January 29, 2019

Wait, I thought that by calling other NATO nations “delinquents” for not paying enough for their own defense and sticking American taxpayers with the tab, President Trump was deliberately eroding one of our most important international institutions, doing the bidding of his puppet master Putin, and providing yet another reason to “Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!”

In case you didn’t hear it over all the hysterical anti-Trump chanting, on Sunday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that other NATO nations would increase their contributions by $100 billion over the next two years. Stoltenberg explained, “President Trump has been very clear. He is committed to NATO… but at the same time he has clearly stated that NATO allies need to invest more.”  And now, they are. Full story and video at the link:

If this comes as a surprise to Trump’s critics in the media, I think it might be because NATO listened to what Trump actually said, and his critics only listen to themselves screaming at each other about what Trump allegedly said. 




In a tweet Monday, President Trump once again whacked the beehive of the ever-buzzing left by endorsing a move in several states to teach elective courses on Bible history in public schools.  As always, I have to wonder: if they are so certain that the Bible is just a lot of nonsense, why are they so terrified at the idea that young people might actually read it?

I’ve long marveled at the ridiculousness of trying to exclude all references to religion from public schools.  Religion is the very basis of civilization, and the history of all humankind is inextricably tied in with it; both the history that is recounted in the Bible itself, and the great leaders and movements of history that were motivated by faith and the Bible. Simply teaching students what’s in the most important book of all time is not the same thing as establishing a government religion. 

Trying to teach students about history without mentioning the Bible is like trying to teach shop class without any tools.  In fact, a student can’t be truly well-versed in history, civilization, literature, or any number of subjects if there’s a gaping hole in his knowledge where the Bible should be.  Imagine trying to teach art history with no religious references: you’d have to jump straight from cave paintings to Van Gogh.  

By the way: did I mention that it would be an elective?  Any parents who want their kids to be ignorant of the most important and influential book in history and study something they think is more useful can always tell them to go to the gender studies class instead.



Among the many, many free things being promised by Democratic Presidential hopefuls such as Kamala Harris is a lot of free education, from universal kindergarten to free college for all. You’d think that anyone with an education level above kindergarten would know that a government that’s nearly $22 trillion in debt can’t afford to buy every American a burger off the McDonald’s Value Menu, much less pay for everyone’s college tuition.

But put aside that objection for a moment because I’d like to raise a point I haven’t heard anyone else make:

Even if the federal government did have a magic money tree (or more accurately, an orchard of money trees) to pay for “free” college for all (which leftists insist is a basic human right), how would they do that logistically?  There are no “federal” universities.  Colleges are all either private or state institutions with tuition systems unconnected to Washington. 

That means that in order to let everyone attend college on the federal dime, they would have to give each student some sort of voucher for tuition.  And I assume the student would be allowed to pick the college of his/her/xir choice at which to redeem it.

So to sum up: modern “progressive” Democrats believe that giving students vouchers to use at schools of their choice is a horrible, awful, evil abomination – up until it’s time to go to college, and then it becomes a basic human right. 



This article by Alexandra DeSanctis at National Review is primarily about the stunning betrayal of the Catholic faith and values exhibited by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in pushing for and signing New York’s new abortion law that allows for the slaughter of unborn children right up to the moment of birth (yes, I know about the vague “restrictions” in the law’s language; I also know how meaningless they are.)

You should read the article for that point, but pay particular attention to this section, which makes an observation I’ve yet to see anyone else point out:

“On the evening that he signed the RHA, the governor announced that the spire of Freedom Tower, the building erected in lower Manhattan where the Twin Towers once stood, would be lit up in pink to celebrate the occasion, a jubilee for the unlimited right to choose death for the defenseless.  Just beside Freedom Tower, two pools mark the spot of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Around each of them are inscribed the names of every person murdered that day, and beside the names of eleven of those women the carved stone says, ‘and her unborn child.’ Beneath Cuomo’s shrine to abortion on demand, the real story is written: These are human lives.”

Freedom Tower is a monument to the sanctity of human life, and Gov. Cuomo desecrated it by turning it into a monument to his repulsive law allowing the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn children.  He may try to justify it with fatuous, high-flown language about “morality” or “reproductive rights,” but he’s really just building a Tower of Babble.  Let’s hope it will be as short-lived as the original Tower of Babel. 



