November 20, 2018


Wow, here’s a surprise: an Obama-appointed federal judge in San Francisco barred the President of the United States from changing immigration policy to ban giving asylum to migrants who cross the US border illegally. 


As a side note, Homeland Security officials said Monday that “most of the caravan members are not women and children" and that more than 500 criminals are traveling with the group that has already amassed on the other side of a San Diego border crossing.


There are more details at the link.  Trump is expected to take this to the Supreme Court, just as I’m sure he expected a liberal federal judge in San Francisco to step in and try to take over border security.  Let’s hope the SCOTUS acts quickly. In the meantime, if the judge demands that the migrants be allowed into the US, then someone should definitely tell those 500+ criminals about the wonderful sanctuary city policy in San Francisco, where all those liberal judges who don’t believe in putting up walls to keep criminals out live.




 I don't buy the narrative

Anyone who’s still trying to figure out how the Democrats did so well in the midterm elections when they had nothing to run on but failed, last-century, big-government clichés, divisive identity politics and hatred of President Trump may have underestimated the voters’ growing weariness with the constant rhetorical warfare between Trump and his critics. 


Of course, I don’t buy the popular narrative that the “lowered tone of political discourse” is all Trump’s fault.  I was one of his first opponents in the 2016 primaries, and unlike other candidates on both sides, I didn’t attack Trump and call him nasty names like “racist” or “con artist” (I kept my criticism focused on the other side’s policies) and I noticed something amazing: he was perfectly gracious to me – and still is.  He didn’t start mud fights, but what made him an unusual Republican, and one the media didn’t know how to deal with, is that when someone threw a mud ball at him, he didn’t just stand there and take it.  He unleashed a mudslide in return.


The media were shocked and offended at the thought of a Republican who didn’t nod his head politely at their unfair criticism and agree with them, but who punched back twice as hard (to quote a President they did respect, Barack Obama.)  The Republican base was also energized at finally having a fighter who responded to the left’s low blows not with a bowed head but with a knee to the groin.  I can understand that.


But after two years, while much of Trump’s base still relishes the brawling style, there’s a sense that voters in the middle who wanted a change from Obama policies and were willing to take a chance on Trump are starting to grow tired of the constant turbulence.  Unlike the left, they don’t blame it all on Trump (a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 64% of Americans think the media have done more to divide than unite Americans, compared to 56% who think that of Trump – about the same rating Obama had in his sixth year.)  But enough people are just fed up with the constant punching and sniping that it might be time for Trump to start picking his battles a little more carefully and not responding on Twitter with beartrap intensity to every slight.  For instance, here’s a good example of a PR battle no politician could win, no matter how solid you think your argument is:


There are some hopeful signs after the Democrats’ recent electoral gains that Trump senses a hunger among the public for him to act a little less pugilistic and a bit more presidential. He just visited California to view the devastation from the wildfires and appeared with Gov. Jerry Brown and Gov-elect Gavin Newsom, two ultra-liberal Trump critics, who put aside their political animosity to shake his hand and thank him for his sincere efforts to provide federal aid to fire victims. Naturally, this show of mature bipartisanship in a crisis infuriated their stridently-leftist constituents. They responded with anger and ridicule because, in some people’s warped minds, making Trump look bad is more important than helping fire victims.  By rising above that, Trump, Brown and Newsom all elevated themselves in the eyes of the not-insane majority.


Likewise, Trump recently held a press event to promote criminal justice and prison sentencing reform that Democrats have claimed they’ve wanted for years.  Many black leaders came to show thanks and support.  Even former Obama official and CNN host Van Jones said liberals should give Trump his due for actually doing something about this issue.  For that, Jones was attacked by the left (again, refusing to give Trump credit is more important than prison reform for black inmates).  Sen. Cory Booker, who claims to be a crusader for that issue, refused to attend the event with Trump, which resulted in his home town newspaper chewing him out in print for his pettiness and hypocrisy. 


