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September 27, 2022



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Lawsuit dismissed

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed against Attorney General Merrick Garland by a group of parents for classifying angry parents at school board meetings as potential “domestic terrorists.”

The judge ruled that the parents didn’t have standing to sue since Garland’s directives were not "regulatory, proscriptive or compulsory in nature" because they did not impose "regulations, requirements or enforcement actions" on individuals; and "none of the documents that the plaintiffs allege establish the policy create an imminent threat of future legal actions against anyone, much less the plaintiffs.”

Oh really? And how long will it be now before platoons of FBI agents are showing up to raid their houses? The judge also noted that the National School Board Association letter suggesting this be treated as a domestic terrorist situation cannot be considered the basis for Garland's directives because the NSBA is unaffiliated with the AG and Garland's memo didn’t mention the letter. Yes, we all know there was no collusion between the NSBA and the DOJ on that letter, and Garland must’ve thought of it entirely on his own. If you believe that, I have some swamp land I’d like to sell you that would be a perfect spot for a vacation home.

More details at the link above.

Surging crime

The crime surge in New Orleans is so bad that the city lost 150 police officers last year alone. They’re so understaffed to deal with all the crime that the city is appealing to civilians to fill police administrative posts, act as trained detectives and even answer “non-emergency 911” calls. And that could get dicey, considering first-degree rape is now classified as a “non-emergency.” They’re so desperate for help with all the crime, they’re even lowering the standards to join the civilian program and overlooking issues like prior marijuana use and low credit scores. What could possibly go wrong?

A reminder: Every mayor of New Orleans has been a Democrat since 1872. No, that’s not a typo: 1872.

Related story: A real estate CEO wrote a letter to the San Francisco city government, telling them he can no longer recommend that his clients move there because due to all the crime, they pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, “yet have no sense of security.” He wrote the letter after being robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight in front of his own home.

FYI: San Francisco has elected nothing but Democrats for mayor since 1964. Proving Einstein’s theses that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The Dow

As of early Tuesday, the Dow is up several hundred points. That’s good news, but it still has a long way to go after another big drop on Monday made the Dow the last major US stock index to officially enter bear market territory. Fox News reports that since Biden took office, the value of the stock market is down by $7.6 trillion. That’s equivalent to over one-quarter of the US Gross National Product.

By the way, a bear market is defined as a 20% drop from the market’s recent peak, and the Dow is down 20.5% from the record high set on January 4th. I expect the White House now to redefine “bear market” as “a market that sells bears.” But those are probably doing lousy business, too.

Prepare for a lot of liberal heads to start (figuratively) exploding

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema not only won’t back the Democrats’ call to eliminate the Senate filibuster to shove their radical agenda down America’s throat with 51 votes, she recently voiced her support for bringing back the 60-vote threshold for executive and judicial nominees.

That was the original “nuclear option” that then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid exploded, which started this destruction of minority rights. Republicans warned him at the time that it would come back to bite the Democrats, and it did when Trump started making nominations.

One of the hallmarks of today’s far-left Democrats is that they never learn from experience or history or ponder the long-term consequences; they just adopt whatever position is necessary to increase or cement their power at that instant. Sinema is a practically extinct species of Democrat who is capable of thinking long-term, and who recognizes that it’s a bad idea to strip away all the minority’s power because someday, they will be the minority.  She also recognizes that control of Congress is “likely to change again in just a few weeks.”

Naturally, she’s getting vilified again by her own side for telling hard truths to leftists who don't want to hear them. They’re apparently incapable of recognizing that you might be able to intimidate people into not speaking the truth – temporarily – but you can’t outlaw the truth. Eventually, it will build up so high, it will come tumbling out and crush you, just as it did the Soviet Union.

Snowden news

After ten years in exile in Moscow, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has been granted Russian citizenship by Vladimir Putin.

Snowden leaked files revealing the NSA’s wide-ranging surveillance operations in 2013, which caused him to be hailed as a heroic whistleblower by some and a danger to national security by others. The US government has been trying to get him back for years to try him for espionage. This could make that even more difficult, but it’s unclear whether he’s renounced his US citizenship or now has dual citizenship. 

The Babylon Bee

One thing that’s been true since the dawn of time is that tyrants can’t tolerate being laughed at. That’s why today’s leftist totalitarians are so frantic to shut down the Babylon Bee, the satirical site that brilliantly and hilariously skewers their utter insanity.

