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January 25, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Sarah for Governor
  • Let's call this "the Democracy Destruction Act of 2021"
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • Companies That Don't Discriminate Against Conservatives
  • Bible Verse Of The Day


Mike Huckabee

Sarah for Governor

By Mike Huckabee

A truly remarkable lady just announced she's running for my old job. It comes with the same gov't housing she grew up in. Watch the video. Support her w/ prayer & contributions! 

She's running to be first woman Governor of Arkansas. But it's not about her gender, but a lifetime of preparation. She's smart & compassionate, but fearless for what's right. Join the fight! Contribute now!



Let's call this "the Democracy Destruction Act of 2021"

By Mike Huckabee

First, a surprise, as who would've thought the best video shown all weekend would be on ABC’s Sunday show with George Stephanopoulos?

Not because of Stephanopoulos, of course, but of how Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul responded to him after being asked the leading, litmus-test question, “This election was not stolen. Do you accept that fact?”

To his everlasting credit, Sen. Paul did not play along with the Leftist Inquisition, saying instead that “the debate over whether or not there was fraud should occur,” that there was never any presentation in court of the evidence and that lawsuits were dismissed not for lack of evidence but “for lack of standing, which is a procedural way of not actually hearing the question.”

Sen. Paul detailed some of the “clearly” unconstitutional ways in which laws were changed by courts and secretaries of state –- as opposed to state legislatures –- before November. He said there was still a chance that “some of these actually do work their way up to the Supreme Court.”

"...Yes, were there people who voted twice? Were there dead people who voted? Were there illegal aliens who voted? Yes, and we should get to the bottom of it.” There’s also the failure to purge voter rolls of ineligible people.

Stephanopoulos was having none of it, of course, and kept interrupting. “No election is perfect,” he said, “but there were 86 challenges filed by President Trump and his allies in court; all were dismissed.” (He apparently didn’t hear Sen. Paul just explain why they were dismissed.)

"Can’t you just say the words, that this election was not stolen?” Stephanopoulos insisted.

Sen. Paul did not cave to the pressure and left it an open question. “What I would suggest is that if we want greater confidence in our elections, and 75 percent of Republicans agree with me, is that we do need to look at election integrity...”

"Well, 75 percent of Republicans agree with you because they were fed a BIG LIE by President Trump and his supporters, who say the election was stolen,” Stephanopoulos replied in his usual role of Democrat Party shill. “Why can’t you say, ‘President Biden won a legitimate and fair election’?”

Paul called him out on this: “George, where you make a mistake is that people coming from the liberal side like you, you immediately say everything’s a lie instead of saying there’s two sides to everything...”

This went round and round, with Stephanopoulos using faulty logic to say that because the election was “certified,” it wasn’t stolen. Paul went into the specifics of what happened illegally in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

"I plan on spending the next two years going around from state to state and fixing these problems,” Paul said, “and I won’t be cowed by liberals in the media who say, ‘There’s no evidence here –- you’re a liar if you talk about election fraud!’ No, let’s have an open debate; it’s a free country.”

Stephanopoulos continued with his “These go to 11” responses (see the movie SPINAL TAP if you don’t get the reference), and was so sure there is no room for the slightest question that he even said “there are NOT two sides” to this story. Paul never backed down. “You’re forgetting who you are as a journalist,” he told Stephanpoulos. (Unintentional humor alert: Sen. Paul refers to Stephanopoulos as a journalist.) This is must-see video; the entire segment with transcript is here.

Now, to the main story: House Democrats are already trying to codify all the voting irregularities Sen. Paul was talking about into law, to essentially make it impossible to verify future elections. Everything to raise cheating to an art form is here in HR 1, “the Democracy Restoration Act of 2021,” their very first bill: nationwide mail-in ballots, unrestricted ballot harvesting, the end of voter ID, convicted criminals eligible to vote and much, much more.

I have a better name for this: “the Democracy Destruction Act of 2021.” Indeed, POPULIST PRESS describes this as “the bill that will destroy America.” We can only hope that SCOTUS will see it that way, too, as its infringement upon state legislatures is hugely, wildly, unmistakably unconstitutional.