Maybe that will be the key that convinces Trump of the upside of acting presidential on appropriate occasions.  It makes it harder for those who are trying to “delegitimize” his presidency to make their case, and they just delegitimize themselves in the eyes of the public.  It not only makes it harder for voters to envision anyone else being President in 2020, but when his critics reflexively turn every issue into a mud fight, if he simply stays above them and keeps his powder dry for the big fights, they’re the only ones who end up covered in mud.  He doesn’t even have to aim Twitter mudballs at them.  They'll splatter themselves. 




Be careful what you wish for

There’s an old saying: “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.”


CNN and all the media outlets that backed their lawsuit to force overgrown toddler Jim Acosta back into White House press conferences might soon be pondering that piece of ancient wisdom when they realize what their belligerence has wrought. Yes, the judge did issue a temporary order restoring Acosta’s press pass, ruling that revoking it caused him “irreparable harm” (one wonders if he would have let someone back into his own courtroom who kept interrupting the proceedings, or jail him for contempt of court). 


But he based his ruling in CNN’s favor on the White House’s decision being based on “arbitrary” standards.  That means the White House foolishly assumed professional journalists knew how to behave like adults without having to spell it out for them.  And now, they’re about to get just what they asked for: clear rules of decorum for reporters, as spelled out by President Donald Trump. 


Asked what these rules might entail, Trump explained, “You can’t take three questions and four questions. You can’t stand up and not sit down. We want total freedom of the press. It’s more important to me than anybody would believe. But you have to act with respect when you’re at the White House, and when I see the way some of my people get treated at news conferences, it’s terrible. So we’re setting up a certain standard, which is what the court is requesting.”


Imagine that: White House reporters being held to a standard of professional decorum, all as a result of CNN's lawsuit.  They must feel like the dog that chased speeding cars until one day he caught one.




I’m not a big fan of making federal legal cases out of every little thing, and it is notoriously difficult to prove deliberate perjury, but this deserves attention. Turns out that the judge’s decision in the CNN lawsuit to order the White House to give unrepentant showboat Jim Acosta his press pass back was at least partly influenced by Acosta’s written statement to the court declaring “under penalty of perjury” that he had “firmly but politely” persisted in asking President Trump just two questions, but Trump “did not respond to them” and repeatedly interrupted Acosta.


At the link are video and a full transcript.  Count how many questions Acosta actually asked, how many times Trump answered him and tried to move on to the next reporter, and how many times Acosta kept rudely interrupting them both.  If that’s his definite of “polite,” then maybe his best defense would be that he doesn’t know what the word “perjury” means, either.



Frightening Capital Letters 

From Great Britain, the nation whose brave young soldiers of previous generations helped win World Wars I and II, comes word that the current crop of university students are frightened catatonic at the sight of capital letters.  It’s reported that Leeds Trinity University has ordered teachers not to overuse the words “do” and “don’t” and not to use capital letters for emphasis (“DON’T do that!”) because…well, to be honest, I read the reasons and I still can’t follow their convoluted logic.  Suffice to say that the poor little snowflakes might be traumatized by classroom instructions that are too explicit, or not explicit enough, or something – and that instructions that seem too definite might cause them anxiety that would terrify them into not doing the assignment at all.


Funny, when I was in school, what prevented you from not doing the assignment was the terror of knowing what would definitely happen to you if you didn’t. 


The moral to this story is one for British parents: if you don’t want your children to turn into useless, quivering blobs living in your basement for the next 40 years, DON’T SEND THEM TO TRINITY LEEDS UNIVERSITY!!!


Must-See Video: 

New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson reminds us all of what a genuine NFL role model who puts principles above peer pressure really looks like.




What do you call people who say President Trump is right, that massive caravans of migrants intent on entering other people’s nations uninvited are “invaders;” that they are messy, ungrateful, dangerous and put a strain on social services and taxpayers; that everyone is welcome who comes in legally, but “you must have papers, you must identify yourself” and not “come in like animals;” and that they should stay in their own nations and fix their governments rather than imposing on their neighbors?

We know that Democratic politicians, media figures and Hollywood celebrities (you know, the kind of people who live in secure homes in walled communities or apartment buildings with a guard at the gate or door 24/7) would call those people “fascists,” “racists,” “bigots,” “xenophobes” and “white supremacists.” 

