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May 21, 2021

The New York Attorney General’s Office announced that it is joining with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in investigating the Trump Organization, and that this is no longer just a civil investigation but a criminal investigation.

Let me put that into plain English for you: “We haven’t been able to come up with any legitimate civil offense to charge the Trump Organization with, so our equally politicized state prosecutors are going to launch their own fishing expedition.”

If you think it’s coincidental that in making this monumental announcement, they failed to list any actual criminal activity of which Trump’s company is suspected, then you’re living in a fool’s paradise. This is Banana Republic territory, abusing the legal system to prosecute political opponents. Or more precisely, Stalinesque: it was Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s head of secret police, who infamously said, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” There’s a place for him in the New York “Justice” system.

As the article at the link points out, this idea that Trump is some sort of crime boss who personally keeps two sets of books is a bizarre fantasy of the left, the same one from which sprung the idea that if they could just see his income tax forms, they could prove he committed felonies. They seem to imagine him staying up till midnight on April 14th, filling out his tax forms himself. It never occurs to them that (1.) if he were going to commit felonies, he certainly wouldn’t admit it on his income tax forms, which the IRS has had for years and never brought charges over, or (2.) that the tax forms for Trump and his multinational network of companies run thousands of pages and are prepared by platoons of accountants and lawyers. They know every jot and comma of tax laws and how to take advantage of them legally.

As the article also points out, Trump undoubtedly has much better lawyers than the ones who work for the city and state, and they will be ready to legally justify every decision that’s questioned. You’d think that in a place where serious crime is skyrocketing, prosecutors might have better things to do than waste time and taxpayer money playing Captain Ahab against a political opponent who left office four months ago, and possibly driving yet another major employer out of New York. But then, you don’t have their warped priorities.

In a related story, and speaking of dumb decisions about criminal justice by blue city leaders, Baltimore is following the lead of Los Angeles and New York City in re-funding its police department with an extra $28 million.

This follows a huge surge in crime that happened after the city council defunded the police with a $22 million cut last June (who could've seen that coming?) So bottom line: Baltimore taxpayers get to pay an extra $6 million just to try to get the police department and the crime rate back to where they were before the city council caused so much pain and misery with their own stupidity.

Now that they’re re-funding the police, Baltimore voters should re-ject their city council and demand a re-fund of their salaries.

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