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August 9, 2021

Why do Democrats even run for office? Their record on border security and crime proves they have no interest in actually governing.

It’s disturbingly appropriate that Vice President Kamala Harris, whose entire career in public "service" has been little more than an exercise in self-aggrandizement and ego boosting, is the Democrat Party’s point person on illegal immigration and border security. Since taking on the role, all she’s done is hold press conferences designed to boost her own public profile while completely ignoring the problem she’s supposed to solve.

Indeed, to the extent that she and the rest of the Biden administration have done anything at all, it has been to dismantle successful Trump-era policies that were effectively holding illegal immigration at bay, such as the "Remain in Mexico" policy. Her lips may be telling would-be border crossers "do not come," but her actions are sending exactly the opposite message.

The results are as distressing as they are predictable: a historic surge in illegal border crossings, along with the accompanying human misery in the form of crime, exploitation, and disease.

In the El Paso Sector of the border, Border Patrol agents have apprehended or encountered more than 135,000 illegal immigrants over the past nine months – equivalent to about 20 percent of the entire population of El Paso, Texas. Across the entire southwest border, nearly 189,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended in June alone, and Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Vally sector reported a 900 percent increase in the rate of COVID infection among those they encountered.

The public health implications are certainly alarming, especially as the country grapples with a resurgence of the pandemic brought on by the Delta variant. But disease is not the only consequence of Democrat policies that encourage hundreds of thousands of people to pour across the border. As has always been the case, floods of undocumented migrants also bring crime with them – motivated by both desperation and opportunity.

The cartels that effectively control large portions of Mexico have for years been infiltrating American cities, using the violent tactics they’ve perfected at home to displace the criminal gangs that once controlled the distribution of narcotics in our inner cities.

That’s a terrifying prospect under the best of circumstances, but it’s being made far worse by the abdication of another core governing responsibility by elected Democrats.

Driven by the irresponsible "defund the police" rhetoric of the Party’s far-left wing, Democrat leaders in cities all over the country have been tying the hands of law enforcement and leaving their own citizens to the mercies of violent criminals.

In Oakland, California, where the City Council has voted to reduce police funding despite the strenuous objections of the city’s mayor, former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer was recently mugged in broad daylight.

Another city that has defunded its own police department – over the strenuous objections of Republican Governor Greg Abbott – is Austin, Texas, which just so happens to be right on the front lines of the border crisis. Last August, the Austin City Council voted to cut the police department’s budget by a whopping $150 million, resulting in the elimination of the department’s gang unit.

"Public safety is job one, and Austin has abandoned that duty," Abbott said in response to the defunding, adding that the decision "paves the way for lawlessness."

That’s exactly what happened. In June, 25-year-old Douglas Kantor was caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout while visiting Austin. Had the police gang unit still been operational at the time, it’s likely that officers would have been in position to put a stop to the shootout before it even began, because they would have been monitoring the communications of known gang members who posted their intention to be at that location on social media.

Kantor’s family is now suing the Mayor and City Council of Austin, arguing that their decision to slash funding for the police department was a purely political decision with obvious and predictable consequences for public safety.

This wasn’t about balancing a budget or adjusting policy priorities; it was about tying the hands of the police department as a means of making a public political statement.

I spent a great deal of my adult life in public service. It’s unbelievable to me that anyone could ask voters to entrust them with such a grave responsibility and then use their power to prevent the government from doing its most basic duty to keep citizens safe. But that’s exactly what today’s Democrats are doing.

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Comments 1-9 of 9


    08/10/2021 11:44 PM

    I did not read this whole article because, I have like everyone else, been following this story all along and the one thing that amazes me is. Why doesn't someone arrest them?? When I was in the military and as a government employee I had to take an oath of allegiance and so does EVERY single government employee. So they have violated their oath of allegiance and can and should be arrested.

  • Roy Turner

    08/10/2021 12:20 PM

    It is true that many older people that have worked hard all their lives and paid off their homes. Some used their extra monies to fix up their homes and consequently had no money for investments. They relied upon the money they paid into Social Security to take care of them during their retirement. Social Security income not being enough to actually retire on, the older people chose to move from their homes and rent out their residences. These persons are effected adversely by Biden's rent moratorium. Hopefully these older persons, many whom are democrats, will remember come 2022 elections. Roy Turner

  • Joyce Kanlan

    08/10/2021 12:41 AM

    Democrats “do their jobs” they were SWORN INTO doing???????. You sir, are very silly! Democrats, like ??come to kill,steal&destroy, roaming like a lion to see WHO they can devour. Well, if America IS alert, revived, paying close attention&listening, they would have taken note since Obama,BIDEN’S planned, plotted, prepared&executed hope&change transformation eradicating our culture values beliefs morals&way of American life from the INSIDE OUT, using OPEN, unsafe boarders, welcoming MILLIONS of unvetted COVID CARRYING MS13,Cartel,Illegals IN YOUR state,city,neighborhood. Democrats ARE ALL ABOUT power&control, one world order, dismantling ????, our beacon of light dragging us into joining the rest of 3rd world ??holes. WE HAVE TIME TO TURN THIS AROUND America! Stand Strong,Be Courageous!

  • Cherise Miller

    08/09/2021 03:07 PM

    Why wouldn't anyone run for office? I think that the honest ones will run to get the job done; however, many of them run for prestige, power, money, control, and any other perk they can get out of an elected office. I know some here in my county who have admitted that. I have an issue going now with one of my U.S. government elected officials. It's been about two months and haven't heard from him; however, he finds the time to run around the country campaigning. One of his aides that I corresponded with is no longer with this official. That waved a red flag in front of me. We actually have no one to represent us. We need to get rid of those who won't stand up for us. We also need to get tough, fight back, and stand behind our police. God Bless You and America.

  • Bev Kooiman

    08/09/2021 02:00 PM

    Sir we keep seeing those in Congress becoming millionaires in a short time. My question is if we add up all the extras in benefits to their salaries exactly how much does a freshman senator rake in a year? How about a Congressman in their first term? Just a round about figure will do.
    Thank you sir for being someone I can trust to be honest, principled and moral. The list of those I trust keeps getting shorter as this time continues.
    God bless

  • Duke Mecartney

    08/09/2021 01:57 PM

    I’m reminded of the story of the veteran in socially class who when the instructor challenged God to punch him knocked the instructor out and said God was busy he sent me

  • Barbara Peurifoy

    08/09/2021 01:31 PM

    Thank you Governor for addressing California's woes. I would like to add, Newsom has made life more difficult for the middle and lower class.
    The price for so many items has escalated and many are barely putting food on the table and paying rent.
    Newsom must go! Thank you!

  • Loyd V. Allen, Jr.

    08/09/2021 12:55 PM

    Acccording to the Census Bureau, Blacks make up only about 13-14% of the US population. Native Americans, Hispanics and Whites make up much more.
    If only 14% of the population is Black, why do they want to seemingly control everything by being considered as being numerically equal in number and force the majority to do the will of the minority? 14% of the population should NOT control the United States of America. We are ALL equal and must obey ALL the laws, work equally hard and share equally in the opportunities of being an American!
    Loyd Allen

  • Stephen Russell

    08/09/2021 11:35 AM

    Have illegals spread virus nationwide too