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July 19, 2023

From L. Davis:

You know what, Mike, why do you even bring this crap up? You know and I know that nothing is ever done to get Justice done. I’m sick and tired of all this lip service, I want to see results. Where are all of our “so called Conservative congressmen and senators” — nothing but BS lip service!!!

From D. Jennings:

Now it's been what?  Nothing is going to happen to anyone involved. So sad for our country…


From G. Hicklin (excerpt):

Another lengthy discourse on something that we already know is a sham and legal disgrace, but no resolution. I'm just not clear on what the intent of these kinds of articles is.


The Governor and writing staff have received a number of similar letters recently from our valued Substack readers.  (Thanks so much, by the way, for helping us overcome Big Tech’s attempts to demonetize the newsletter.)  These letters seem to come from the same shared place of, “Why do you bother writing about the deep state?  No one’s going to jail --- at least the ones who deserve it --- so there’s no point any more in even discussing it.”

I’ve addressed this personally to a few readers in the comments section but don’t seem to be making much headway, as the same readers continue to write in to make the same point over and over.  So to all who feel that way, this commentary is for you.

My first thought is that there’s an irony to the thinking that there’s no point in discussing the two-tier justice system because we’re stuck with a two-tier justice system. The current administration would LOVE for us to give up, stop paying attention, take our ball and go home. Before Election Day.

Yesterday, Dan Bongino said he’s been getting the same complaint about the time he’s spent talking about DOJ, FBI and Secret Service corruption.  (He was a Secret Service agent for over a decade and offers invaluable perspective on White House protocol.)  Some listeners are put off by his updates to this seemingly endless saga, certain that justice will never be done.  If there’s no accountability, they’d just as soon not hear about it 

Dan responded forcefully to this criticism.  The news had just broken that rogue Special Counsel Jack Smith sent a “target letter” to President Trump communicating to him essentially that he’s ready to indict him on charges relating to January 6.  Dan is tired of being told to lay off those stories just when things are getting this bad.

We reported about the Jack Smith letter, a story that would be run-of-the-mill in your typical police state but that is new in this country, as we are a new police state.  Bongino is one of a relative handful of commentators (we proudly include ourselves in that group) who’ve really tried to stay at the leading edge when it comes to reporting on the corruption in this administration, with its many Obama holdovers.

Bongino said yesterday in his podcast that he’s not reporting these stories for people to “watch and throw popcorn.”  The police state is already here, he stated flatly, with Jack Smith as the head witch-hunter.  “Ladies and gentlemen, none of this is going to stop until you take your country back,” he warned.  “Do you understand?  This is a hands-on operation.  This is a political boxing match where you’ve got to get in the ring, okay?...You have to be an activist, you have to go knock on doors, you’re gonna have to donate, it’s gonna require money.  We’ve got to get [Trump] back in office.  And when we get back in office, no holds barred.”

It’s a fight for our rights, which the left is determined to take away.  “The Constitution only means something if there’s fidelity to it,” Bongino said.

Obviously, this administration has no fidelity to the Constitution. Those crafty DC attorneys read it the way W. C. Fields used to say he read the Bible: “looking for loopholes.”  They’ll ruin your life if it means their side wins.  And our almost-daily revelations about the DC Swamp aren’t meant to inspire you to write what’s-the-use comments to conservative newsletters.

They’re meant to ANGER YOU.  They’re meant to light a fire under you with the knowledge that we have little more than a year to turn this mess around or our country is lost.  Our Constitution is lost.  WE are lost.  And so the change has to happen with the next election, no matter how much the left games the system.  The American people have to understand what’s at stake and rally accordingly.

We have a lot working against us, sure, but I’m not going to dwell on those things now.  As Bongino said, our country has come through times that were arguably worse for civil liberties:  slavery and the Civil War, Jim Crow, the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.  We rose out of those low points, he reasoned, so we can emerge from this.  He said he’s actually glad the left is behaving the way they are, because they’re showing us WHAT they are.  He’s right; they’re showing us what we have to fight.  As we’ve said often, you can’t defeat an enemy unless you know what it is.

