February 1, 2019

The most startling part of the far-left’s fixation on late-term abortion is the coldness with which they discuss it.

Because of the newly-passed New York legislation, the conversation right now seems to be focused on how far into a pregnancy an abortion should be allowed to take place –- measuring the time in weeks –- though when you think about it, the outcome for the baby is exactly the same no matter when in the gestation period it occurs, which is to say “gone, baby, gone.” The procedure for an early abortion might be relatively less gruesome, and it might not involve pain for the doomed baby, but either way, in the end, this human being is deprived of life. It is snuffed out.

Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, as I have never given birth or even been pregnant, but I’m a pretty empathetic person and am going to speculate here. In the very beginning of a pregnancy, especially for someone very young, nine months might seem like an eternity, a real life-disrupter, and someone who has reduced the baby in her mind to nothing more than a small, undifferentiated tissue mass, like a lima bean, might just want it gone, excised as one would remove a benign tumor. In such a case, for her to undergo a change of heart would require a new and profound awareness that this is a UNIQUE LIFE, with its own DNA. She --- and those around her --- might be too skilled in the art of self-delusion to allow even the contemplation of that truth, let alone the acknowledgement.

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But what if the abortion doesn’t happen right away? It seems to me that the longer someone has been pregnant and the closer she is to delivery (and the more she’s felt the baby move), the more likely she might be to say, “Oh, well, it’s only a few more weeks now. I’ve come this far. I can tough this out, go ahead and have the baby and let someone adopt it who really wants one. Either way, at this point I’m going to have to go through a major medical procedure anyway, so why not just have the baby?”

I was a premature baby --- born almost a month early. Very tiny. I’ve been told that when we all got home from the hospital and I was being bathed, my daddy said, “She looks like an organism.” I must have been about the size of some of these late-term fetuses that are harvested for their tiny body parts. So it gives me a chill to hear those Planned Parenthood tapes.

But, anyway, I just can’t understand: when you’re that far along, why kill the baby? If the baby has a very serious physical abnormality, it’s probably not going to survive long no matter what care it receives; in that case, nature will have its way. Otherwise, why not let it have its chance in this world? The pregnancy is over, so not to give this new life a chance seems like the most heartless thing a person can do.

I just don’t understand why adoption isn’t a more popular option. When I was a little girl, my best friend was adopted. She was the only adopted kid I knew.  I never learned her story –- perhaps she didn’t, either --- but if it was a case of her mother not being able to keep her, I have to think how wonderful it was that she was allowed to exist.

On the other hand, when I see the statistics on how many babies are aborted in a given year, it boggles my mind. I used to wonder how we could even accommodate so many more people until I read an article in The Atlantic from December called “Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?” by Kate Julian. Now, this article is only peripherally about population; it’s mostly about the reasons people seem to be having less and less sex these days. And, as there are many, many reasons for that, the article is incredibly long. (In fact, it should have been called “Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Sex And Were Sorry You Asked.”) So instead of linking to the entire article, I’m just going to share the relevant part here, the part about population. It seems that here in America, we’re not even managing to reproduce ourselves…


When toys “r” us announced this spring—after saying it had been struggling because of falling birth rates—that it would be shutting down, some observers mordantly remarked that it could be added to the list of things that Millennials had destroyed.

Societal changes have a way of inspiring generational pessimism. Other writers, examining the same data I’ve looked at, have produced fretful articles about the future; critics have accused them of stoking panic. And yet there are real causes for concern. One can quibble—if one cares to—about exactly why a particular toy retailer failed. But there’s no escaping that the American birth rate has been falling for a decade.

At first, the drop was attributed to the Great Recession, and then to the possibility that Millennial women were delaying motherhood rather than forgoing it. But a more fundamental change may be under way. In 2017, the U.S. birth rate hit a record low for a second year running. Birth rates are declining among women in their 30s—the age at which everyone supposed more Millennials would start families. As a result, some 500,000 fewer American babies were born in 2017 than in 2007, even though more women were of prime childbearing age. Over the same period, the number of children the average American woman is expected to have fell from 2.1 (the so-called replacement rate, or fertility level required to sustain population levels without immigration) to 1.76. If this trend does not reverse, the long-term demographic and fiscal implications will be significant.

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Surprised? I was. And this is at a time when people who WANT children and have the financial means to pursue it are going to heroic lengths with fertility treatments, petrie dishes and such to try to conceive and carry a baby to term. It’s hard to understand why more women with unwanted pregnancies don’t allow their babies to live and be adopted. What’s a few more months when it means a child doesn’t have to be killed?

But, emotionally speaking, we as a culture seem to be going through a kind of Ice Age, with hearts as frozen as Chicago has been this week. Leftists cheer and celebrate the idea of abortion that 's been unrestricted to the point of infanticide.  How politicians can be so matter-of-fact on the issue of what to do with a tiny newborn baby that’s struggling to live, I don’t know.

