November 9, 2017

At the link are some more results from Tuesday’s election, which should be a wake-up call for Republicans who can’t seem to pass a single agenda item that their constituents expected from them. They promised it and couldn’t do it when they owned Congress but Obama was blocking them. Now they own Congress and have a President eager to sign the bills, but they still can’t pass them. They now have less than one year to prove they can pass what they promised. I warn them, if they thought it was hard to pass a bill when they had the majority, it will be even tougher when they’re back in the minority.

On the other hand, just to inject a little perspective: all the big Democrat wins listed on this page were in blue states that are just getting bluer. In Utah, the Republican won with 58% of the vote. Also I note that Maine voted to defy their government’s decision to refuse Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. I’ve seen articles claiming that this shows voters have now embraced Obamacare and Democrats should be openly touting their support for keeping it. I’d just remind them that people in Vermont, Tennessee and California dabbled in government health care, too, and discovered the cost was far more than they expected. Before they embrace Obamacare, they might want to go to the exchanges (we’re in the open enrollment period) and see what it costs. It might be popular with those poor enough to get a full government subsidy, but not for the middle class.

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Case in point: I have some friends in Texas, a childless couple who make just enough not to qualify for a subsidy. They’re very happy with their health cost sharing ministry, but just for research, they went to to price policies. The choices they were shown (all with ridiculously high deductibles) were the cheapo Bronze Plan for an average cost of $1722 a month, the Silver plan for $2,061 a month, and the Gold Plan for $2244 a month. Obamacare may be getting more popular with some people, but for those who actually have to pay for it with their own money, it’s about as welcome as having to make two extra mortgage payments.


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  • Vernon Freeck

    11/10/2017 11:53 AM

    Let us pray everyday for our leaders that they do the will OF GOD. It is so hard to watch our reps & dems. treat our leader the way they do. I guess if your not one of the good old boys you can't play, wee this has to change

  • Moses Tracy

    11/10/2017 07:28 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,

    I just want you to know I did not say Derek Governor Huckabee in my recent response leaving you a comment to the article you wrote on the media, and I just want to add that most republicans in Congress are children of the devil especially in the Senate. this is the reason Trump's legislation hasn't passed because Trump believe it or not and this is the God's honest truth has been the only Christian president in office in America since Ronald Reagan was in office. Trump is elect all the other presidents have been non-elect and all the children of the devil in Congress and in government know full well they're Wicked and fellow brothers that is their fellow Children of the devil although they don't think of themselves this way or believe this about themselves. but believe me they fully know all their fellow wicked brothers and sisters, and they fully know those that are not like them, and evil and fully corrupt like them

  • Firewagon

    11/10/2017 05:18 AM

    “Republicans need to wake up!” I can barely think, I’m laughing so hard everything hurts & I can’t see for crying. These 3 martini lunch attendees, as you should know, have been playing Rip Van Winkle over the past fifty-odd years! Since, at least, Johnson’s “Great Society,” all of America’s cultural norms are not just in the toilet, they continue to decline and decay! That terrorist outfit, BLM, loves to chant “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE.” My lament is that that is patently true - there is no justice or peace in America today. I pray constantly for my children and theirs, because I, sadly, do not believe my children’s children will ever know of, or grow up in, The America that I did. President Trump may still have a small chance to slow the rot. Song out there says something like, “God gave me a Mtn, a Mtn I can’t climb.” After nearly an entire year in office, President Trump is practically stuck in base camp, with far too many establishment roadblocks determined to prevent, at any cost, his advancement up that Mtn! As they do say, however, “HOPE does spring eternal,” as long as there is breath.

  • Lynn Kern

    11/09/2017 08:55 PM

    What a shame our Republican Senators are so fouled up that they haven't the courage or respect for the people who sent them to Washington to do the right thing! We wanted them to "drain the swamp" so they say, but all they have done is lie, turn over our great country to liberal/socialist morons who don't want our country to survive or thrive. The push for one world government... tragic moves by our representatives. But, I know for sure and for positive that My God is still on the throne and Prayer changes things. J.Vernon McGee