A reminder for those who claim President Trump is failing to keep his campaign promises because he hasn’t yet gotten the border wall built: that was just one of many promises, and he’s doing a pretty incredible job of fulfilling the others, considering the unprecedented political opposition and never-ending media assault against him.  For instance, this is one of the promises that will reverberate to America’s benefit for decades to come.  This is what he’s quietly been doing when he doesn’t need a majority of both Houses of Congress behind him and has no flakes blocking him.



There’s no surer way to make people’s eyes glaze over than to write about tax policy.  But this is a provocative article on a longstanding, very “unequal” income tax loophole that Democrats actually hope won’t be mentioned because it benefits high-salaried corporate employees who tend to back Democrats, while encouraging low-wage workers and contractors to need more government aid programs, which also benefits them.

This loophole is that the government doesn’t tax the expensive benefit of employer-paid health insurance as income – but small business employees and independent contractors such as carpenters who don’t get that benefit not only have to buy their own insurance, they have to do it with after-tax dollars from their paychecks. In effect, the value of their insurance is taxed, while that of higher-paid people who get it as a benefit is not taxed.  And that doesn’t even go into what Obamacare did to the premiums of insurance for workers who have to buy it themselves without a group rate.    

This isn’t the only example of ways in which the tax code penalizes lower-income, independents and blue collar workers while giving a break on the same benefits for higher-paid corporate workers.  This could become a major political issue, if only there were some political figure willing to stand up in front of thousands of blue collar workers and tell them in blunt terms how badly the tax code is ripping them off.  Gee, I wonder where we could find someone like that?



The clock is ticking on that three-week temporary budget deal to reopen the government.  While the media are lauding Speaker Pelosi for her toughness in refusing to negotiate with President Trump on border security and claiming he caved in and gave up, the truth is that we are in a reset period, a mere reshuffling of the deck.  But the game isn’t over.  Here’s what’s happened already:


Today at 1 p.m., a bipartisan conference committee that includes appropriations committee members from both houses of Congress started working on a budget proposal.  Sen. Richard Shelby reminded the media that the Democrats said once the government was reopened, they would negotiate in good faith on “significant investments in border security, including a physical barrier,” so we’ll see if they will really put any money where their mouths were.  Fellow Senate Appropriations Committee member Lamar Alexander said this is a needed chance to get the issue away from being a public fight between the Speaker and the President and into the hands of Congress members who’ve known for years that we need comprehensive border security.

It might help motivate the Democrats to know that a recent poll found that in House districts Trump won but Democrats now hold, voters support Trump on strengthening border security.

Also, when the issue gets away from the public spotlight and the overheated partisan rhetoric about walls being “immoral” (what about roofs?  Are they immoral, or only a bit naughty?), maybe some realism and intelligence will return.  As Alexander noted, the previous four Presidents worked with Congress to build 654 miles of physical barrier along our 2,000-mile southern border. Pelosi voted for that, and one of the most effective walls is in her own state, separating San Diego and Tijuana. Trump is asking for only 234 more miles of what we’ve already being building for 20 years, but because he’s “TRUUUUUMP!!!,” suddenly, that’s racist and immoral. 

Alexander is optimistic that behind closed doors, at least, politicians will be able to act like adults.  Let’s hope he’s right.

But if not, and they don’t produce a bill that both sides can support, then this can all start again in three weeks.  By that time, the rising media hysteria over laid-off government workers will have dissipated. Oh, and there’s this:

The political standoff being on hold, Pelosi ended her attempt to block Trump’s State of the Union Address and sent him his invitation to the House for next Tuesday, February 5th.  He responded with surprising grace, saying it was his “great honor” to accept, adding, “We have a great story to tell and yet, great goals to achieve! I look forward to seeing you on the 5th.”

I can’t help thinking that much of that SOTU will focus on the state of our border security, and that he will invite guests whose families have been victims of criminal illegal immigrants.  It will be a golden opportunity to make his case directly to the American people and to display to the nation those Congress members who put partisanship ahead of national security.   

Trump is signaling that he’s being reasonable and giving the committee members a chance, but he’s not giving up on his demands for border security.

So far, all signs indicate that Trump didn’t gave up the game, as so many gleeful liberals and dejected Republicans assume.  I think he just knew when to fold ‘em, and he’s now dealing himself a stronger hand.  Stay tuned, and don’t be surprised if some wild cards get played over the next few weeks. 