I get more and more of this iciness from leftists. The one real emotion they seem capable of is anger. Wow, they can be cold on issues such as this. (If they ever do take charge of health care, I shudder to think how soon the rationing will start.) I find their hardness curious, because people on the left have traditionally liked to think of themselves as the compassionate ones, the ones who fight for the little guy. There is no one more oppressed than that little guy or girl trying to be born, that baby who will be lucky to get out of the delivery room alive.


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  • Donna Bogema

    02/08/2019 10:55 AM

    Wow, what a thoughtful article regarding the falling birthrate in America. Only God knows what these aborted babies could have contributed. And the option of allowing one’s baby to live and of giving that “unwanted” child to a loving couple to adopt—how that needs to be considered as a loving solution for these women in a crisis situation. I pray that our growing “culture of death” will be replaced by a reverence for the life of every person from conception till death.

  • Darrell Hover

    02/04/2019 04:38 PM

    I wish someone would ask these politicians a question... What IF your mother had chose to have an abortion? Nancy Pelosi would not be Speaker of the House. Chuck Schumer would not be New York Senator.


    02/03/2019 05:32 PM

    Loved the Ainsworth article. You might want to google Angie and Todd Smith. The video is one many of your readers would like to see. They knew Audrey Caroline was not expected to survive but they let her be born anyway. For two and a half hours her parents and older sisters gave her all the love possible and have no regrets. Audrey Bunny is one of Angie's books. Another is Seamless, for new Christians who may feel overwhelmed by the Bible. It's a summary for beginners of the whole Bible, a Lifeway study for women but the whole family or your church youth could see the video and follow the book.

  • william fuhrer

    02/03/2019 12:12 PM

    HIPPOCRATIC OATH CHALLENGE: FIRST DO NO HARM. The Hippocratic Oath came in the fifth and third centuries BEFORE CHRIST isn't it time that all Christians FIRST DO NO HARM and BAN abortion

  • jack lawhun

    02/02/2019 09:39 PM


  • jack lawhun

    02/02/2019 09:38 PM


  • David Arthur Kosinski

    02/02/2019 12:06 AM

    "Democrat's Selective Outrage." I share the Democrats' outrage over Governor Ralph Northam's hateful Year book photo, but am stunned by their utter silence regarding his chilling description about a baby born alive that may yet be killed. There's a term to describe this kind of irrational's called schizophrenia!

  • Sandra Kroeplin-Lilleoien

    02/01/2019 06:07 PM

    I’ll start by saying, I was 16 years old when I got pregnant. Did I worry about what people would say? Sure! I grew up in a rural ND town in the 80s and early 90s. It was unheard of at the time... that is, having a high school junior coming to school pregnant.
    She was born March 10, 1993.
    She saved my life. She changed the trajectory of my life.
    Did I consider abortion? No. Did it cross my mind? Only in the fear that my parents would make me get one. Did they bring it up? I remember it like it was yesterday. My Dad said, “we are relieved that you aren’t getting an abortion.”

    A family member was brutally raped. In college. In her dorm room. She had the baby. He is the center of her life. Now he is an adult who served in the military.

    My point to all this is that I understand the impact having a child when you aren’t ready to be a parent can have. I overcame it in a small, judgmental town.
    I really don’t know how ANYONE can CHOOSE to kill their unborn baby. I really don’t. Adoption is an option for those who aren’t ready. Many people waiting to adopt babies.

    Please, consider introducing a bill that would make adoptions affordable and easier for families who wish to adopt. We would have adopted after I had health problems that cost me my ability to have more children. I was 27 when I had a hysterectomy. There are loving couples and families who would adopt in a heartbeat if they can cut all the red tape. Background checks? Fingerprints? Home visits? No problem. $15,000-30,000 can be a problem for most people.


  • Robert McFate

    02/01/2019 05:41 PM

    Maybe people should learn about the Declaration of Independence. You know the part at that that says we have certain UNALIENABLE right,that among these are LIFE.... These people want to deny one of the principal on which this county was founded!

  • Cynthia Pacheco

    02/01/2019 05:03 PM

    Amen, Laura, amen.

  • Connie Kelly

    02/01/2019 04:57 PM

    Appreciate you taking on the immoral abortion issue. You are right , there is such a anger against men, tradtional life , the government and life in general. You no longer have to work to survive in this world so there is not real value in life

  • Phyllis Murrell

    02/01/2019 04:28 PM

    Much of the world has little regard for the value of an individual. Only the teachings of Christianity and Judaism stress the inestimable value of each soul. As the Left seeks to eliminate God from everything, they may also be eliminating the capacity to care for one another.

  • Henry Sherwood

    02/01/2019 03:10 PM

    Satanic gendered MURDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

  • Diana Sneddon

    02/01/2019 02:46 PM

    Laura Ainsworth's article in support of adoption is sound advice for any new Mother who is dithering about having an abortion. The Constitution's promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was written for ALL Americans, not just for adults! The crime of infanticide must be stopped. We have lost countless future lives to simply accommodate the empty, selfish desires of Mothers who have no heart to even save their own offspring who are designed by their own DNA and furthered by Planned Parenthood's inconsciounable greedy, money grubbing coffers.

