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January 24, 2023



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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Psalms 19:1 KJV


1. Even some very liberal Democrats are recoiling from pushing far-left/racially-divisive/pro-trans propaganda onto kids

By Mike Huckabee

Thanks to blogger/law professor Ann Althouse for pointing out that schools and teachers have gone so far overboard in pushing far-left/racially-divisive/pro-trans propaganda onto kids behind their parents’ backs that even some teachers who thought they were very liberal Democrats are alarmed and creeped out by it and saying it has to stop. And these comments are from subscribers to the New York Times!


2. Cleared again

For the fourth time, former Trump Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has been cleared of ethics violations launched by political opponents, with the department’s inspector general finding no evidence to substantiate any of the allegations.

FYI: the false ethics allegations in this case were launched by Sens. Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal and Elizabeth “Stolen Native American Heritage” Warren. Bernhardt’s allies called on all his accusers who have repeatedly and falsely smeared him to apologize. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. That would require them to have ethics.

3. Now they are coming for your coffee

No sooner did Democrats get burned and deny they want to ban gas stoves (but they do, and are diligently if quietly still working on it), now some of them want to ban your coffee pot, too.

Their latest target for saving the planet is your morning cup of Joe (and I don’t mean banning MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” which really would improve the planet by reducing gas emissions.) Enviro-warriors have calculated the “carbon footprint” of various forms of coffee including growing the beans, transporting them, roasting them, heating the water, washing the pot (do people do that?), etc.

Naturally, they declared that the greatest contributor to climate change is traditional filtered coffee, aka the kind everyone likes. The best coffee for the planet, of course, is “soluble coffee,” aka “instant coffee,” aka “watery mud.” Somehow, the thing that makes our lives the most miserable is always the best thing for the planet.

If these self-righteous buttinskis thought the idea of taking people’s gas stoves away got a furious reaction, just try taking away our morning coffee, especially if we haven’t already had a cup first.


4. CRAZY story

I don’t know how much credence to give this story from the gossip site TMZ, but they’re claiming that in the wake of the attack on her husband, Nancy Pelosi summoned priests to her San Francisco home to perform an exorcism to remove demonic influences. And it worked: Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been seen since!

Okay, that last part wasn’t from TMZ. That was just me assuming.

For the record, Pelosi’s local parish priest said he’s not aware of any exorcism or other priest services being performed at her home. Although judging from her history with the church recounted in this story (including claiming to be a devout Catholic when the Archbishop of San Francisco has barred her from receiving Communion because of the “grave evil she’s perpetuating” and “the danger to her own soul she is risking” with her increasingly extreme pro-abortion advocacy), she might want to consider requesting some priest services.

5. Whale-killers

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve often written about how many birds and bats are being slaughtered by the acres of spinning turbine blades on all the wind farms that the green movement insists we build instead of safe, reliable nuclear plants. Well, now they’re moving them offshore and into the oceans, and it looks as if they’re starting to kill whales, too.

It appears that the green movement is willing to do whatever it takes to save the Earth, even if they have to slaughter every creature of the air and the sea to do it.


6. More insanity at the FBI: "There is no way this is possible"

“If they put this in a movie, you’d turn it off immediately, saying, ‘There is no way this is possible; this is just --- this is comedy, not drama…”

That was Mike Pompeo, speaking to Jesse Watters Monday evening about the revelation that Charles McGonigal, the FBI agent alleged to be a Russian asset, was also the one put in charge of the investigation into the DNC “hack.”  (We’ll have more on that connection soon.)  McGonigal had also been tasked with investigating Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska but had secretly gone to work FOR him to help get sanctions lifted against him.  He and court interpreter Sergey Shestakov, a U.S. citizen, were charged in the Southern District of New York; details of the charges here…

Pompeo said he’d personally suffered for two years under all this, with the FBI’s Russia Hoax. “It’s hard to know where to begin,” he said, “because it is so outlandish…Director Comey has a lot of questions to answer about how he picked this guy, why he picked this guy, and did he not know…”

Once again, not a good look for the FBI.  As Jack Posobiec tweeted: “I’m just going to repeat this for the people in the back.  An FBI official who investigated Trump for illegal ties to Russia but found none has just been arrested for his illegal ties to Russia. Internalize this.”

Legal analyst Alan Dershowitz has said for a couple of weeks that the Trump and Biden classified documents scandals would cancel each other out and that neither man would be prosecuted.  He said that again to Sean Hannity on Monday night. Different issues are at play: for Trump, he was the President and arguably had the authority to declassify any document at will, and for Biden, his possession of the documents would have to be proved intentional, and Biden would just say he didn’t know.

