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March 2, 2022

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin’s unconscionable attack has entered its seventh day of escalating force and violence. Sen. Marco Rubio says Russia has launched its largest air assault so far. The mayor of the port city of Mariupol reports mass casualties. So far, over 7,000 Russians have been arrested for protesting the invasion. Fox News has a continually updated page of the latest news, which you can find here:

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy called it “beyond humanity” that a Russian air strike destroyed the Holocaust memorial in Kyiv. He had more to say that everyone should read about the horrors and waste that Putin is visiting not only on Ukrainians but on his own troops, 6,000 of whom have already died while attacking their neighbor when they don’t even know why they’re doing it.

One bit of good news: that “elite Chechen hit squad” Putin reportedly sent into Ukraine to assassinate President Zelenskyy has been “eliminated.” The Ukrainians got a tip from sources inside Russia’s Federal Security Forces, so apparently, some people in Russia’s government also think their leader has gone off the rails. Thanks to the tip, Ukrainian forces reportedly identified, engaged and destroyed the two Chechen death squad teams.

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  • Patrick Canan

    03/04/2022 05:09 AM

    Thank you for your voice of support for the Ukrainian people. This unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation threatens us all.

  • Frank V. Yates

    03/02/2022 06:45 PM

    Great daily newsletters. Having been in the Army, I a bit confused. There is a 40 mile long convoy of Russian troops headed to Kyiv. Why are the Ukrainians not blowing the bridges and shelling craters in the roads to slow their advance? They should also point their artillery at the convoy and station snipers with anti-tank weapons along the route.
    Thanks for providing accurate and timely news.

  • Charlie Stroud

    03/02/2022 06:12 PM

    You hit it right on! We are praying 4 our sorry leaders. Thank you brother. HUCKABEE. PRAYING FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I MET YOU IN COLUMBIA SC AT A CAFE. I got A PICTURE WITH YOU. YOU ARE A BLESSING.