This bill essentially requires every state to do away with their own rules for elections. No state gets to require more than the last four digits of a Social Security number, for example. Every state must accept internet-only registration, including the signature. Every state must have automatic registration to vote (“motor voter”) unless the individual specifically declines it. Every state has to allow 16-year-olds to go ahead and register to vote, though states won’t have to let them vote until they’re 18 –- so one might infer that voting at 16 is an option for states that want it. All states must allow anyone to register the same day as an election.

It goes on. In no state may a person other than a state or local election official call for voter rolls to be brought up to date, the way Tom Fitton and others have been doing in some states. In all states, everyone convicted of any crime –- yes, murder –- has the right to vote and must be so notified in writing.

All states must have a period of early voting. All states must participate in uniform absentee balloting. This is nationwide mail-in voting. Relative to that, “a state may not require an individual to provide any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot...” other than just a signature or “similar affirmation.”

Here’s something reminiscent of Wisconsin’s recent success with all those dropboxes: A voter can “designate any person to return a voted and sealed absentee ballot to the post office, a ballot drop-off location, tribally designated building or election office so long as the person designated to return the ballot does not receive any compensation based on the number of ballots the person has returned...” (It says nothing about the voters receiving compensation, haha.) There is no limit on the number of voted-and-sealed ballots a “designated person” can return. What could possibly go wrong?

There’s much more, including the “roadmap” for DC statehood and what appears to be a complete congressional takeover of redistricting. They’ve thought of everything.

I’ve saved perhaps the most chilling for last: SEC. 3201 NATIONAL STRATEGY TO PROTECT UNITED STATES DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS. This calls for the President, in consultation with various Cabinet members and agency officials, to develop over the next year a plan to deal with a number of possible occurrences, including an “influence operation” or “disinformation campaign” that could cause the “erosion of public trust” or undermine the “security and integrity of United States democratic institutions.” Gosh, isn't Twitter already doing that?

I don't see how this gets a thumbs-up from the Supreme Court, but if it does, we’re finished. Why, depending on what the President and his advisers decided, Sen. Paul might not be allowed to question an election at all. And when George Stephanopoulos asked him if it was stolen, he might have to answer, “No, sir, it was perfectly secure and honest.” For the good of the democracy, you know.



What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

By Mike Huckabee

Among President Biden’s flurry of mind boggling executive orders is one that rescinds Trump’s order to keep China from being involved in America’s power grid.

Biden also intends to go back to the failed Obama “catch and release” immigration program, instead of keeping migrants on the Mexican side of the border while their claims to enter the US are being processed. Biden had a phone call with Mexico’s President, who, while trying to remain diplomatic, seemingly conveyed that he agreed with Trump’s plan. What Biden denounced as Trump’s “draconian immigration policies” actually helped both the US and Mexico. They kept illegal immigrants from being released in America, never to show up for their court dates, and they discouraged migrants from Central America from crossing through Mexico to get here.

Biden’s genius plan for stopping illegal immigration is to send $4 billion of our tax money to Central America to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration. I’m sure that money will end up going only into the most efficient and productive areas to aid the people, and will not be pocketed by corrupt officials and powerful drug gangs. A policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute called $4 billion a nice start, but only that. Spoken like a true Democrat.

Or maybe Biden’s genius plan is to kill so many jobs and take away so many freedoms in America that migrants will decide they’d rather just stay in Honduras or El Salvador. If so, he’s certainly off to a good start.

Companies That Don't Discriminate Against Conservatives

By Mike Huckabee

While it’s a great idea for conservatives to let companies that cave to the leftist mobs know they’re sacrificing millions of customers over the bleating of a handful of radicals on Twitter and that you will take your dollars elsewhere if they don’t grow a spine and stop it, it’s also important that conservatives flex their economic power by patronizing companies that don’t target, insult and demonize them.

For instance (and I hope they forgive me for putting them on the spot by praising them), Costco announced that it has no intention of violating its contracts with MyPillow over CEO Mike Lindell’s skepticism of the 2020 election results, unlike Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wayfair.

A Costco rep said, “We have contractual commitments to MyPillow that we intend to honor, as we seek to do with all of our suppliers.” Why, it’s almost as if they were running a business, not a Stalinist purge!

(Incidentally, if you’re wondering why I would link to what the left calls a “rightwing conspiracy site” – Gateway Pundit – rather than the source of their story,, it’s because the GP story is far more accurate and objective. The MSN site is filled with disproven claims and overheated propaganda, even tarring Lindell because MyPillow advertises on Fox News.)