I’m very glad to report that the attorney representing the Covington, Kentucky, Catholic school boys who were widely slandered and threatened last week on social media is kicking butt (figuratively) and taking names (literally.)

The attorney appeared on Fox News and provided a list of some celebrities and media figures who were given 48 hours to retract and apologize for their threats and false allegations.  He names those who did, and those who clung to their libelous narratives and may soon be facing some very costly lawsuits.

Incidentally, for those who have an interest in the fine points of the law: he explains why the high bar for winning libel cases (proving malice, etc.) that some of the boys’ attackers might have been counting on for protection is actually much lower for those who slander and threaten a minor, particularly under Kentucky law. 

Some very prominent “progressives” who like to shoot off their mouths on social media may have shot themselves in the foot instead with their inability to type five simple words:  “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

One person who really needs to retract his statements on that subject is Bill Maher.  I like Bill, I’ve been a guest on his show, I respect his willingness to engage those who disagree with him and refuse to bow to political correctness, and I’ve even defended him on occasion.  But this was just a personal attack on a kid after he’d already been shown to be innocent.  That’s not defensible.

Besides, of all people, Bill Maher shouldn’t attack someone simply because he has what his critics describe as an annoying “smirk.”


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  • David E. Redcay

    02/18/2019 09:21 PM

    Hello Mike! God Bless Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her beautiful family!
    I have been married to my wife for 37 years. My wife is a DO, OB/GYN, FACOG for the last 30 years. She routinely prays with and for expectant moms and their little Miracles growing inside. On occasion she sees women who chose abortion over Life. Many come to her suffering post-abortion bleeding, trauma and many other serious health issues resulting from abortion.
    When an expectant mom comes to see Dr. Julia E. Redcay, that mom brings something special with her. Patient number two!! or three!!! My wife will do all she can to provide the best care possible to "both patients". Seeing the sickening events taking place in some areas of our country is exceedingly painful to us as well....
    PLEASE keep an eye out for my "Noah" story coming your way. Another example of one of Gods modern day miracles!!
    ---Titus 2:11-12

  • Gloria McCauley

    02/01/2019 12:23 PM

    NBC Today show personality Savannah Guthrie should also be reported for her disgusting interview of the Covington boy who faced Phillips after the whole story had been made available nationwide. Also for her interview of Phillips the next day making him look like a hero without even acknowledging his disturbance of the church service the day before. I no longer watch the Today show.

  • rodney Burke

    01/31/2019 01:57 PM

    Nancy I am sure will NOT be happy with the SOTU speech. It will expose her and Chuckie for the communists they are. It will enumerate all of the accomplishments of DT DESPITE all nancy and chuck can do to stop him. yes, I have a feeling there will be some wild cards played and nancy will NOT be able to stop them. If she tried, the entire nation will know of her antics and that will not bode well, then and for 2020. The halfwits have no one with any brains to challenge DT so it will be a small contest. If the GOP plays it right, they will humiliate ALL libs candidates with their record and their words in the press. Video tape does NOT lie. Libs do as a matter of course.

  • Mary Joyce Minasian

    01/31/2019 11:33 AM

    I am appalled at the state of the morality in our country. Killing babies at birth is hard for me to even think anyone would consider that!!! That is murder of an innocent, helpless human being. How evil!!!!
    There is so much evil stalking our country and found in the leaders of our government, namely the "Progressives." I give praise to Pres. Trump for his efforts to halt some of these actions.
    Illegal aliens and asylum seekers are being prioritized over the American citizens. What about the rights of the American citizen? Help those people who are down and out before helping those who shouldn't be here in the first place. My daughter says that she doesn't feel really safe nowadays. It is a scary situation for her and me, too.
    I am of the older generation, 86 years old, and I saw a wonderful country in the '50's change in the last decades to the point that I don't recognize the U.S. as I once knew it. People need to get back to being moral and trusting in the loving God to guide their lives and decisions. What can we do? I trust your goodness and judgment , so keep sending your wonderful messages which all responsible adults should read.
    Thank you.


    01/31/2019 11:18 AM

    Brother Mike: This may not be related to today's post, but I just saw on CNN in Spanish that the EU Parliament just recognized Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela, confirming what Stoltenburg said about NATO unity. Venezuela owes Russia $3 billion P.29 El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador) Jan. 30th. Why does Jake Tapper say the article about voter fraud in Texas is a lie? He gives no proof and I don't remember where I saw the information. Even on CNNEE I saw once that a non-citizen had been voting for years near Dallas and was jailed when she was finally caught.