But according to the story at the link, they’re Mexican residents of Tijuana.


 Restraining order filed

Latest update to the story of sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti being arrested for alleged domestic violence: it’s now assumed that the woman behind the charge was young actress Mareli Miniutti, who appeared in “Ocean’s Eight” and was reportedly Avenatti’s date to a recent Anthony Scarmucci book-signing.  That’s because Ms Miniutti has filed a domestic violence restraining order against Avenatti.

Avenatti continues to adamantly deny that he has ever been physically abusive to any woman, claiming that the charges “are fabricated and meant to do harm to my reputation” (admittedly, it would take a really horrible charge to lower his reputation any further), that he’s the target of partisan false allegations, he’ll be completely exonerated, and so on…

Tell you what, if you want to hear more, click the link.  Short version: He now wants us to no longer believe whatever a woman says.



I don't envy

I don’t envy Dan Calabrese for actually reading this piece in the Washington Post and trying to figure out why in the world the author thinks that President Trump awarding a posthumous medal of freedom to Elvis Presley is somehow a secret signal to racists.  I’m just glad he did it instead of me.  Trying to follow those kind of tortured, leftist, identity-politics mental processes make me feel itchier than a man on a fuzzy tree.



Disturbing story

For those of us who started our careers in radio, or just have fond memories of growing up listening to Casey Kasem’s “American Top 40,” this is a shocking and disturbing story. 


Kasem died four years ago at 82 of a Parkinson’s-like disease, leaving behind a vast personal fortune estimated at up to $100 million.  Now, CBS’ “48 Hours” reports that his widow Jeannie and his three grown children are accusing each other of making self-interested decisions about his medical care that killed him.  Both even used the word “murder” – and their various lawsuits and a report by Jeannie Kasem’s private detective have convinced police in Gig Harbor, Washington, where he died, to open an investigation into possible homicide.   


It’s a very sad story, not only because Casey Kasem’s final years were marred by such anger, greed and animosity, but just as a cautionary tale about how money and personal disputes over care of a fading parent can take precedence over what’s really important.  Having that much money at stake can rip families apart just at a time when it’s most important that they come together.   


I hope this turns out to be a case more of bad feelings and suspicions than criminal intentions, and that the family members can eventually heal their rifts.  As for me, I intend to spare my family the trauma of fighting over my vast personal fortune by spending it all before I go, on a really sweet bass boat.




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  • Henry Sherwood

    11/25/2018 06:53 PM

    "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.."
    - Galatians 6:9
    If the Liberals only believed it !

  • Shauna dickerson

    11/24/2018 12:39 PM

    I appreciated your story of your uncle who would not just let you win at the checkers game. Good for him. I have a son-in-law who I know will not just let me win at Words with Friends. When I actually do win (not often) I know I have done it because I did it!!! It's a good feeling when you actually accomplish something. And it doesn't hurt my feeling to lose, it's just incentive to try harder.

  • Michael Galloway

    11/21/2018 09:35 PM

    When it comes to all the voter fraud in so many states by the Demorats, when is something actually going to be investigated and done about it. Just one more issue on a long list of issues that seem to just get swept under the rug. If nothing is going to be done about the Demorats pursuit of making sure they win by any means, then look out in 2020 !!!!

    As far as the Demorats pursuit of Ivanka's emails, fine, then is there somebody in the Trump administration that has enough intestinal fortitude to also file for an investigation into Hillary's emails, the deleting of 33+ thousands emails, etc. Or is going to be just another issue swept under the rug ?!!!!!!!!!

    The Demorats are pursuing a bigger agenda. The Obama appointed judges all over this country are pursuing a bigger agenda, no matter what Chief Justice Roberts says, there is indeed Obama appointed federal judges making decisions to undermine Trump and create a much less safe and chaotic U.S. aimed at the safety and security of us all.

    So tired of what is happening in this country and very few pursuits for justice, accept sometimes by Trump himself with the media, judges, Demorats, etc. constantly going after him in any way they can.

