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March 10, 2022

Good evening!

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  • The Loudon County School Board is even worse than we thought
  • News That Some People In Washington Could Use
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Mike Huckabee


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

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The Loudon County School Board is even worse than we thought

Just when you think the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board can’t get any worse, we learn that they harassed a dad, claimed he was a danger and a child abuser, and tried to sic Child Protective Services on him because he refused to stop asking questions and seeking data on the school’s test scores. Full story here:

Incidentally, he finally got that data through the Freedom of Information Act, and it showed that the district knew some teachers were underperforming, but they stayed employed anyway.

It sounds as if every child in Loudoun County needs protection from their own school board.

Disney CEO bows to the LEFT

If you’re planning to take your kids on a Disney vacation this summer, you might want to know that Disney’s CEO bowed to the LGBTQ+ lobby and publicly denounced the new Florida law protecting children, yet he apparently hasn’t even read it.

Disney seems to have swallowed the leftist lie that it’s the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” and bans the word “gay” from schools. That’s all false. It says nothing about any particular sexual orientation. What it actually does is bar schools from teaching any inappropriate sexual and gender ideology lessons to pre-K to third grade students (that’s ages 3-7) without parental authority.

So I guess Disney is now in favor of exposing small children to inappropriate sexual content? You might want to start monitoring what your kids watch on Disney Plus.

International Women’s Day

It’s good to know that things are going swimmingly, that President Biden has no real problems to deal with, and that the government has so much extra money lying around in piles that they need to figure out a way to spend that Biden proposed spending $2.6 billion on programs to promote “global gender equity.”

He did this on Tuesday to mark International Women’s Day, since spending huge sums of other people’s money is how liberals celebrate any and all occasions. However, you might have noticed that we said nothing in this newsletter about it being International Women’s Day, and there’s a reason for that.

As we all know, the very concept of a “woman” is now an outmoded relic of last-century thinking, a holdover from the bygone days when “biology” was an actual science. These days, we know that a “woman” is anyone who claims to be a woman. Why, you can be a 100% “woman”…

…and still walk around exposing your male genitalia to underage girls. Of course, nobody will arrest you for that violation of the state’s indecent exposure law because you’re such a “stunning and brave” “woman.”

Since literally anyone can now be a “woman,” what’s even the point of having a “Women’s Day” anymore? You might as well just call it “International Everybody Day.”

Besides, celebrating the accomplishments of people who were born female on International Women’s Day might be seen as exclusionary to all the non-women who identify as women and therefore absolutely are women, just as surely as men can get pregnant. And I wouldn’t want to be accused of being the kind of backward-thinker who might question any of that.

Related: Here’s a video of a band of school girls marking International Women’s Day by performing Lady Gaga’s song, “Born This Way.” They’d better prepare for a tsunami of hate from Twitter mobs for implying that women are born female.

Biden is breaking all kinds of records

Well, there’s one thing you can say for Joe Biden’s Presidency: it’s certainly rewriting the record books. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in February, annual inflation hit 7.9%, the highest rate in 40 years.

That follows a January inflation rate of 7.5%, the fastest price rise since February 1982, when it was 7.6%. You know, usually when a politician tells voters, “The sky’s the limit!,” it’s just a campaign slogan, not a prediction of where prices will go once he takes over.

News That Some People In Washington Could Use

Even if you could afford an electric vehicle, here's how keeping it charged might be as expensive if not more so than buying gas under Joe Biden.

Related: Here’s a round-up of some of the clueless politicians, celebrities and pundits who are trying to gloss over the pain of skyrocketing gas prices for working Americans by saying we should just use wind power (I have a feeling they run on that) or buy electric cars.

They seem oblivious to the fact that it’s currently neither economically nor scientifically feasible to replace fossil fuels with “green” energy sources, and you can’t get rid of a necessity and replace it with something that’s not available yet.

My favorite of these boneheads has to be the TV commentator who sneered at people who drive pickup trucks and said they wouldn’t have this problem if they just bought a Tesla instead. Two tiny problems with that:

1. The cheapest Tesla you can buy has a base model price of nearly $45,000, and they go up from there to $146,490.

2. Try hauling a load of lumber or a shipment of appliances or towing a cattle trailer with a Tesla.

Oh, that’s right: the cable news talking head forgot that people who buy pickup trucks tend to use them for work, because they have real jobs.