  • Elaine Liming

    02/01/2019 02:44 PM

    I have not understood why the Catholics in Congress have been so happy by the Abortion Law in New York state. Mother Theresa always said do all things with love as ones' motivation. She coined the phrase for abortion believers as the "culture of death". Death to me is the evil one at work, I believe the evil one has entered the bodies of people in our government, our country, and even in my Catholic Church and other communities.
    Jesus is Light, Jesus is Love. Jesus has commanded us to do LOVE. Love God with your whole heart and soul, mind and body and love your neighbor as you love yourself. The Hate that is visible in our country to me is the evil one at work. I believe if this continues we will reap what is be sowed because we didn't Love enough to show others that in the end Judgement is mine says the Lord. We must pray for these lost souls that the evil one is at work in and ask God to help them to see the Light. He has already defeated the evil one. But the evil one is still at work because he needs company for himself in Hell. We must be praying and loving for God to help us now.

  • William Guice

    02/01/2019 02:11 PM

    Presuming Planned Parenthood (???) funding continues, can we propose that equal funding be approved to support adoption programs?
    Two other, unrelated. ideas:
    1. A change in the current law requiring, in the event of a budget-related government shutdown, that the President, Vice-President, and all members of Congress be required to remain in session, without pay, until a budget is approved and in place. It could also, perhaps, include a requirement that the current budget remain in force until a new one is approved, allowing government employees to continue doing their jobs and being paid.
    2. A law prohibiting any rider or amendment to any bill before Congress unless that rider/amendment pertains directly to the subject of the bill.

  • Harold Levi

    02/01/2019 02:09 PM

    Abortion is nothing less than murder!! Life begins at conception, just ask the Chinese or, heaven forbid, ask God. Just remember, if you think abortion is ok, then God is going to get you for that.

  • Lisa Ford

    02/01/2019 01:51 PM

    Agreed. But add another piece to the puzzle. God always provides. All these job personnel shortages that we have & getting degreed people from other countries. Makes one wonder, just how much of God's provisions we have killed. And not only that, blood sacrifices to the devil with each one. Murder is sin. Sin is what separates us from God. We have 2 choices. Worship & honor God or Worship & honor the devil. We can only do those 2 things. If people say they honor themselves. Well, sorry. Selfishness is a sin.

  • Bonnie Reynolds

    02/01/2019 01:24 PM

    This America displayed in the media is frightening and I fear for the future. Prayer and SILENCE NO MORE. We must adopt OReilly's motto of "Take your country back!" I appreciate your efforts, Mike! Thank you.

  • Robin Durham

    02/01/2019 01:00 PM

    Laura, you are my hero! When are people going to WAKE UP to the left’s tactics?
    I’m shocked at articles like the one you mentioned in Atlantic. When I was growing up, sex was saved for marriage. Our religious background made that possible; never did I look back and say, “Gee, I wish I’d started having sex in jr. high school!”
    Keep on writing. You know how most of us feel. Thanks!

  • Kathleen Wood

    02/01/2019 12:53 PM

    Ronald Reagan wrote a book called "Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation". The book is very difficult to get but can still be ordered. I recommend buting all the copies you can afford and passing them out to friends. There is a slippery slope of denying the dignity and sanctity of a human being. This caused human slavery and lack of civil rights to blacks, terror for Native Americans, and now abortion. A woman is unique in that she can carry ANOTHER human life in her womb. She also uniquely has a responsibility, therefore, to cherish and care for it. Cold blooded murder of another human being is morally wrong no matter how you redefine it. This is what we do to a baby in abortion. Science can prove the human being begins at conception now, whereas we did not have that scientific proof 50 years ago through dna, ultrasound and other finely tuned medical technologies. Let's change this in America. Let's agree that everyone has "the right to life" as our founding fathers penned, that all (human beings) are created equal and are guarenteed this inalienable right. If you are not familiar with the famous words of the Declaration of Indepensance or our Constitution, for the sake of freedom and liberty READ them! If you are a male, please stand up to the feminist bullies. You are not toxic. You need to take a stand because your babies are the ones we are talking about. It is your child too not just a woman's. Don't forfeit your rights of free speech and be shamed into silence. And for Heaven's sake VOTE!

  • Melana MacLeod

    02/01/2019 12:42 PM

    I completely agree with a "women's right to choose"....but....make your "choice" BEFORE a child is conceived. Because, at that point, the unborn has it's own set of rights the right to life. I'm pretty sure that if that baby was given a "choice" it would choose to live. If YOU make a mistake understand that mistakes have consequences. Your mistake should not give you the right to end another's life. That is murder pure and simple.

  • james randolph

    02/01/2019 12:42 PM

    Excellent piece of sarcasm / satire by Matt Walsh on post-birth abortion rights...
    If your teenager causes you "health issues" ... abort ...

  • Jo Ann Hunter Gippner

    02/01/2019 11:55 AM

    My question is "Where does ANY female or male think it is their body" ? Did not our one True God create them, as well as created their parents and any egg or sperm involved. ? Would like an answer please. Jo Ann