  • Gladys J Edakattil

    01/30/2019 08:52 PM

    #1 Dear LORD, according to Your Word in Isaiah 54, let no weapon forged against our President Trump, VP Pence, plus every person connected with the Trump Administration, including their families prevail, & let Trump & his Company refute every tongue that accuses them, for You’ve declared: this is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, & this is Trump & his Company’s vindication from You, LORD.
    #2 LORD, today, make President Trump, VP Pence, the Cabinet, their Advisors & Counselors, the White House Staff, the whole Trump Administration & all their families a fortified city, an iron pillar, & a bronze wall to stand against the whole land of USA – against the Establishment, the Elite, the Shadow Government, the Deep State, the non-compliant Republicans, its Senate & the House, its Leftist Media, the Religious & Anti-Religious factions, the militant religious groups & the people of the land consisting of the anti-Trump movements, mis-guided & deluded Democrats, unhappy Social & Cultural Groups, the indifferent & the clueless. And LORD, You’ve declared that they will fight against Trump, but will not overcome him & his Administration, for You are with him & his Company, & will rescue him! LORD, let it be so, according to Your Word, & for this, we give You thanks and praise!
    #3 O, LORD, in Your Mercy & Grace, please make our President Trump, VP Pence, the whole Trump Administration & their families a fortified wall of bronze to these antagonistic people who are: the Leftist Media, the Congress, the non- compliant Republicans, the Deep State, the Elite, the Establishment, & every other opposing Entities, Groups, & all the forever dissatisfied perpetual complainers, accusers & the relentless fault-finders. Even though they will fight against Trump, according to Your Word, LORD, let them not overcome him, for You’ve declared that You’re with him to rescue & save him, and, You promised that You will save Trump from the hands of the wicked & deliver him from the grasp of the cruel adversaries like the Mueller-Team, wicked mean powerful rich elite, ungodly bloodthirsty beings, unrighteous judges, false accusers & all others. We thank and praise You for Your Goodness, Grace & Your listening ears. Let everything be accomplished for Your Honor & Glory. Amen.
    # LORD, please give the President & the Vice President much needed wisdom, understanding, insight & discernment. Before Your Throne, we bring the Senate, the House, the Justices, Judicial & the Law-Enforcement people, all defenders of this Nation, for You to give them the grace they need to do their jobs right & well. We pray that Your Grace would open their hearts & minds to forsake falsehood, deceptions and every evil & destructive plans & ways & to promote THE Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Law & Order honouring Your time-immemorial Laws & boundaries, valuing human lives, especially that of the defenseless unborn & that of the Citizens’ whose business You’ve entrusted these lawmakers with! We also bring State governments in all forms, especially, that of (your own State) before You to give them Your guidance & help to do the right things that will honour You and bless the citizens & the unfortunate. We bless you & Thank You for Your Grace & Mercy. Let the Citizens of this Nation (America) & all other nations know Your Sovereignty & Power on behalf of Your People. All Power, Authority, Honor & Glory is Yours. Amen.

  • Judy DuCharme

    01/30/2019 04:32 PM

    Why are so many things so obvious, but so many don't see it? Are they refusing, or do they really not see? People can and do change their minds but isn't it so plain that the reason so many don't want the 'physical barrier' now is just because it's Trump. And I've heard no one conclude when they say the shutdown cost 11 billion dollars, that perhaps they should have given Trump the 5 billion he wanted for the wall. Is this not obvious to anyone? Could you make a list of all the good things he's done. I know several and yet when I try to share that, I know I forget some, or perhaps I just know I'll get interrupted before I get done. It'd be nice to have a written list to hand out. Maybe we should stand on street corners and just hand it out or leave it wherever we shop. Kind of like a tract if that's not sac-religious. Even though I don't care for so many of his tweets, I really think he does it so the media and the left go crazy and he goes to work behind the scenes and gets things done. Also, I know this has been covered by you, but how can they talk of truly finding something on Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign when the investigation is based on events and files that are without question Democratic collusion with the Russians and against the Trump campaign?