Where did this new standard of “intention” come from?  Our understanding was that it was the mere possession of classified materials that was illegal. Then-FBI Director James Comey pulled the same argument --- the difficulty of proving intent --- when saying “no reasonable prosecutor” would take Hillary’s email case.  And even if prosecutors DID have to prove intent, Hillary’s mishandling of classified emails and her destruction of evidence looked to us about as intentional as it gets.

(Aside: Dershowitz --- bafflingly --- has always maintained that Hillary, as egregious as her actions were, should not have been criminally prosecuted and said so again yesterday.  He seems to be playing the part of her defense attorney and simply will not go there. Hannity pressed him on that, with Dershowitz still saying she claimed those were “personal” emails and she was not destroying anything classified. He also said it wasn’t necessarily deliberate. With all respect, Mr. Dershowitz, this willful blindness where Hillary is concerned is making it harder to rely on you as an expert.)

Anyway, Dershowitz foresees no criminal prosecution of either Trump or Biden for having classified documents. But the larger issue is the massive corruption within the Biden family, Joe included, and what the documents he squirreled away in multiple locations might have to do with that. Dershowitz did call for “complete transparency” regarding the documents, noting that Biden, as the current President, has the power to declassify it all right now.

Gregg Jarrett reiterated that, yes, the President does have the authority to declassify. “It’s an exclusive power contained in the Constitution through the Commander-In-Chief clause. The Vice President doesn’t have that right, or Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.” Unlike Dershowitz, he believes that the evidence against Hillary was “overwhelming” and it was “a terrible injustice” not to bring a case against her. He said that “every prosecutor in America would love to have brought such an easy case.”

He agreed with Dershowitz that “this will be a wash” but disagreed, as we do, that knowledge and intent/willfulness is the only standard. “If you examine Sec. F of 18 USC 793, that also provides for gross negligence or carelessness.” The growing number of locations where Biden’s classified materials are being found “renders ‘inadvertence’ implausible, and instead seems to be the definition of recklessness, gross negligence under the statutes. So I think that legally, it would be a fairly strong case.”

Jarrett sounded much like Jonathan Turley when he called Biden’s “whack-a-mole” rebuttals/excuses/alibis to these ongoing discoveries --- the infamous “Corvette defense” included --- “more and more preposterous.” And for Biden to say he had no regrets was just arrogance, he said.  Biden has to know that taking those documents was gravely wrong, plus (and most importantly for his party) it’s interfering with the goal of prosecuting Trump. You know he cares about that.

It should be noted that advisers such as “crisis PR adviser” Anita Dunn, who is married to Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer, no doubt came up with or at least reviewed those responses. During the unfortunate “no regrets” remarks, he was reading off a piece of paper in a notebook, and the effect was just as lame as when Karine Jean-Pierre does that. He appeared to be just looking at the paper without even engaging his brain, which would be par for the course for him.

The narrative that Biden was being “cooperative” likely came straight from Dunn. Andrew C. McCarthy, writing in NATIONAL REVIEW, explains why that’s a crock. “The truth of the matter,” he says, “is that, like most criminal suspects as to whom there is already strong evidence of felony offenses, Biden consented to a search knowing that, if he did not, newly-appointed special counsel Robert Hur would apply for a judicial warrant from a federal judge.” That might lead to a chain of legal disasters. Better to play the “dedicated public servant” who has nothing to hide. He’s just doing what’s in his best legal interests.

So don’t fall for it, he says.

I still can’t get over Biden’s treatment of Carter nominee for CIA director Ted Sorenson during his early days in the Senate. He ambushed Sorenson during his confirmation hearing, savaged him for taking classified documents home and insinuated that he (Sorenson) could be criminally prosecuted for that. We know now that Biden did it himself when he was a senator. This blast from Biden’s past shows his blatant hypocrisy, and also that he had to know what he did was wrong. In case you missed the story…

Former deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, in an interview on FOX NEWS, said Hillary went far beyond either Trump or Biden and that Congress should look at the handling of all three cases. “Let’s get the facts and then the Justice Department will have to be sure that they’re treating all the cases fairly,” he said. But I’m not so sure it’s as simple as ‘compare and contrast,’ when this ‘Justice’ Department doesn’t even seem to care about the perception of fairness.

Judicial Watch is still trying to get to Biden’s U.S. Senate papers being held by the University of Delaware. They’ve filed an appeal brief, also on behalf of the DAILY CALLER NEWS FOUNDATION, with the Delaware Supreme Court asking for limited discovery to depose a University representative about this issue. A lower court blocked their access to records about the papers.