    I hope that after what will be almost two years of listening to Demorats after this January, that the conservative, evangelical, patriots will wake up before 2020 and know that this nation cannot afford to the Democrats in control of either the House, the Senate or the White House. And we should also know that the Dems will continue all pursuits of unfair elections that turn out in their favor. It should wake up those who don't want to see our nation destroyed, but time will tell if we get smarter or continue being complacent and letting the Dems win !!!!!!!!!

  • joseph orsini

    11/21/2018 04:35 PM

    Calls by Dems to investigate Ivanka's e-mails provides the opportunity to apply the same investigation into Hillary's e-mails.

  • George & Dusty Reese

    11/21/2018 02:39 PM

    We agree with that ,let the kids have their own experences, We have had our ups & downs
    Have ablessed Thanksgiving

  • Sarah Menne

    11/21/2018 12:47 PM

    I want to thank Jack R Newell for sharing U.S. Code Section 8 - USC 1182 specifically Sec. 13, sub (f). It appears that this gentleman is more aware of American law than the federal judge trying to stop Pres. Trump from protecting our borders against illegal immigration. Such federal judges need to be removed from office - if that is possible. If it requires impeachment, then that should occur against any and all activist judges who render false rulings that must be overturned by our Supreme Court.

  • Krystyna Orlean

    11/21/2018 11:04 AM

    Trump submitted written responses to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's questions in his Russia investigation. WHY if everything was hoax, illegal and fabricated by Dems ? Our President dignity should not allowed him to meet with Mueller ever and ask any questions ! The Mueller, Rosenstein and others should ask questions in jail !

  • Robert L. Hedrick

    11/21/2018 09:52 AM

    Thanks for telling it like it is in a way that no one can misunderstand. Your news is more than a breath of fresh air and a refreshing cool drink from a WV spring.

  • Marilyn Sherod

    11/21/2018 09:43 AM

    I agree that President Trump should and can be more presidential now. He's got the respect of so many now who "took a chance" on voting for him and has already got the attention of many who didn't vote for him and now see how he's working hard for all us!

  • Amelia Little

    11/21/2018 09:14 AM

    I'm waiting for the msm to report on the citizens' of Tijuana reaction to the invaders in their city. Or, maybe they aren't going to want to report that people other than President Trump feel that the caravan people should go back home. One does have to wonder who put the ideas of it's their "right" to be able to ignore the immigration laws of both the US and Mexico (don't see msm reporting on Mexico attempting to return to enforcing THEIR laws) and, gee, they need more respect and need to be given free food well above what the citizens of the country they have invaded are able to provide for themselves. IMO, there were people paid to go into those countries and give the people "advise" on joining a caravan, and I'm betting even paying people to join. It would be my guess that they were also indoctrinated to be ungrateful about any concessions they are provided by any country until they reach the leftist/liberal/socialist goal of crossing the border. You can believe they will also be ungrateful for anything less than an absolute free ride once they are in the US. Because they were probably told it would be that way--come to the US and live for free--with better living conditions than many of the US citizens.

  • Edna Faye Parker

    11/21/2018 08:54 AM

    Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed this letter. All the relevant news that really interested me here. Keep them coming. Thank you.

  • Jack R Newell

    11/21/2018 02:32 AM

    U. S. Code Section 8 - USC 1182 specifically Sec. 13, sub (f). It's pretty clear and easy to understand.

    (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

  • Shelley Jordan

    11/21/2018 01:09 AM

    Thank you for your excellent daily news email. Do you think it is a good idea to forward your news email to someone who tends to watch CNN but is confused and also watches Fox News, but calls himself an independent. He is a strong Christian and it is frustrating that he believes CNN and thinks Fox News are just angry people.
    Any suggestions from you would be great.

    God Bless You & America!

    Shelley Jordan

  • Remedios Cruz

    11/21/2018 01:04 AM

    Thank you so much Governor for I always wait for your daily news. I don’t trust the media anymore except FNC

  • Dragos Sfinteanu

    11/21/2018 12:52 AM

    Dear Mr. Governor,
    I waited in a long line to thank you for your outstanding, perfect targeting and elegant style of your messages. They are a refreshing literature (I have been reading them daily, from the beginning) and very necessary for misinformed people. Your appearances at FOX News were delightful.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, to your brave daughter and the whole family !

