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October 19, 2021

It may seem like an impossible dream, but AOC has a challenger in New York’s 14th House District who might actually have a chance to boot the media’s favorite socialist fashionista out of Congress.

Like AOC, this person is Hispanic and even a former bartender – but that’s where the similarities end. Desi Cuellar’s parents fled Cuba to escape the socialism that AOC is so enamored with. He knows what it’s like to be poor, work hard and even be homeless, but he refuses to blame America for his early struggles or play victim. He even joined the National Guard because, he says, he “wanted to do more for my country.”

Cuellar said, “I am proof that opportunity exists for anyone in this country, that America is worth fighting for, that our values and our constitutional rights set us apart from the rest of the world. But my opponent AOC is doing everything she can to undo what countless Americans have died to preserve.”

He says, “As a New Yorker, I’m sick and tired of seeing AOC use our city as a launching pad for her socialist agenda.” He’s made a hard-hitting ad that can be seen at the link above. I wish him all the luck in the world.

It might seem like an insurmountable task, since AOC got 71% of the vote in 2020. But note that the 14th District has a population of nearly 700,000, and AOC’s total vote was less than 153,000. There are a lot of people there who didn’t bother to vote. Let’s hope Cuellar can inspire them to go to the polls and remind them that they elect someone to Congress to represent their beliefs and interests, not those of Bernie Sanders, Karl Marx or Fidel Castro.

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Comments 1-10 of 122

  • Ford Woods Stevens

    11/12/2021 11:00 AM

    Got them all!
    Great fun!

  • Judy Krahulec

    11/08/2021 08:35 PM

    All I can say is hallelujah! I’ll write Desi a check!

  • Schwartz

    11/08/2021 03:56 PM

    We need to replace AOC.
    HOW can I help?

  • Richard Lowell

    11/08/2021 11:55 AM

    I very very rarely make a contribution to an out of state candidate but I did for this guy !!!

  • Pettit Danny

    11/08/2021 10:02 AM

    AOC is a TOTAL idiot and should have NEVER been elected to begin with. I did not serve my country in Vietnam to protect socialism, rather it was for the rights and freedom that we enjoy {for now}, although I reside far from New York, I would gladly contribute to anyone's campaign that has a chance to send her back to her former job of bartending {I seriously doubt that she was very good at that either}.

  • John Lewis

    11/08/2021 09:33 AM

    Prayer would be a good place to start. I realize that electing a Republican here would be a near impossibility, bet a Democrat with common sense (I can’t believe I said that) would be a good second. AOC and her fellow Socialists are doing their darndest to ruin our great country. Blessings!

  • Joann Couton

    11/08/2021 08:50 AM

    Thank you for sharing the video of Mr. Cuellar. I wish him the best of luck because he speaks for millions of people across the country. Good luck, sir.

  • Dawn Brezina

    11/08/2021 08:27 AM

    This is great news—I sure hope this fellow can oust AOC.
    Thank you for writing your informative commentary and for always including an uplifting message for these downtrodden times. God Bless

  • mike pero

    11/08/2021 08:19 AM

    When I was born, my parents submitted the appropriate paperwork to allow us to come to America. Finally, when I was 7, we came to this beautiful land. We DIDN'T come to change the country, we came to embrace its values and opportunities. My parents both got a job, we learned the language, assimilated and became productive citizens. I proudly served in our military. America gave us everything. I'm so angry and frustrated at people who disrespect our precious flag and fellow Americans, destroying property, etc. I dont understand why it's almost impossible to fire an elected official who doesn't do the job he was elected to do. Sorry for the long email, I'll end it now by stating this: to AOC, her buddies and everyone in my country, I say simply that if you hate America, even just a little, pick up your trash, gather your like-minded friends and relatives and leave immediately. Go to a country that embraces what you love. Just get a one way ticket, leave and don't come back. You will not be missed. Thank God someday we ALL will have to account for our actions. I calms me knowing that nobody can escape it. Thank you for what you do and may God bless you and your family.

    Mike pero, a proud citizen.

  • John E. Truitt

    11/08/2021 08:19 AM

    Not enough is being said to address the mandates on Americans. No one should be forced to take vaccines to keep their jobs or go out to eat or go out for entertainment or go travel. Might as well wear the Star of David as the Jews were forced to do in 1930s Germany to identify who they were. Even my doctor agreed with that. AOC, Kamala, Biden, et. al. should be held to account for violating the Constitutional rights of Americans in ordering such mandates, which has NVER been done in the history of our Republic and smacks of totalitarianism.