Along those same lines, here are 17 companies you can support that don’t discriminate against conservatives.

And a link to our recent entertainment gift guide, if you’d like to support entertainers who don’t go around calling conservatives Nazis and demanding they be put in concentration camps (I never said Hollywood stars were history students.)




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Comments 1-25 of 39

  • Angela Hilton

    02/02/2021 11:15 AM

    Go Sarah Go ! I would certainly vote for you but , I live in Tennessee . Best hopes and prayers

  • Patricia Rudolph

    01/28/2021 04:16 PM

    thank you Gov please continue oh and I live on Okaloosa Island what an amazing conservative area

  • Fr Christopher Pierce Kelley+

    01/27/2021 11:28 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Knowing that you have stated very clear Criminal Acts for which Ms K Harris OUGHT to be Impeached forthwith, I want to congratulate you.
    Knowing what we do now, however, about the Origin of the Capitol Storming, the next steps there also need to be pressed.
    At **9:33AM** on Jan.6, NPR posted a Release, "Trump Supporters Storm Capitol, Clash With Police." Some of your readers, I dare say, will note that this is about FOUR HOURS TOO SOON! The Script for the afternoon was Already Written, including the essential BLOOD on the FLOOR of the Capitol.
    The Giddy Staffers at NPR were so excited, they couldn't keep the unnews to themselves! So they overturned the whole TRAINLOAD of Beans at once!
    At 10am, we learn, a Superior of the Capitol Police sent his squad home! The men were dumbfounded, but their Superior assured them he'd summon them back "if needed". At home, one saw the melee break & raced in, but his Superior NEVER CALLED!
    Now, such a Superior does not give such orders on his own; he has orders from Above. The whole Force had been called up for the day!
    I took it upon myself to call Cap.Hill Staffers. "Where does the Chain of Command for the Capitol Security go?" Ken & Roberto told me, "The Speaker's Office." Actually, this means, 'the Speaker's ORIFICE.
    LET the TRUTH be KNOWN!
    Pelosi has Ashli Babbitt's BLOOD --> ALL OVER HERSELF!!!
    But Pelosi was so determined, because she HAD to have it to Smear on Trump & All his Supporters.
    It was the Only way to STAMPEDE the Whole Congress at one swell foop!
    They could not be ALLOWED to consider the Fraud & near 2,000 Sworn Eyewitness Affidavits!
    This was the MOST SCANDALOUSLY STUPID ACTION of Both Houses of Congress in TWO and a HALF CENTURIES!!! But It's What Nancy was willing to sell her soul to get.

  • Donna Spicer

    01/26/2021 01:58 PM

    How wonderful. I think I may need to consider moving to Arkansas!

  • RichieLynn Chapman

    01/26/2021 08:55 AM

    I am not a resident of Arkansas. I have never been to Arkansas, but I just donated to Sarah’s campaign. :-) I wish she lived in Georgia! You are correct, Sarah. The radical left is going to throw everything they have at you, but I am not concerned. You will make a wonderful Governor and an even better POTUS when the time is right. Arkansas is fortunate to have you. Prayers for you and your family in the months ahead.

  • Katherine A Pauly

    01/26/2021 08:08 AM

    I wish I lived in Arkansas so I could vote for your daughter! She’s an inspiration to us all and I hope with all my heart she wins the governorship!

  • Leta Pyryt

    01/26/2021 01:57 AM

    I am so happy to see this, she is just great. Classy lady.

  • Bonnie Lummus

    01/25/2021 11:06 PM

    I disagree with having Hobby Lobby in the list of conservative companies. While they may support conservative causes , they are sold out to China. Everything in that store is MADE IN CHINA with a few exceptions. If they want to truly support the conservative cause then they need to focus on buying and selling American made products

  • Kimberlee Behling

    01/25/2021 08:43 PM

    I moved to northwest ArkanSASS (yes I spell it incorrectly...I’ve always had a “fun” name for the places I’ve lived) just prior to the pandemic. My first time living here, although I grew up in southwest Missouri, so I’m somewhat familiar with this area.

    I’m looking forward to learning about your daughter (and hopefully voting for her) as she campaigns for governor. I’m sure she will do great!

