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October 12, 2021

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Topics include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - 1 Chronicles 29:14
  • Google's misdirection
  • Georgia election update
  • "Rigged"
  • Sinema rests up
  • Raiders football coach quits after old emails resurface
  • Harris: Picked for a reason


Mike Huckabee


Google's misdirection

By Mike Huckabee

You might have heard that Google is going to crack down on digital ads from “climate change deniers” to stop the spread of “misinformation” about the settled science of manmade global warming.

Now, you might think that free inquiry to challenge accepted premises and see if they can be disproven is the very essence of science. I always thought one great thing about science was that if every powerful institution on Earth believed something, but one guy with a telescope could disprove it, then the institutions had to admit they were wrong. But no more. We now have Big Tech overlords who have infinite wisdom to determine what is true, just as they determined that COVID-19 came from bats in a wet market that didn’t sell bats and that Hunter Biden’s laptop was just a fictitious creation of Russian propagandists.

Joe Cunningham at believes he knows why Google is taking this censorious stand now, and it has little to do with “misinformation.” It’s more about misdirection, or distracting people from what’s really going on at Google with Internet security and how they monetize mining your personal data. Also, they know Democrats hate anyone questioning apocalyptic climate predictions because that’s their excuse for printing money, and Google wants to stay on the good side of Congress.

Read that and you won’t have to worry about Google censoring content because you’ll be using DuckDuckGo or some other privacy-protecting search engine and browsing with Brave, Firefox or anything other than Google Chrome.

Speaking of the settled science of manmade catastrophic climate change that MUST NOT BE QUESTIONED, two scientists have written a report finding that virtually all predictions of changing climate through the end of this century are based on outdated scenarios and years-old data such as CO2 emissions that are ever-changing and no longer accurate.

It’s a long and challenging read, but well worth it. And I thought I’d better point it out to you because I assume Google won’t.

Georgia election update

By Mike Huckabee

It’s nearly 2022 and we’re still getting updates on the 2020 election fiasco in Georgia. Latest news is that two Fulton County election workers have been fired for allegedly shredding hundreds of paper voter registration applications.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement, “After 20 years of documented failure in Fulton County elections, Georgians are tired of waiting to see what the next embarrassing revelation will be.” He called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the county for these alleged violations.

I’m sure Merrick Garland will get right on that, as soon as the feds finish with more pressing issues, like terrorizing parents into silence at school board meetings and constantly surveilling military members.

Quote worth highlighting: “…personal values like civil liberties and privacy will be ‘dealt with over time’ as the system evolves.”

I must be hopelessly out of tune with the times because I would assume that civil liberties and privacy would be taken into account BEFORE the government put US citizens under 24/7 surveillance.


By Mike Huckabee

Related: Mollie Hemingway, in an excerpt from her new book “Rigged,” outlines the vulnerabilities in our election system and reminds us of all the elections since 2000 that Democrats claimed were rigged up until 2020, when it suddenly became treason to suggest that election fraud might exist:

Incidentally, if thinking the 2020 election was tainted by cheating is treason, then according to the latest Rasmussen survey, 56% of likely voters are treasonous. And 65% believe that the Democrats’ push for more mail-in voting will result in even more cheating.

Sinema rests up

By Mike Huckabee

The pro-spending orgy activists who planned to harangue Sen. Kyrsten Sinema while she ran the Boston Marathon were disappointed in their efforts to make childish annoyances of themselves when she dropped out at the last minute due to continuing recovery from a broken foot.

I hope her foot heals quickly and completely, since she may need it in tip-top condition to kick male leftist protesters with cameras out of the women’s bathroom and to walk over to the other side of the aisle and switch parties.

Raiders football coach quits after old emails resurface

By Mike Huckabee

Yet another high profile person has lost a job due to old emails or texts resurfacing. Jon Gruden has quit as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders NFL team after the New York Times exposed “racist, misogynist and homophobic” emails he sent between 2010 and 2018. This story has more details and reactions:

At, Brad Slager points out that the ultra-woke sports channel ESPN employed Gruden throughout all that time. Did they really never see any of his emails, or is their outrage, like that of so many on the left, highly selective?

Harris: Picked for a reason

By Mike Huckabee

I’m beginning to suspect that the real reason Kamala Harris was picked for VP was to make Joe Biden look competent in comparison, and to dampen the inevitable calls for him to resign. Friday, while high-level talks on border security were being held with Mexico, our “border czarina” was doing a photo op in a New Jersey day care. Now, she’s popped up in a YouTube series called “Get Curious with Vice President Harris,” in which she talks about NASA to some eager kids.

