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October 20, 2022

Midterm Election Day is just 19 days away, early voting is already underway in many states, and a new Morning Consult poll finds that a staggering 93% of Americans are concerned about inflation and the economy. Also, 64% say Biden’s economic and energy policies are either somewhat or very responsible for inflation.

But it is good to see that despite such grim poll news for Democrats, Biden is still able to keep his sense of humor and make us all laugh. Like yesterday, when he announced he was releasing another 15 million barrels from our depleted Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gas prices, then socked home the punchline, “It’s not politically motivated at all.”

And of course, every good comic has a topper, so Biden zinged, “Let’s debunk some myths: My administration has not stopped or slowed U.S. oil production.” When you stop laughing until your sides hurt, read this:

And then this. It’s about a study from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity that estimates Biden’s restrictions on the oil and gas industry are costing Americans $100 billion a year due to higher prices on energy and goods dependent on energy. Sorry, didn't mean to kill the laughter.

While the polls all seem to be trending in the GOP’s direction, I’ll once again remind Republicans not to be like the rabbit that thought the race was won and laid down to take a nap before reaching the finish line. Keep working as if we’re down by 10 in the polls, because we need massive margins of victory to make the point that we have a mandate to start reversing the horrendous damage caused by two years of all-Democrat misrule (and of course, to overcome the margin of totally nonexistent voter fraud.)

But let’s be honest, the polls don’t look like this because the GOP has done such a great job of selling its positions to the public, although some candidates are very good. If there is a red wave, it won’t be so much because the Republicans made a big splash as because the Democrats did a belly-flop. The Democrats are handing this election to the Republicans by being so arrogant, so incompetent, so power-hungry and so totally out of touch with and completely disdainful of the problems and concerns of everyday Americans. Not since the Three Stooges went into the plumbing business has such a disaster ensued from entrusting a responsible job to such a pack of knuckleheads.

The Republicans should understand that if they’re given big majorities, it’s not because the American people suddenly fell in love with them. It’s because the other guys screwed up so badly, they turned to the Republicans to rescue the nation. So don’t be like the Democrats and start acting like you’re entitled to power like royalty. If you don’t want to be washed out of office by the next wave, get to work on day one acting like lifeguards.

And if your friends and family or undecided voters want to sign up for my new "Spread the Word" series of messages like this one, have them sign up here: There are no fundraising emails, just messages like this to help educate voters about the choices we face as a country.

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  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/20/2022 05:24 PM

    WELL SAID Mike. That is all.