February 15, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Andrew McCabe uses book and TV to defend the indefensible -- National Emergency Declaration  -- Omar outrages again  -- "Red Letter Day" --- Voter ID Laws Under Assault -- President Trump makes his move -- Weekend TV Note -- A Rancher responds to AOC  -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


It’s interesting that someone who was fired from the FBI for lying-by-omission to investigators is now so forthcoming about the same overall issue; namely, the actions taken by him and his friends to get rid of Donald Trump, as a candidate and later as President. Former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is now singing like a canary about what he and his colleagues were doing behind the scenes to accomplish just that. Oh, but he’s not apologizing for overstepping his bounds and working to achieve Trump’s ouster in what might be –- and which has been, by me –- described as a “bloodless coup.” Just the opposite: he sounds just as self-aggrandizing as former FBI Director James Comey. They were all working to save America from someone who might have been in league with Russia or who was otherwise “unfit” for the Presidency.

McCabe’s sudden verboseness has mostly to do with the release of his book, called (are you ready for this?) “THE THREAT: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.” Good grief, where to start? Someday, after all this shakes out, Trump is going to have to write a book called “THE REAL THREAT: How My Republican Colleagues and I Protected America from the FBI.” What is it about these top bureaucrats? We’ve known since July of 2016 that James Comey thought of himself as not just an FBI official but also as prosecutor, judge, and jury, and now we see his friends had the same inflated sense of self-importance.

Mike Huckabee

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National Emergency Declaration

By Mike Huckabee

It looks as if President Trump will sign the compromise bill to keep the government open, even though it doesn’t contain anywhere near the amount of money for border security that he requested – but he has also decided to take other executive actions, including declaring a national emergency, to build the barriers he believes we need.

This will no doubt be met with outrage and lawsuits from Democrats claiming he has no power to go around them with executive orders and national emergencies.  For the record:

Number of national emergencies declared by President Obama:  13, including many dealing with issues involving other nations such as Ukraine and Yemen. 

Number of executive orders imposed by Obama:  276.  (Bill Clinton signed 361 and George W. Bush 291.) 

I believe that in court, that’s called “precedent.”  As in “I’m Precedent, and you’re not, Nancy.”


Omar outrages again

By Mike Huckabee 

I haven’t been writing about every outrageous, offensive and anti-Semitic remark by new Minnesota Democratic Congress member Ilhan Omar because…well, there are only so many hours in the day. But this is one I can’t let pass without pointing it out to you.

Watch as she disgraces a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee by implying that our special envoy for Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, thought a 1981 massacre of civilians in El Salvador was a “fabulous achievement,” and asked if he would support genocide and crimes against humanity in Latin American nations if it served US interests. Abrams, who is Jewish, was so understandably offended, he refused to answer what he said weren’t even “real questions.”


"Red Letter Day"

By Mike Huckabee

Wednesday, America had a literal “red letter day” (the letters being written in red ink) as the national debt topped $22 trillion.

As always, politicians are pointing the finger at each other, and as always, three fingers are pointing back at them.  Some are trying to blame President Trump and the GOP tax cut for federal revenues dropping 0.4% last year to $3.33 trillion (the budget for this year spends $4.2 trillion.)  But a Treasury official said that’s a short-term drop because of front-loaded benefits such as immediate expensing of capital expenditures to encourage investment in U.S. businesses.  They expect the boom in economic activity that it’s spurring to boost tax revenues over time. Indeed, Washington already took in a record $1,665,484,000,000 in individual income taxes in 2018.

I hope so, and I do believe revenues will rise in the long run.  The problem, though, is one that has remained the same for years, through both Democratic and Republican leaders.  It’s the idea that the government can keep on indefinitely spending more money than it takes in.  If $3.33 trillion in revenue isn’t enough, then does anyone want to bet that if revenues go up to, say, $5 trillion, spending won’t go up to $6 trillion? 