  • Nelda White

    01/30/2019 04:12 PM

    First, the idea that Americans stole the land from the Indians is ridiculous. From the beginning of time there has been war for land. The Am Indians also participated in this ritual and gained land from other tribes. They respected this way of life at that time. Some people came here voluntarily and some were sent here unwillingly as undesirables from Europe. Yes, we fought wars and won and inhabit the land. I don't respect anyone that has forgotten that and now marches and says the land was stolen. No it was not. I don't approve of how the Am Indians were treated afterward. They, more than any illegal should have the full protection of the Constitution of the USA. I understand that Israel is under the same attack and these people are wrong. Next, it amazes me that liberals tell a woman that it's her body to do with as she chooses. When she becomes pregnant, it is two bodies there. Her body and the body of her unborn child. This child has the same constitutional rights as she does. Also they tell her what she can eat, drink and not smoke while she is pregnant, with threats of jail or taking away her baby if their orders are not followed, again not really free. Only free to murder her unborn baby. And although I don't support prostitution, it's is strange that it is her body until it comes to renting it out. So are they really for women's rights. What about the pimps, why do they have control over the woman's body? I am personally against prostitution, but what a bunch of hypocrites liberals are.

  • Mary Gail Hunt

    01/30/2019 12:34 PM

    Thank you for all you do Mr. Huckabee! My comment is to the point and simple. We have elected Republicans to do a job and for too many can't seem to do their job they were elected to do. My guess is that they are afraid that they will lose reelection. Repealing and replacing Obamacare, building a wall on our southern border and supplying the border patrol with technology they need to keep 60,000 illegal immigrants per month from coming into the US with all of the problems that they bring, defunding Planned Parenthood of all taxpayer dollars, and much more would be very simple. Where were they when the president stayed in Washington over Christmas? Our founding fathers were not weak kneed people, But many republicans who are supposedly "constitutionally conservative", don't seem to have a very strong moral/ethical/patriotic stance. Not knowing who these specific people are, it would be nice to have a letter or petition that your readers could sign to be delivered to these people. they need to act now! Thank you so much for your time. Very sincerely Gail Hunt

  • Andrei Campeanu

    01/30/2019 11:15 AM

    First, thanks for the sanity check. I thoroughly enjoy reading your nightly updates. Second: Speaking as a (legal) immigrant and political refugee from the (former) Socialist Republic of Romania: do you think we can find a few more people like me and start a "Children of Socialism" speaking tour for young people? I have talked to my kids and their friends, and to anyone who would hold still long enough to tell them what life was like under the benevolent hand of Nicolae Ceausescu. I think maybe it is needed on a much larger scale. My mother's generation was seduced by the slogans after WWII, and all of us paid a price.

    Third: I know Ariana Grande is much better looking, but people like you and Mike Rowe are what spells American to me.

  • Laura Corbino

    01/30/2019 08:28 AM

    I'm just curious. Now that New York has said you can have an abortion up to 40 weeks, I have a couple of questions. How will you kill them when they are taking their first breath? Will the mother be awake to see it? What do you do with the bodies? Throw them in the garbage? Or will you give them to medical students to play with? Don't tell me about saving children with gun control. More will die with this bill.

  • Paulette Taylor

    01/30/2019 07:40 AM

    Governor Huckabee
    Please follow the almost identical situation here in Virginia regarding infanticide. I was shocked when I heard it on Fox News this morning. Out Governor. Ralph Northam, M. D. (D), said he would sign this bill. Our Democratic Attorney General, Mark Herring, also supports this bill.
    Go get 'em Governor and thank you for your moral voice.

  • Gordon and Dolores Miltenberger

    01/30/2019 07:20 AM

    Thank you for your news letter.

  • Bill Goldsby

    01/30/2019 03:00 AM

    In regards to the teaching of the Bible in school, I am 100% for it. Right now they are not even teaching the truth about American History only the Leftist view, for that matter, they have even gone so far as to hide the fact the Great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a Republican as was many others that fought for civil rights non-violently.

    Heard a great quote the other day "Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war!"

    Donald Trump

    I thought this was most fitting, with all the flak that President Trump has been getting with the recent budget developments.

  • Ginnie Stonesifer

    01/30/2019 02:01 AM

    I don't know how you keep your cool; the attacks on POTUS and Conservatives are so nasty. How can we decrease the national HATRED that is so pervasive?