Finally, Miranda Devine at the NEW YORK POST has a good overview of the classified records scandal up to this point. She speculates that administrative aide Kathy Chung was named publicly so the Biden administration can “throw her under the bus” (we need a new, less clichéd expression for this) to deflect scrutiny from the President. Devine also describes a striking email sent by Hunter to then-partner Devon Archer a week before VP Biden went to Ukraine to meet with the then-prime minister. Hunter refers to “my guy’s upcoming travels.” This email is highly detailed, not at all the sort of thing Hunter usually wrote, and has “the distinct flavor of an official briefing, perhaps even a classified one.”

It also instructs Archer to buy a ‘burner phone,’ presumably to keep their conversations private. “Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS tmrw and ill do the same.”

There’s no hiding Biden’s fright over classified document scandal




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  • Ann McNett

    01/25/2023 02:03 PM

    Joe Biden is the biggest and best Chayote ever employed by Mexican cartels. Worth every penny paid by China fentanyl makers and the cartels to . . . Hunter? Helping to murder hundreds of thousands of young Americans with fentanyl. People they couldn't kill via abortion! Biden is a Putinesque type of leader, a dictator, showing no love for the people he was elected to protect. What kind of American President does this to his own people? The kind who hates us, he and his greenie weenie handlers, controlling our lives and our money. Being helped by the liberally biased media.

  • ken moore

    01/24/2023 10:10 PM

    the weponizing of our goverment by political moves for joe's army the some sgencys needs defunding and dismantling dod doj and fbi for starters
    hang joe and hunter hunter sells docs joe reaps benefits as americans die hang the tratators


    01/24/2023 08:15 PM

    I have to reiterate my Conspiracy Theory. 1. McCarthy & Jim Jordan promised they would be investigating Joe & Hunter & "the Laptop". 2. Joe has been kept up-to-date all along about the Laptop. 3. Expecting a Republican Wave in November, the WH sent lawyers out to find any Classified Documents mentioned on the Laptop. I believe Hunter & Joe have been in cahoots with the Chinese and their spies all along. I believe Schumer and Schiff and Pelosi were also already aware. I understand if you don't want to post this, but I just had to get it off my chest.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    01/24/2023 04:19 PM

    "Legal analyst Alan Dershowitz has said for a couple of weeks that the Trump and Biden classified documents scandals would cancel each other out and that neither man would be prosecuted"

    And if you believe that, I have an ocean front condo for sale CHEAP in Phoenix, Arizona!! The democrats control the government, the fbi, doj, cia, the teachers and school systems, the media AND have brainwashed the majority of the sheeple and VAST majority of the generation z, milliennials and blacks!! AND you rinos have done NOTHING to stop ANY OF IT because you are just to "pure and righteous" to get down and dirty and on the same level as the jackasses!! You just keep believing that politics is such an "honorable" occupation and you can continue to watch the democrats create this "new merica". Think I am wrong?? The hildabeast got away with top secret emails and again you rinos allowed her to do it! And the creep and cocaine kid will get away with all of their cheating and mishandling top secret information AND the jackasses will continue to execute Donald Trump until they have what they want! And AGAIN you rinos allow it to happen!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stephen russell

    01/24/2023 04:08 PM

    Dems killing coffee: Use K Pods

  • Jerry

    01/24/2023 03:23 PM

    John Roberts supreme court judge shows why he is without integrity, common sense, as the leaker will not be exposed John Roberts is a back shooter and nothing more than a common coward the leakers has to be exposed no matter who and thrown away as the justice system in this country is under scrutiny and the results of justice in this country is like the joe biden himself without integrity or honesty.

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    01/24/2023 03:14 PM

    It is beyond my comprehension how these " so called experts" come up with these loony ideas. Now that they have put coffee on the list I just can't wait for the next thing they will put on the list, I could use another good laugh!

  • Robin Rebhan

    01/24/2023 03:02 PM

    Reading today's Morning Edition. If Star Trek's Capt. James Kirk and Spock landed on a planet with all the politics that are going on in America today. Even Gene Roddenberry would think it was " too far fetched ".

  • Jerry

    01/24/2023 02:51 PM

    Does any one with a brain that is fully operational understand the breeding process for humans. The need for abortion is because of careless breeding habits. Yes circumstances exists were unwanted breeding occurs and also life threatening birthing happens however many abortions are because unsafe breeding habits just maybe a course of human breeding should be reintroduced to a careless and sex driven society. The whores of this country should have been educated in the breeding process for just pleasure and payment should understand breeding carelessly is the responsibility of the male and female that a life is being built thru the breeding process. Enjoy breeding however if life is not wanted protect yourselves from bringing new life to your body. New Life is not the same as a used tissue.