March 4, 2021

Maybe now that he’s out of office, the socialist children who run the New York Times opinion section think it’s finally safe to admit the truth about President Trump. How else to explain Thomas Friedman’s latest column in which he looks at the stunning positive changes in the Middle East and rightly credits them to Trump and Jared Kushner’s Abraham Accords? Trump was vilified by the old guard liberals for his “blundering” foreign policy that may be reshaping and bringing permanent peace and modernization to the Middle East.

Friedman reports with astonishment that since the establishment of commercial air flights between Israel and the United Arab Emirates in October (yes, Trump was bringing peace to the Middle East before the election, not that most Times readers would have known that), at least 130,000 Israeli tourists and investors have flown to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Friedman explains that there are three axes of power in the Middle East; one built around Iran and Syria; one around Turkey, Qatar and the terrorist group Hamas: and now, an alliance between Israeli and wealthier, relatively more modern and peaceful states like the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The new alliance with Israel is not only making Israel, and thus the entire region, more secure, it’s also importing more modern Western values. For instance, the UAE recently loosened its strict Islamic laws to provide more protections for women, gays and lesbians. (“Thanks, Trump,” I will say, since he’ll get no credit from Western feminists and LGBTQ activists.) It's also setting an inviting example for other leaders in the Middle East looking for an alternative to aligning with hardliners like Iran.

Of course, as Friedman notes, we have to keep our hopes in check. We’ve seen progress in the Middle East before, only for it to break down and revert to violence and anti-Semitism. All it takes is for a biased media to fool voters into replacing someone who knows how to craft peace deals with someone who reflexively reverts to failed longtime policies that re-empower our enemies like Iran. But what media outlet would be foolish enough to do something like that?

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  • Cecilia Sotomayor

    03/04/2021 06:00 PM

    This was an extraordinary accomplishment. Hope the Biden administration does not mess this one. Hope the Biden administration is very, very short, too.