The Bee has been subjected to endless assaults, from ridiculous “fact-checks” of its clearly fake news stories to being barred from TikTok (couldn’t be because of the brutal satire of the Chinese government, could it?) and banned from Twitter because one of its jokes triggered “trans” activists. But recently, the humor site was attacked in a way that could have proven as devastating as the sudden deplatforming of

Bob Hoge at reports that a few months ago, Bee founder Seth Dillon was notified by their email server that their service was being terminated immediately for “allegedly violating their user conduct policy,” which prohibits a number of things, including “hateful speech” and “harassment and bullying.” ( told the Washington Times that it “does not comment on specific customers nor its internal decisions about relationships with its customers.”)

Dillon said that within minutes of receiving the notification, they could neither send nor receive emails. They had to scramble for weeks to keep their business going, but they seem to have it ironed out now -- I hope permanently.

The Bee’s statement reads, “It probably comes as no surprise that Front is run by a group of woke, left-wing tech elitists. Just like Twitter, Facebook, The New York Times, Snopes, and the many other companies that have attacked us, they simply can’t abide satire that dares to mock their left-wing orthodoxy. So they orchestrated their attack to do the most damage they possibly could.”

Granted, I haven’t heard Front’s side of this since they refused to give it, but it strikes me that any company that would yank a customer’s email service on zero notice is not a company that anyone can depend on. I don’t like calling for boycotts, but for your own protection, if you currently depend on Front, it might be prudent to find another email service provider ASAP.

Incidentally, Seth Dillon was my guest on “Huckabee” on TBN just last week, and we talked about how the left is killing humor and satire. Or trying to, at least. If you missed that interview or would like to see it again, just click here:

Guns in California

In Patterson, California, a man with a history of alcohol abuse tried to force his way into a couple’s home at around 10 p.m. The husband tried to stop him, but the intruder fought him quite violently. Unfortunately for him, the wife had a gun, which she fetched and “fired all rounds” into the home invader, who was pronounced dead on the scene. Police made no arrests and said preliminary findings indicated that it was “strictly self-defense.” By sheer chance, the wife had purchased the gun one day before.

I think we can count them among Californians who don’t support a 10-day waiting period.

Think Twice

Here’s yet another story that suggests that electric vehicles are fine if you live in a city with a five-mile commute and lots of charging stations. But if you live in a big state where you have to drive a lot and haul heavy loads, you’d better think twice before going electric.


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  • Curt DeWhitt

    09/28/2022 10:09 PM

    You want to sell me swamp land for a vacation home? I lived within 60 miles of Washington, D.C. for 17 years. Inside the Beltway is the last place I would dare to live—even for a week!

  • joe reynolds

    09/28/2022 08:32 PM

    Perhaps vladimer putin will induct snowden ( no caps) into the army to fight Ukraine.

  • David Smith

    09/28/2022 02:09 PM

    Something I have said to many over the past year or so is what happens to an electric vehicle owner in south Florida when he has to evacuate. He cannot get off the peninsula without a charge and in the case of Ian, one pretty much has to get off the peninsula. Chances are he not only does get off the peninsula, but he also plugs the highway for others.

  • stephen russell

    09/28/2022 11:43 AM

    Animal Control: Same polices:
    Wildlife kills, injures your pet BUT they wont trap or kill said wildlife
    To ALL Pet parents in audience
    Is this nationwide

  • C. Martin

    09/27/2022 09:45 PM

    "Sen. Kyrsten Sinema not only won’t back the Democrats’ call to eliminate the Senate filibuster to shove their radical agenda down America’s throat with 51 votes, she recently voiced her support for bringing back the 60-vote threshold for executive and judicial nominees."

    Perhaps she got a wake-up call about giving in to the whims of the Radical Left after watching Manchin tank his own career?

  • Anne Turner

    09/27/2022 09:41 PM

    I think one reason the Dems don’t think about future consequences is that they cannot imagine a situation where they are no longer in charge.

    If the GOP does prevail in .November, the would be ill-advised to try to impeach Biden. It would fuel the idea that that conservatives are mean spirited and vindictive. Besides we would get .Kamala.

    They would be better of having televised hearings requiring the FBI, the military, etc. leadership justify their actions. Ask those questions not permitted in the .Jan 6 hearings. They should also grill Fauci, the NIH. And CDC about the origins of the .Covid virus and their decisions.

    Why don’t pro-life organizations run TV videos of 4-6 month fetus sonograms. No commentary necessary. They look like babies to me, as in human beings. One picture is worth a lot of words. How about pictures of aborted fetuses after 15 weeks?