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September 22, 2023

I speak of Elvis Chan, the FBI agent who was scheduled to speak before the House Judiciary Committee on September 15.  Actually, we don’t know if he even got to the building.  That interview reportedly “fell through.”

(NOTE:  News writers tend to use vague expressions such as “fell through” when they can’t or don’t want to give the pertinent details.  Phrases like this are easy for other news outlets to pick up and run with.  Another example:  Hunter Biden’s “sweetheart” plea deal “fell apart.”  That deal didn’t just “fall apart” on its own.  The same goes for Elvis Chan’s interview “falling through.”  We’ll get to the details of what happened.)

You might remember Chan from the “Twitter Files” stories as the assistant special agent in charge at the San Francisco field office who was particularly involved in social media censorship ahead of the 2020 election.  The Judiciary Committee wanted to depose him about his role on the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF), which pressured social media companies to censor online speech.  Even without his testimony, though, we can still understand a lot about the role he played from his emails and texts.

The September 15 interview was derailed because of a dispute between Judiciary Committee investigators and the DOJ.  So here’s the quick explanation of why the interview “fell apart,” according to the DAILY CALLER:  The DOJ had informed Chan that he had the option of being represented by either his personal counsel or an attorney for the DOJ.  But the DOJ brought a staff attorney for him, and that’s when the interview “fell apart.”

The DOJ, it may be presumed, did NOT want Chan testifying before the committee, because that’s the way they’ve behaved in stonewalling the committee’s requests.  The committee says now, on X, that “No amount of lies and excuses will stop the Committee from deposing FBI Agent Elvis Chan.  The American people deserve to know the full truth about the Biden censorship regime.  And they will.”

Chan has testified before, in November 2022 in the censorship lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, Missouri v. Biden.  That important lawsuit has been equal to the “Twitter Files” in unearthing deep state misconduct regarding the censorship of private companies.  We’ve learned that the FBI had weekly meetings with social media companies, demanded takedowns of specific accounts, and facilitated the suppression of stories they wanted out of the public conversation.

As described in AMERICAN GREATNESS, “Chan testified that the platforms became far more aggressive in removing alleged ‘misinformation’ during the 2020 election cycle than in previous election cycles, and they have remained so.”  With an election coming up in next year, the need to free-up the flow of information is urgent and under massive threat.

But Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan of Ohio said that Chan appeared to have lied, as internal Facebook documents show that he’d had more meetings with Facebook than he’d let on.  Jordan had the Facebook messages to prove that.  And apparently, when he was asked whether or not the Hunter Biden laptop was real, he told them “No comment,” when the FBI has known good and well that the laptop is real since at least early 2020, probably late 2019. 

When Chan failed to appear for his scheduled hearing on September 15, the House Judiciary Committee immediately fired off a subpoena compelling him to testify before the committee next month.  Jordan went public with some of what the committee already knew, such as the fact that Chan and Laura Dehmlow, section chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force, met with Facebook reps on October 14, 2020, which happened to be the SAME DAY Miranda Devine’s Hunter Biden laptop story appeared in the NEW YORK POST.  (What are the odds?)  Dehmlow and other FBI agents also spoke with Twitter executives by phone.

Dehmlow has been deposed, and she testified that when someone at Twitter asked if the laptop was authentic, one of the FBI agents on the call confirmed that it was, but another agent jumped in to cut him off and say, “no further comment.”  And from then on, the FBI’s standard answer was “no comment,” even though they’d known for about a year that it was real.

In his Missouri v. Biden testimony, Chan answered “no” when asked if he knew about any other communications between Facebook and the FBI regarding the laptop story.  But this contradicts an internal Facebook document that shows Chan took part in a follow-up phone call the very next day.  “COMPLETELY FALSE,” Jordan wrote on Twitter of his testimony.

The Judiciary Committee has been trying to interview Chan and other agents since this Congress convened in January 2021, when they sent a letter to the FBI instructing them to make these individuals available for interviews.  They got no response.  They wrote another letter in November 2022 and got no response, and another in January 2023 and got no response.  The FBI claims they didn’t know about their request until March of 2023.  In case there’s anyone left who still believes anything the FBI says, the committee has copies of the letters they sent.

The AMERICAN GREATNESS story explains in more detail how the meeting with Chan “fell apart.”  Witnesses who don’t already have personal counsel are allowed to appear before the Judiciary Committee with agency counsel to avoid the financial burden of hiring a lawyer.  But according to agency protocol, the witness may appear with either personal counsel OR agency counsel --- not both.

Chan had his own personal counsel to be inside the hearing room with him.  The FBI knew about the protocol for two weeks before Chan’s hearing but said nothing.  Then, “65 hours before the scheduled deposition,” the FBI demanded that an exception be made so Chan could appear with both personal and agency attorneys in the room.  (Obviously, they wanted their own attorneys in the room and Chan wasn’t going to give up his.)  They were back and forth on this for two days, and less than 90 minutes before the deposition was to begin, the FBI and DOJ tried to force the Committee’s hand and enter the hearing room with their own attorneys but the Committee would not allow it.  As for Chan, he did not show up.

So, with his deposition coming up next month, where is Elvis Chan now?

“Elvis...has...left the country!”



RELATED READING:  And now, a third IRS official says the ‘Justice’ Department blocked U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s authority to charge Hunter Biden in his tax/finance case.  This new whistleblower has come forward by name:  IRS Director of Field Operations Michael Batdorf.  He went to the House Ways and Means Committee on September 12.

Details and a link to the transcript of his interview are here…

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