The show was already getting mocked for its general quality when it backfired even more after it was revealed that the kids were professional actors, seemingly picked in auditions for their ability to pretend to be interested in what Kamala Harris was saying. And to put the cherry on top, the production company that made it is called “Sinking Ship Productions.”

I could go on but why bother when the jokes write themselves?

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Comments 1-10 of 21

  • Joyce F Birch

    10/13/2021 07:15 PM

    There were times in history when the citizens revolted against their governments, but here, the government is sucking us dry (not only in $'s) but every aspect of our lives & the future of our children & grandchildren, and we only have the ballot box. We're watching Rome burn! As big & powerful Rome was in history, it fell.

  • john roy Clark

    10/13/2021 03:12 PM

    just read that a fulton county judge dismissed the election lawsuit against Trump and others sueing for a REAL election and the reason he gave makes NO SENSE and the people who live in that county say the elections have been rigged for last 20 years against white people. the mayors have been black since I came back from Vietnam war and several have gone prison for malfeasance and theft!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/13/2021 02:00 PM

    If Leftist cowards can surround Senator Sinema because she won't knuckle under the the Blue Reich bosses than why do GOP supporters not surround her to protect her?
    after all booze and Botox Pelosi is followed around by her (all white) handmaidens for protection that she denies others.

  • Carl T Smith

    10/13/2021 12:01 PM

    Being an octogenarian gives me the perspective of having seen this movie before! The only problem is this is REAL and Socialism/Communism disguised as being Progressivism Has Never Worked because it's Not Possible. Now that is SETTLED SCIENCE I can Agree with! I was Born a Liberal and stayed in that mode until about age 35. I had survived at least 5 scenarios where death was imminent but I Survived. My Dad passed at age 50 and my world crashed then my son at age 27 succumbed to AIDS and my desolation was complete and suicide became a viable option. I did not recognize that but by the Grace of God did I survive and it took a few years of wandering in the desert of despair did the realization surface that I was placed on this earth for a reason! What was and Why was I allowed to live well past my expiration date as determined by the Insurance institute actuarial tables? Wisdom is something we have to search for and I will depart THIS life never knowing either the What or Why! I have been asked what do you want your legacy to be? Answer; Being JUDGED by my peers for what I DID, Not What I Said! Notice the capitalization of JUDGED by! Lastly, I grieve for my Grands for not being more forceful in teaching what Liberty and Freedom is and why it's Important to Fight for it!

  • Stephen Russell

    10/13/2021 10:39 AM

    Havana Syndrome:
    Comments on:
    o Mobile Unit
    o Fixed
    o Man carried.
    o mounted to other IE rifle?
    o Computer guided
    o use "beacon" in Emb for targetting
    ID source, backtrack source beam
    Wide or narrow beam


    10/13/2021 10:11 AM

    Mike, nothing was said about President Trump's mean tweets in this Newsletter but I was thinking about it and I wonder why anyone considers President Trump's tweets mean as in all actuality they are just relating the truth of the matter he is discussing. Am I to assume that people don't want to hear the truth; that they would rather hear the lies in a gaff laden drooling teleprompter speech. Hard to believe we have fallen so far that snowflakes rule.

  • Philip Kreilein

    10/13/2021 09:36 AM

    Hi Mike on the Jon Gruden incident, I saw where a Fox News contributor asked the question why did Jon Gruden get fired, but when you look at the lyrics of the songs to be performed by next year's Super Bowl Halftime artists, why are they not cancelled? I'm not condoning what Gruden did but seems there's a double standard here.

  • Jerry Korba

    10/13/2021 09:21 AM

    The MSM will not report the that Communists are in control of the White House the design in todays policies are an act to destroy America the idea of freedom in most aspects of American life and law is to transform the control to unelected people including the occupants of the Oval Office to mandate your health, how you will work, worship your God all the liberties that are God given will be destroyed like our history is being erased This Government will hurt my finances but I will tell it to pound sand till I myself turns to dust. FU biden

  • Jerry

    10/13/2021 08:14 AM

    Optics of a failing country are clear the Oval Office says it has been working for months at the port of entry well if that is a clear portrait of how the Oval Office works that compares with a shut down the Oval Office is not working the Oval Office is guilty of time card fraud

  • Linda Olds

    10/13/2021 07:50 AM

    When I heard that the kids pretending to be interested in what Kamala Harris was saying in the video about NASA were actors, I wasn't surprised. I had already been thinking that no normal kids would be responding to her "talk" the way they did.
    But Ms. Harris must be intelligent enough to know that that video was terrible even while she was making it. So why did she do it?
    That kind of activity would be more appropriate for a First Lady, or a Second Lady (or Gentleman) than for a Vice President. If she wants to separate herself from Biden, and if she wants to show that she's capable of possibly leading this country, she should take the initiative and do something serious that will help America.