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December 16, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. 


13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13 KJV


1. An Old Saying:

There’s an old saying: “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.” Last year, a number of corporations, terrified of being called "racist" by Twitter mobs, jumped on board the “woke” bandwagon, wrote big checks to BLM and the ACLU, and voiced solidarity with the reform (actually defund) the police movement. Well, they got what they asked for. Result?

This week, the CEOs of a number of those retail chains asked Congress to take action to save them from a wave of mass smash-and-grab robberies that have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost merchandise.

They want Congress to pass the INFORM Consumers Act, to help safeguard consumers from buying stolen goods. Which sounds to me like putting a Band-Aid on a severed leg, and a stolen Band-Aid at that. Instead of hoping that people won’t buy stolen goods, how about stopping people from stealing? But proving that they’ve either learned nothing or are just cowards, some of these executives continue to praise, fund and support the same organizations such as BLM that have pushed the insane policies that have resulted in letting criminals take over entire cities.

Still, it’s good to see some tiny awareness of the connection between not prosecuting criminals and rising crime rates finally starting to dawn in the foggy brains of liberals. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose home district in San Francisco is Ground Zero for leftist-enabled criminality, actually acknowledged that the retail theft mobs stripping high-end stores are “absolutely outrageous.” She said, “Obviously, it cannot continue…None of it is acceptable. It has to be stopped.”

But what’s causing it? She’s as clueless as the little girl in “Family Circus” who blames every problem on an invisible fairy named “Ida Know.” Pelosi went on:

“But the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from I don’t know where, maybe you do, but we cannot have that lawlessness.”

Ooh, ooh! I know! Do I get a free set of Louis Vuitton luggage if I give her the answer?

Well, it’s said that a conservative is a liberal who was mugged, and maybe some liberal politicians are finally getting mugged by reality and are waking up instead of getting “woke.” After years of treating criminals like fish at a “catch-and-release” pond, San Francisco’s uber-liberal Mayor London Breed suddenly turned on a dime and started channeling famous former Frisco cop, Dirty Harry Callahan.

Breed declared, “It’s time the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end. And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement. More aggressive with the changes in our policies and less tolerant of all the bull(BLEEP) that has destroyed our city.”

She added that this might “make a lot of people uncomfortable, and I don’t care. At the end of the day, the safety of the people of San Francisco is the most important thing to me.”

The police union fears that her rhetoric was a lot tougher than the plan she announced, but any acknowledgement of reality at all from police-defunding leftists has to be taken as a major leap forward. Still, I can’t help thinking that they are less concerned about all the criminals smashing and grabbing other people’s property than they are the thought of all those furious voters smashing into polling places and grabbing ballots next November.

2. Double Congratulations:

Double congratulations to newsletter and “Huckabee” TV contributor Laura Ainsworth! Her “other job” is as an award-winning retro jazz singer. This week, she learned that a major record distributor has signed to bring her music to South Korea. Also, this rave review of her new best-of CD “Top Shelf” (“a brilliant interpreter of song”) has just tied the record as the #1 most-viewed review on this music site for six straight weeks!

She passes along her thanks to everyone who’s clicked on it and shared it. I hope you’ll continue to do so and help her set a new record this week!

3. Naughty List:

With Christmas only nine days away, Kevin Downey Jr. at PJ Media has made up a Santa’s list of companies that are naughty to conservatives, and their competitors who are nice to conservatives (some may surprise you!) Just in case you don’t want to give your money to someone who’s telling you to get Scrooged.

4. "Perfect":

Tuesday, at a DNC “holiday celebration” (don’t dare call it a Christmas party!), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of President Biden, “He’s just perfect!”

Ironically, this fell on the same day that New York Times (!) ran a column by Bret Stevens begging Biden to announce that he won’t run for reelection so that some other Democrats can start campaigning. Stevens noted Biden’s advanced age and that in his public appearances, he seems “uneven” and “sometimes alarmingly incoherent.”

I guess that’s why he seems perfect to Nancy Pelosi.

5.  Just Lonely: 

Maybe I should save this story for “In Case You Missed It,” but a manager for New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has been accused of trying to cheat his way into the High Occupancy Vehicle lane by driving with an inflatable doll in his passenger seat. As you can see at the link, it’s an inflatable male that looks a bit like the Autopilot in the movie “Airplane.”

But wait! He has a good excuse! He wasn’t trying to game the HOV system. He was just lonely. He told reporters, “I use it for the company,” adding, “Have I ever lied to you?”

I suspect he must think that everyone has nothing but air between his ears.

6. “Office to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia”:

Wednesday, the House passed on a party-line vote a bill sponsored by Rep. Ilhan Omar that would require the Secretary of State to create an “Office to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia” worldwide led by a presidentially-appointed “special envoy for monitoring and combating Islamophobia.”

I can see a few problems with this. First of all, I doubt it will pass the Senate. Second, there’s no clear definition of what “Islamophobia” is. Omar herself uses it as a convenient word to throw at anyone who aims deserved criticism at her. She cited as an example President Trump’s “Muslim ban,” which didn’t actually exist. That was a propaganda term designed to assign vile motives to a reasonable security measure.

For those not up on their history, Trump temporarily blocked travel from a handful of nations that were known hotbeds of anti-American terrorism and that couldn’t properly vet people coming here. Some were majority Muslim but others were not, while many majority Muslim nations weren’t on the banned list. If he was banning Muslims, it sure was a weird way to go about it.