  • Sherry Lynn Stone

    01/25/2021 08:42 PM

    I saw Sarah’s video and I think it’s wonderful! I am jealous of Arkansas! I wish she would be our Governor over here in Michigan!

  • Angie Wallace

    01/25/2021 08:22 PM

    Love you! Love your daughter! Can’t tell you how happy I am that her treatment by the left hasn’t deterred her from having a positive impact! Tell her THANK YOU from some very discouraged common sense Americans! If I lived in AR she would have my vote and hopefully it would be counted lol.

  • Erika Eimicke

    01/25/2021 07:25 PM


  • John Turpen

    01/25/2021 06:10 PM

    Make the Lord our priority. Start with the Bible verse!

  • Dolores Mattingly

    01/25/2021 05:49 PM

    Congratulations to Sarah! Will be pulling for her although I do not live in Arkansas nor do I know anyone who lives there.
    Thanks for the 17 conservative friendly businesses; however, I am confused since you listed and praised Costco because they are honoring their contract with My Pillow and Mike Lindell. However, later you say we should buy Palmetto cheese and that Costco pulled all their cheeses from their shelves because of their conservative values. Please clarify these inconsistencies, or am I reading it wrong.

  • David L Pannell

    01/25/2021 05:47 PM

    You will make a great Gov. and an even better President.

  • Dyana Garrett

    01/25/2021 05:38 PM

    I’ve signed up for Sara’s newsletter.
    I live in Mena Arkansas (Polk Co.)
    How can I help campaigning for her here in my county?
    Thank you!

  • James Johnson

    01/25/2021 05:15 PM


    I'm writing as a hopeful author who someday dreams of being published. The only problem is that I refuse to lower my ethical standards to write something filled with perverse smut to get published. I don't consider what I write to be purely Christian regarding adherence to faith as a subject. I write about everyday life, Science Fiction without guts and gore and sex, adventure without the same, and love without multiple partners or lurid sex scenes. When I submit something, it is too bland, without the flavor of the bloody aspects of the adventure. Rejections, when I receive them, tell me that I am an accomplished writer, however, I need to reveal more skin, my characters need to display their desires to be more believable. But what are credible attributes in writing? Do these attributes have to center around sex, violence, mayhem, destruction, or can they rise out of struggle, love, understanding, and compassion?

    I know I am not Michael Crichton, and I may not be good at all, but I hear the same complaints from many others on some internet sites where I commune with other wannabe authors like myself. We want to find a venue for our stories without selling our souls to the devil. We want an outlet for our craft where quality, not how many curse words there are in a sentence, makes a story consumable for an audience. We want to be free to practice art in the fashion we learned from the greats in history. Not to be forced to devolve our creations into something that one day will wallow in the gutter.

    If you know where we can find help, please point us in the write direction.


  • Carol Wadley

    01/25/2021 05:10 PM

    So excited about Sarah’s candidacy for Governor! She’s certainly got my vote. ????

  • Helen Nees

    01/25/2021 04:53 PM

    Finally, some good news for a change. Something the good people in Arkansas can look forward to. I had a feeling she was going to consider running for governor. Excellent mentor too. Will pray for you and your family.

  • Linda Wolfe

    01/25/2021 04:43 PM

    The ROOT cause of all the turmoil going on in America is SIN . The SIN of murdering babies. The
    SIN of sodomy. The SIN of lying politisions. The SIN of sowing discord. The SIN of stealing taxpayers money. The SIN of stealing an election and the list goes on and on. The SIN greed. The SIN of lust for power.

  • Paul D Stewart

    01/25/2021 04:34 PM

    I only did a quick Google search, but it looks to me like shopping at Menard's is safe.

  • Sid McClelland

    01/25/2021 04:33 PM

    Thanks for the list of companies with a spine. Your daughter will make a great governor of Arkansas. You must be proud; we are.

  • JoAnn Levy

    01/25/2021 04:15 PM

    I was thrilled to hear about Sarah's bid for Governor. I am honestly considering voting for her, which would involve moving to Arkansas. I don't know much about your great state and was wondering if you could direct me to some good sites to get some good information.

  • Virginia PRENDRGAST

    01/25/2021 03:46 PM


  • Stephen Russell

    01/25/2021 03:42 PM

    Sarah for Governor:
    Hooray, heard talk when she was readying to leave office, Hooray.
    Shoo in unless AR election system solid.