Required Reading Corner

P.J. Media has an editorial solicited by a major newspaper and then rejected for not fitting its “narrative.” David P. Goldman draws parallels between the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the way World War I started, and explains how our leaders set the stage for Putin deciding the invasion was necessary, and what China might be thinking about Taiwan as they watch it unfold.

Also, for those wanting to understand how Europe got so dependent on Russian oil that Putin believed he could invade Ukraine and nobody would dare stop him – and why President Biden weakened America’s hand and sent gas prices skyrocketing by targeting our own fossil fuel industry for extinction -- read this article by Michael Shellenberger at Bari Weiss’ Substack site:

Read the whole thing, but here’s the bottom line: Western nations became so enthralled by green activists, from Greta Thunberg to a nine-year-old who did an unscientific school report on plastic straws, that they adopted “a delusional ideology that makes them incapable of understanding the hard realities of energy production” that Putin understood and exploited to increase his own power. And I don’t mean wind power.

Now, Putin provides the oil with which he can blackmail the world not to oppose him, while our side has John Kerry fretting about whether the smoke from all his bombs will contribute to climate change. If Monty Python had written a sketch featuring a tunnel-visioned bureaucrat who was that impervious to the bigger picture, critics would’ve said it was hilarious, but unrealistic.

Ukraine Updates

Here’s today’s Fox News page of continually-updated bulletins from the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Some of the top headlines: VP Kamala Harris and the President of Poland insisted that the US and Poland are “united,” even though Biden rejected Poland’s proposal to send MIG-29 planes to Ukraine’s military…Harris accused Russia of committing “atrocities of unimaginable proportions” in Ukraine…It was reported that a Russian airstrike hit a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, injuring at least 17 people. Russia called that “fake news” and claimed the hospital had been converted into "a military object by radicals”…Tanker owners are starting to avoid transporting Russian oil and gas for fears that their shipments will be stopped. They say the money to be made from dealing with Russia is not worth the delays and other problems that might come with it.

New Polls show how Americans really feel

Judging from comments coming out of the Biden Administration, they seem to think that blaming Putin and Russia for skyrocketing gas prices will be a win-win for them, since Americans tend to rally around Presidents during wartime, and they can use those high gas prices to push their "climate change" agenda. It’s no surprise to me that so many Ivy League liberals have zero faith in the intelligence of working Americans to see through this, but the latest polls may bring a rude awakening to them.

One NPR/PBS/Marist poll that showed Biden enjoying an 8-point leap in approval (to 47%, which shows how low he was) had Democrats hopeful that he was surging to a comeback. But it appears to be an outlier, since other polls are showing little to no movement in his rock bottom approval rates.

Meanwhile, a new I&I/TIPP poll may explain why. It found that 55% of Americans agree or strongly agree that Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal encouraged Putin to invade Ukraine (to quote a great Republican President, you can't fool all of the people all of the time.) Worse, 56% think it’s likely Putin will use nuclear weapons.

And a staggering 78% of those who are following what’s happening in Ukraine believe it will expand into a larger regional conflict that American forces could be drawn into. That includes bipartisan majorities of over 70% of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

So it doesn’t look as if Biden is going to benefit from the typical patriotic “rally-around” effect wars tend to bring Presidents, when the majority of Americans blame the war on his incompetence and expect it to get much worse (both the war and his incomptence, I assume.)

But then, it’s probably a bad idea anyway for the Democrats to rely on American patriotism to keep them in power when they’ve spent the past few years denigrating America as a racist, evil, xenophobic nation and calling anyone who expresses patriotism a fascist. Yes, we noticed that, too.

I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

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Comments 1-10 of 11

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/11/2022 04:29 PM

    Thank you. I deserted DISNEY many years ago.

  • Chelsea R. Martin

    03/11/2022 11:25 AM

    "Americans tend to rally around Presidents during wartime" ... except when it's the American President that is in essence waging war on the American people (in the name of a Woke Globalist Agenda no less)! The last time the nation was this divided they rallied around the President. Oh boy did they rally around the President! In fact that rallied so much they came out with TWO Presidents - one guy named Jeff Davis and one guy named Abe Lincoln.

