs to be brought forth for “not more than one (1) item shall be brought forth at a time” or however to word it to STOP the ‘adding on to IMPORTANT bills’.
    Wake up, Congress. Do your job that you are being paid to do instead of just taking OUR MONEY!

  • John Mychaluk

    03/24/2020 05:24 PM

    I applaud President Trump in everything he is doing for our country. Hopefully, when the vaccine for corona virus has been perfected, they will also find the cure for left wingism.

  • Paul Potter

    03/24/2020 05:23 PM

    Time for a Executive Order

  • Joyce Birch

    03/24/2020 05:20 PM

    What can I say, but I just can't wait for your newsletters. They're so right on target. I think the dems think we are see no evil, hear no evil, & speak no evil. We're hearing all the evil they are doing & saying.
    I really had a laugh at the clips of Bidens video. I just can't believe this man. May no harm come to him, but he's not up to the task as president. The dems have a crisis on their hands, but what's this whisper about Gov. Cuomo jumping in??? Speaker Pelosi must go.