  • Greg Wall

    01/30/2019 12:24 AM

    Regarding the proposed wall as being 'IMMORAL' I believe we should look at this from a different perspective. What is 'IMMORAL' is knowing that a wall will reduce the illegal flow of drugs, violent criminals, human trafficking and reduce the burden on tax payers that are required to pay the welfare, medical and educational expenses of illegal aliens AND doing nothing about it. It is 'IMMORAL' for our elected representatives to knowing subject our citizens to such risks and expense.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/29/2019 10:51 PM

    Bill Maher would be enjoyable if you truly hated good people with manners, people who help other people, people who like to wash their hair a couple times a week, really like adults that bully children and their religion and so on I think you get the picture. Bill is probably just a punk with a stick and he makes a lot of money which he supports to give 70% of it to his new government if one of his sponsors win the President's election Bill you will be a big winner for the first time in your life if that happens. I use words that I do not use around women, clergy members, children, I usually save them for our politicians and criminals excuse me 2 of the same, just as Bill does to sometimes explain how I feel. My point is I wish this lawyer the best in getting as much of these haters assets as he can. Lawyers looking for work ?here is your gold rush go get em make it a class action, do something good for your country make the haters think about their wallets before they bully kids maybe they can hold back condemning others just to fit an agenda...

  • Barbara J. Raley

    01/29/2019 10:23 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I've said it before, but you have an AMAZING ABILITY to DIGEST, then superbly encapsulate ALL the current happenings Into BRILLIANT, EASILY UNDERSTOOD, FAIR, HONEST COMMENTARY! For those of us who cannot (even seemingly) BE all the places you seem t bring to POINT for us! YOU ARE MOST APPRECIATED! MARANATHA, even so, LORD JESUS PLEASE DO COME QUICKLY! PRAISE HIM!

  • Gregory Weinman

    01/29/2019 10:06 PM

    Many think rep Pelosi voted with democrats for previous legislation including border security. She has never. She and every CA House Democrat voted against the Secure Fences Act. Some CA House Democrats supported the Immigration Control and Financial Responsibility Act but not her.

  • James B Pollan

    01/29/2019 09:53 PM

    I want to thank you for standing up for your beliefs and publishing them. My Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church, Hampton, VA is an old friend of yours. He is probably leading us now in the top 100 Baptist Churches in the U.S. and his name is Dr. Grant Etheridge. We have grown tremendously since he came and just opened our 4th Sister Church this month. I think you knew him when he was in Arkansas. Thanks again and May God continue to bless your work. James B. Pollan.

  • Debra Bradley

    01/29/2019 09:11 PM

    I enjoy your comments as you write them so the ordinary person can grasp the information. Thank you.

  • Sharon Hayden

    01/29/2019 08:37 PM

    I hope and pray President Trump stands strong. If we give in now, we will lose our country.

  • April Holthaus

    01/29/2019 08:21 PM

    Have you seen the bill on public school sexual education being heard in the Colorado Senate tomorrow? It will force kids 4th grade and up to learn how to have relations between gays, transgender and who knows what else. Sure has been quiet about that new situation.

  • Amelia Little

    01/29/2019 08:13 PM

    If the news sources I have read are correct, there are rational Democrats willing to negotiate about national security and a border wall. I wonder how many of these people voted in years past, under GWB, clinton and obama for an increase in security, and for a wall. I hope they are sane enough to recognize it's just as important today, if not more important than it was in, say, 2006--when it seems pelosi and schumer both voted for a wall.

    I wonder if pelosi thinks she will be able to come up with another reason to decide to rescind her invitation for President Trump to deliver his SOTU address. When he does give the address with one would assume all of the Senate and the House in attendance--hopefully without the smirking and twitching of pelosi and her friends--that all cameras concentrate on President Trump so WE can see his facial expressions, do our own evaluation of his sincerity. I wonder if msm will actually televise the address, or televise it in part only--with some leftist choosing what snippets to televise. Me--I wouldn't watch it on msm--because I'm pretty sure their commentators or "analysts" would be commenting all through it instead of letting the people listen to him...and they would be showing the expressions of democrats.

  • Karen Bird

    01/29/2019 08:00 PM

    I heard Kamala on Martha Mcallum. KH suggested puting congress in a locked room to look at all the "babies" that were shot with a gun. Congress needs to be locked in a room and be shown how "babies" are aborted. What's the difference? I would also like to know her definition of "rights" versus "privilege ". I also think the President should have the government's plane that carries Nancy be rerouted to the border and make her go on a ride-along without her secret service. Those Dems are making me angry.