    Joe is doing more damage to the fabric of America than Jeff ever did. Jeff wanted to keep the slaves the South had at that time, which was irredeemably evil. But Joe? Joe and his "regime" want to enslave every man, woman and child in the nation.

  • Stephen Russell

    03/11/2022 09:31 AM

    Hey Mike heres an idea:
    Get Big Tech to unionize & then force layoffs for excess personnel etc
    & then lead to Chap 7 Big Tech due to labor costs.
    Good idea?

  • Stephen Russell

    03/11/2022 09:09 AM

    Airline mask issues
    Jet Blue forced one passenger to leave plane for wearing FJB mask, then put on another mask & still was Removed from plane
    This has to end.
    Need a Uniform Consumer Flier Rights act
    or something
    & then sue JetBlue for 1B

  • Lee Sanders

    03/11/2022 06:40 AM

    Joe Biden doesn't care about the adverse effects of his decisions. Every one is deliberate and is intended to support the World Economic Forum's Great Reset. He is supporting the effort for selfish reasons, and cares nothing about the USA or its people. Klaus Schwab and his gang are intent on producing a Global "Government". And, "You will own nothing, and you will be happy". These are truly sad times, and before it's over, more people may die as a result than all the Marxist deaths of the 20th Century.

  • James Drury Jr.

    03/11/2022 06:36 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Jerry

    03/11/2022 06:05 AM

    While visiting in Florida as we travel about earth moving machines are clearing jungle sections of land and preparing for new housing developments all over this community I am at the new construction reminds me of 2019 new construction was happening all over, huge machinery making way for new construction today stores are closed for many different reasons mostly due to current policies running it’s course the misfits in the Oval Office I hope are running it course it’s tenure can come to end soon enough

  • Susan Meyer

    03/11/2022 01:47 AM

    Baby I Was Born This Way is actually a song praising the whole LBGTQXYZ trend. Some of the lyrics talk about being brave, etc., but it eventually throws in the alphabet soup. I would not let my dance team in rural Nebraska use the questionable lyrics, let me see...would have been over 10 years ago.....and all but one girl and her mom were glad. One of my dancers said, "I can't dance to those lyrics in front of my GRANDMA!" The mom thought she could force the issue.......not with me, not with my principal, and not with my community

  • Anne Turner

    03/11/2022 01:06 AM

    If someone from another planet came to earth and read this newsletter, that person would think that much of it was meant to be comical. They simply would not believe that some people think most of us can just buy a Tesla or that it’s okay for one country to invade another sovereign country and the world stands by and watches it on TV. Now, I can’t be too critical of this administration for not knowing what to do about this invasion. I don’t think anyone has the answers. As loony as Putin has gotten, people are justifiably concerned that he might us nukes. He appears to be unstable. But I can blame Biden, etal, for creating an atmosphere where Putin felt confident to invade.

    Loudon County is well known to be a bastion of upper middle class to wealthy liberals. It is hard to feel sorry for people who got exactly what they voted for in 20.

    Last point for today; believe what you can see before your eyes. If a person Is born possessing a penis and testes as well as the XY chromosome, he is a male. If a person is both with a vagina, a uterus, ovaries and an XX chromosome she is a female. No matter what you do, that cannot be changed. You can play make believe and do cosmetic adjustments but this still does not change anything. There is still such a thing as mental problems. This is not true of homosexuals. In theirs case it is merely a differentence in sexual attraction. They are still very much their born sex. I do notvyet understand why we go to such lengths to protect and explain a small minority of people. Children simply need to be taught that there are folks who are different than they are but they must always respect peoples differences and treat everyone according to how they would wish to be treated. .

  • Charles Sigars

    03/10/2022 11:55 PM

    Questions -

    1. Why did Duda bother to ask China Joe if he could send Polish planes to Ukraine?

    2. What right does China Empty Shelves Biden have to say Poland cannot send their planes to Ukraine?

    Not getting this. If NATO were in play in the request, I might understand, but no mention of NATO in any of the things I have read.