    Dragos Sfinteanu

  • Patsy Martin

    11/21/2018 12:45 AM

    Bro. Huckabee, thank you for your wonderful insight and your quick wit. I enjoy readinh your article each day and have come to look forward to it. You are really good at doing this. Maybe you should apply for Acosta's job. You would certainly be a great improvement. But, then, you would have to put up with CNN, so, I can see where that would not be a winning career move for you. For anyone actually. ?? God bless you and I'll be here to read your next edition.

  • Edward Vanover

    11/21/2018 12:43 AM

    Governor, should you actually get that bass boat, I'll be happy to go out with you . I'll bring my sonar unit and we'll do a number on those unsuspecting bass.

  • michael murphy

    11/21/2018 12:27 AM

    Given the Democratic propensity for bending(breaking) voting laws, I am astonished that there really didn't seem to be a more concerted effort to head off the proliferation of Illegals voting, multiple votes by said illegals, and dead people voting. It make it apparent to me that Hillary did not win the popular vote as it was decidedly rigged to ensure her election which, by the way, was the reason for so many shocked reactions when she did indeed, lose. The pattern of vote manipulation has not changed, nor has it even been hidden as well as the last election. It now is just written off as ineptness, not fraud. The old Democrat Party manipulative tiger has not, nor will not, change its stripes without a true Epiphany of what is real truth. As much as I struggle with the directive to love my enemies, I do indeed pray for a revival of intimate relationship with our God as that is the only thing of real substance that will bring change to them.

  • Bjorn Svedinger

    11/21/2018 12:19 AM

    Thank you. I live in Sweden and it is for me health food to read your ongoing comments about what is happening in US and around your president. Likewise I listen to your daughter with the same Thank God! The information we are given here - even from our public media news –gives another picture where they seem to mix what you call "left fake news" into what most Swedish people today believe is the truth and nothing but the truth. It is frightening and the pressure is compact as I find it. Therefore again: Thanks for the light you are shining.
    Bjorn Svedinger

  • eddie chicago

    11/21/2018 12:03 AM

    Dear Governor Mike, I'm believing you when you say that you read these comments. I implore you to look into suspected election fraud in Orange County ,Ca. This incredible story is being swept under the carpet, just like our reality of having to choose from two democrats- no other party candidates- for major offices. It's impossible to think that lifelong conservatives in the OC voted for republican John Cox for governor, but then voted for a democratic congress. Cox won 300,000 more votes than Newsom , but every republican for congress lost. If this election was fair then I'm going to Disneyland because I'm the real Mickey Mouse. Fretting on my "76 fretless P bass. e/c

  • Marilyn Stranberg

    11/20/2018 11:07 PM

    A tragic account of man high in Trump's administration was found dead in his garage by what was ruled suicide. The report said there were several bludgeons to his head. Does that sound like suicide? Who would bludgeon himself several times to be sure he is dead? Sounds like assassination for whistle blowing to me. Thanks for help. Maybe I missed something.

  • Tawanna Sinclair

    11/20/2018 10:36 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I want to thank you for YOUR fair and balanced reporting. Even when reporting negative news, you do it in a non-malicious way.
    Thank you

  • Janet Chilton

    11/20/2018 10:27 PM

    Your column is good every day. I am a conservative with common sense and a great sense of humor! I’m 80 - married for 57 years yesterday - and my conservative, retired military husband, are having a wonderful time! Being raised on a tobacco farm in North Carolina established priceless values for us. Keep writing and sharing, please!

  • Ron Besse

    11/20/2018 10:10 PM

    I got sucked in until the comment about the 'Really Sweet Bass Boat'. That made my day.

  • Viola Wallace

    11/20/2018 09:46 PM

    I Agree with President Trump. Elvis Presley is worth to be awarded the Freedom Medal.
    Also we need a Border Wall; the Caravan of illegals need to be stopped. We don't want to be a 3rd World Country. I enjoy your newsletters, than you. Viola