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July 14, 2018 |


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Today's Commentary: President Trump speaks his mind -- More jobs -- Russia indictments -- Democrat outrage -- A 14 year old Huck's Hero -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


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I just returned from Great Britain, but President Trump is staying there through the weekend, long enough to give an interview about his disappointment in Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts at accomplishing Brexit. Britain’s exit from the European Union was approved by voters, but it’s taking longer for Britain to leave the EU than it takes for an unemployed brother-in-law to move out of your guest room.

Like many things Trump says, the interview didn’t reveal anything that anyone paying attention didn’t already know, but it’s causing seismic tremors among European and diplomatic elites, who are as unaccustomed to plain-spoken truths as they are to WalMart wine.



Mike Huckabee


More jobs

By Mike Huckabee

The Labor Department reports that new applications for unemployment insurance benefits dropped by 18,000 to 214,000 in the first week of July. Experts had predicted 225,000 new jobless claims, but instead, the number dropped to the lowest level since May, when it hit the lowest level since the 1970s.

And yet, Congressional Democrats are still chomping at the bit to impeach President Trump because…because…well, like their protests of his Supreme Court nominee, they’ll “resist” first and fill in the blank later.


Russia indictments

By Mike Huckabee

Chalk up another victory in the new Cold War that's incongruously being fanned up by the left: Robert Mueller has obtained grand jury indictments of 12 Russian military intelligence officers for allegedly hacking into the Clinton presidential campaign and Democratic Party and releasing tens of thousands of emails and memoes deemed "politically damaging" (i.e., they revealed to the voters what was actually being said and done) in a "sweeping conspiracy by the Kremlin to meddle in the 2016 U.S. election."

At this point, before Democrats hyperventilate, I should note that the announcement stressed that no Americans were involved and the hacking had no effect on changing any ballots. So sorry, Trump really is the President, and he will stay that way.

I would also add that if a relentless prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, this is the equivalent of indicting a dozen bowls of borscht. Mueller previously made a media splash by indicting several Russian companies, apparently assuming they would never show up in court to answer the charges and demand to see his evidence. Oops, one of them did! Major embarrassment that Mueller has been backtracking away from furiously. This time he must be hoping to avoid a similar fiasco by indicting 12 Russian spooks who are about as likely to show up in an American courtroom as I am at a Peter Fonda movie.

On the plus side, at least this investigation has finally targeted someone or something remotely related to its mission. We should be doing everything possible to discourage foreign interference in our elections (although, curiously, Democrats who are so exercised over unverified "Russian collusion" rumors don't seem to mind letting non-citizens actually vote.)

Still, it's hard to work up too much rage at Russia for hacking into US secrets when the people charged with protecting them were reportedly using "password" as a password and sending classified documents over an unsecured homemade server stored in the bathroom next to the Glade air freshener.

If you're dumb enough to leave your car in a bad neighborhood with the windows down and the key in the ignition, and someone steals it, sure , it's still a crime; but don't expect me to feel a lot of sympathy for you. Or vote for you for President.


POLL:  Did President Trump make a good choice to replace Justice Kennedy?


Democrat outrage

By Mike Huckabee

House Democrats are outraged (I know, what else is new?) at Speaker Ryan for scheduling a vote on the bill they introduced to abolish ICE.  They never thought they'd actually have to go on record as standing by the ridiculous things they say to incite mobs!  Why do I keep thinking of Gene Wilder in "Young Frankenstein"?... 

"Don't you people know a JOKE when you hear one?!!"


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A 14 year old Huck's Hero

By Mike Huckabee

There were many Huck's Heroes involved in the rescue of those 12 young boys and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.  But did you know that one of the true heroes was only 14 years old and was one of the trapped kids?

Myanmar refugee Adul Sam-on can speak five languages, and he was able to translate and coordinate communications between all the rescuers and the boys.  To American students who complain about having to study different languages, take note: you never know what kind of a jam it might rescue you from someday.


Evening Edition - July 13

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."

-Joshua 1:9

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  • Lawrence E. Foster

    07/14/2018 09:56 AM

    Governor Mike,

    Let me see if I understand the new indictment. The Russians are charged with "hacking" a system that was so poorly protected my ten year old grand-son could have walked off with their data; and then the key charge - they are accused of doing what CNN, ABC and NBC w/PMS should have been doing, telling the American public what the democrats were up to. What did I miss?