Another problem is that if you’re going to call all violence against Muslims Islamophobia, how do you account for the fact that the worst violence and oppression against Muslims is committed by other Muslims (case in point: the Taliban in Afghanistan.)

Finally, if we’re going to make policing Islamophobia a federal concern, then we should also police Anti-Semitism. And if we create an office to crack down on that, its first action should be to remove Ilhan Omar from Congress.

We are stronger together.  Submit your prayer request for HEALTH & HEALING or IN MEMORIAM by visiting my website here.

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day.


"Prayers of thanksgiving to God for Andrew’s (age 17) successful 2 days of surgery (16 hours total). Our surgeons hands were guided by Jesus and we look forward to Andrew one day being completely healed. Thank you to all of you who prayed all of us through this difficult time. May God bless all of you and your families. Praise God!"

"Please pray for healing of my marriage. Anger that continues to destroy the life of our marriage is not being dealt with. Neglect and hiding by drawing inward has only worsened the situation. Pray God intervenes, as no one else can help someone who won't help themselves."

"I had a negative reaction to an antibiotic and I am still feeling the effects of it. Please pray that this will go away. Thank you."

"Numerous prayer requests... a church friend (Judy) positive for covid, a friends (Jeffrey) brother (Russell) on a ventilator, friend (Donna) pray for a miraculous healing from MS, anonymous for complete healing from his narcissism & salvation, prayers for Dwayne's family on his passing, healing for friend (Glenda) terminal cancer, all who were impacted in the US from the devastating tornadoes, for prodigals to return to their childhood roots and seek God, healing for a recent heart transplant recipient and for a miraculous healing for my recent cancer diagnosis-doctors wisdom & treatment knowledge."

"My niece Sara as she battles many major health problems. A major Holy Spirit is needed. Thank you."

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Comments 1-10 of 11

  • Jerry

    12/17/2021 10:08 AM

    The democrat elected Biden the president he has become the biggest drug lord in the country today he also has become a king pin in human smuggling and enhancing the sex trade Biden is trying to turn the American population into zoo animals with Biden as the head zoo keeper as the commander in chief I believe he had given the terrorists state the biggest gift of weapons in the history of mankind Biden has brought chaos to what was a civil society if you are a communist you are approving the collection of Biden’s administration and of course the greatest asset the CCP has today Joe Biden

  • Michelle Clark

    12/17/2021 07:15 AM

    The defund the police has backfired. (Big surprise) That means the money they budgeted - but removed - needs replaced.
    So why is the White House looking at sending $$$$ to the decimated cities? Doesn't that mean deficit spending from the taxpayers? Where did the state/city funds go? The states involved need to refund their police - not rob us for more. The money they put into social 'policing' hasn't been spent, obviously, because they don't agree on what to do or how to do it! They need to RETURN the funds for the purpose they were budgeted for. All the hardball news and not one has asked, inquired or mentioned us getting the bill! Pelosi is always looking for more money for her district/state and here it is. Why hasn't anyone said anything? Am I smarter than Fox News? I kept waiting but Biden will have new money printed for this before any news person asks this simple question! The only was we learn is to pay for our mistakes. The liberals need to suck it up and solve the problem they made, by themselves without getting a bonus bailout. Rewarding bad behavior never works.
    As a postscript, maybe we need to show more respect by calling them Policemen (or police person if you must) instead of just cops. Cops is now a label. Just sayin.

  • Gary Stilwell

    12/16/2021 09:10 PM

    re: An Old Saying--
    Mayor London Breed has some serious skeletons in the closet--why else the sudden change?? Leopards do NOT change their spots--if the mayor actually cared, the policies would have changed long ago--but not suddenly now--at least the mayor is cognizant enough to see the writing on the wall--but that belies the insincerity here--a last ditch attempt at staying in power----

  • Donald Buchholz

    12/16/2021 08:17 PM

    After reviewing what Nancy Palosi (NP) said above that Joe is just perfect. I think I know what she means as the qualifiers she has in mind. He is so out of it that he is not about to try and stop the leftist turning our country over to the commies. I've been harping about this for a long time, of our slowly being invaded and tricked into giving up our Bill of Rights. Only the education system caused this downfall because those this inept education that the union teachers created don't see it as a problem.

  • James Drury Jr.

    12/16/2021 07:29 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Paul Kern

    12/16/2021 07:08 PM

    I look forward to seeing your verse for the day and morning and evening newsletters. No verse or morning edition today. Have you stopped them?

  • Floyd A Unger

    12/16/2021 06:54 PM

    Thank you

  • Lawrence Foster

    12/16/2021 06:37 PM

    re Granny Pelosi calling Sleazy Joe "Perfect". If you are senile (she obviously is), and a practicing crook, a senile pervert with Kleptomania would be perfect for you.

  • Paul Mull

    12/16/2021 06:29 PM

    America already has protection from islamophobia, as well as protection of is called the US Constitution and the right of every American to worship as he/she sees fit. Perhaps it is time for everyone in Congress to read and understand the Constitution. That would bring unity, no political party can achieve on it's on.
    Lt Col, USAF Retired

  • Kathy s Spradlin

    12/16/2021 06:29 PM

    I had to chuckle at Omar's ,Islamophobia. It sounds like it is out of Charlie Brown Christmas when Lucy was reciting all the phobia's.