You’d think they would have figured out by now that the problem isn’t inadequate revenue, it’s too much spending.  This has been the case since time began, as explained so well by Mr. Micawber in Charles Dickens’ 1850 novel, “Oliver Twist”:

"Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery."


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Voter ID Laws Under Assault

By Mike Huckabee

The left’s argument against voter ID laws has always seemed like their argument that Trump won via Russian collusion or because his supporters are all racist Nazis – like a feeble attempt to avoid confronting the reality that a majority of American voters reject failed leftist policies. For some people, it’s easier and more comforting to blame your own failings on there being something fundamentally wrong with everyone else than to consider that the fault might lie in yourself.

So when Republicans propose simple measures to insure that elections are legitimate, such as asking voters to show ID (one of many types that are free and easily available), the cry always goes up that they are trying to suppress the minority vote. This is predicated on the offensively racist premise that minorities are somehow unable to attain an ID. And it flies in the face of polls showing that large majorities of minority voters also favor voter ID laws.



President Trump makes his move

By Mike Huckabee

As I already mentioned, President Trump reportedly plans to sign the compromise budget bill to keep the government from shutting down again, but he’s not happy with the paltry funding for border security and intends to build the wall and fund other measures by declaring a national emergency and shifting military funds that he controls to border security.

Before he signs it, I hope he will read it carefully and have his best legal staffers do so as well. Word is that the bill has been loaded with poison pills designed to block him from taking independent action to do what Congress refuses to do. If so, then he should refuse to sign it and force them back to the drawing board, even if there is another partial shutdown. There’s also the concern that Democrats will use this as precedent for future Presidents to impose their agendas by declaring gun control or other hot button leftist issues to be a national emergency. But that’s a red herring: do you really think they wouldn’t try to do that anyway, no matter what Trump does? And if he really thinks something is a national emergency, then he shouldn’t ignore it just because someone might try to abuse that power in the future.



Weekend TV Note

By Mike Huckabee

Weekend TV Note On a “Huckabee” Family Member:  If you enjoy the essays by “Huckabee” writer Laura Ainsworth, look for her this weekend on your TVs and computer screens.  She’s not only a fine writer, she’s also a fantastic retro-jazz recording artist.  She was recently honored by the Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards with an unprecedented triple win for Video, Album (“New Vintage”) and Female Vocalist of the Year at a ceremony hosted by Thelma Houston. 

A TV special made from that evening recently aired nationally on Dish Network.  This weekend, it will be broadcast on WATC-TV in Atlanta at 10 a.m. EST on Saturday and again at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday.  You can also watch it streaming live online at WATV’s website.  Here’s more info on the AMG Awards show:

And more about Laura’s music.  Congratulation, Laura!


A Rancher responds to AOC

By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of the “Green New Deal,” one of its many flaws is that it reflects the arrogant elitism of the Ivy League political class, those people who, as the Wizard of Oz put it, have no more brains than anyone else but they have diplomas (remember when Obama said he thought he was a better speechwriter than his speechwriters, knew more about any policy than his policy directors, etc.?  Or when Hillary Clinton locked doctors and insurance actuaries out of her meetings to create her doomed Hillarycare plan?)  These folks come out of the academic hothouses thinking they are brilliant enough to restructure our entire society and couldn’t possibly learn anything from talking to a lowly farmer, rancher, factory worker or coal miner.  If they did, they would risk finding out just how much they don’t know.

For instance, here’s a great story about what a rancher would had said to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if she’d bothered to get down off her high horse and talk to him before releasing her grand plan to eliminate the existential threat of gassy cows.

He explains how farmers and ranchers are already using genetics, breeding and changes in feed to reduce livestock methane emissions; and how surplus scrap vegetation is turned into livestock feed, making cattle into recyclers of garbage.  Read it not only to find out what you can learn when you lower yourself to talk to someone who actually knows something about the subject, but to find out exactly why this rancher says, “Seriously, cows are like superheroes.”


Evening Edition - February 14

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."

– 1 Corinthians 15:58

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