To those who don’t care about updates on the White House cocaine story because “nothing will happen,” I’d say the way it’s being handled by the White House and Secret Service is incredibly significant.  Our original thought that this was likely a “drug drop” appears to be supported by inside sources.  The coke wouldn’t necessarily have been left for Hunter, though it might’ve been, but perhaps for another Biden or someone working closely with them. Watch this space, because I’m serious when I say that how this plays out could affect the ‘24 election.

Now, before I move on to a few (yes) deep state updates, let’s break the tone with a little humor.  Here’s the BABYLON BEE’s hilarious take on some very obvious Biden family corruption…

For those who buy that the FBI was just making “suggestions” to social media to censor non-approved narratives, Margot Cleveland tells how the Federal Trade Commission targeted Twitter through a third party (an independent auditing firm) because of Elon Musk’s support of free speech.  According to Twitter, “Musk’s acquisition of Twitter produced a sudden and drastic change in the tone and intensity of the FTC’s investigation into the company.”  This is a deep dive and very lawyerly, but well worth your time.

We’ve kept you up to date on the quest to move the FBI to a huge new headquarters in the suburbs of DC.  Now, Republicans who aim to break up the deep state are talking about moving them to Huntsville instead.  No, not the prison in Huntsville, Texas, as fitting a destination as that would be for some.  Huntsville, Alabama.  Details...

In an update to yesterday’s story about the FBI supervisory agent who confirmed the testimony of two IRS whistleblowers, REDSTATE reports that this agent told the House Oversight Committee he’d been warned in a letter by FBI General Counsel Jason Jones that he was supposed to “decline to respond” to questions about the “ongoing” Hunter Biden case.

REDSTATE has more details about the “target letter” that Jack Smith sent to Trump --- what’s in it, and what is not.

If anything about the two-tier justice system would make you angry, I’d think it would be this.  Rabidly partisan Michigan attorney general Michigan Dana Nessel has indicted 16 Republicans over an alleged “fake elector” scheme to overturn the 2020 election.  Note that it’s legal for a state to send an alternate slate of electors in case a close election flips, and six other states did this in 2020 and aren’t trying to put the alternate electors in prison for decades (FYI, most of the ones Nessel hit with multiple felony charges are in their 60s and 70s, with one being ladies in their 80s. Good thing there are no real criminals to prosecute in Michigan, like, say, in Detroit.)  And never mind the members of Congress who tried to nullify the votes of Trump electors in 2016.  REDSTATE’s analysis is a must-read.

Finally, it seems Roger Stone made news with his prediction on Sunday that Michelle Obama would be the Democrat nominee in ‘24.  “You heard it here first,” he tweeted.

Actually, you heard it it HERE first, as I predicted it in this newsletter about two years ago and have never wavered.  (Please let me be wrong.)  Our archives don’t go back that far, but here’s my most recent piece on it, from November ‘22.

Thanks for indulging my semi-rant about the importance of these stories.

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  • Kenneth Rumbarger

    07/19/2023 02:48 PM

    I admit to saying I'm weary of the micro-focus on the "cocaine" incident in the White House. But let me address the assertion that the things being reported are meant to anger us. I was aware of that and that's what bothered me, not just here and now but persistently in conservative reporting. Yes, we need to hear at least some of these things. Yes, they arouse concern about the future of our country. But my emotions are my own and hands off for anyone else. It's a good thing that I want to respond by taking these concerns to God in prayer. You don't want to get a Scandinavian angry any more than you want to meddle with your local nuclear power plant. There are a lot of Scandinavian-Americans out there and not all will have the good sense to resist being emotionally steered. Go ahead, bring us the news. But think twice about how you bring it.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/19/2023 10:18 AM

    No. It won't be Michelle Obama. She doesn't even have the guts to appear on her own books and in magazines ( it's a photo shop from decades ago or a will be heard it here first.