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October 26, 2022



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Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20

Fetterman shock


Before I get into the details of last night’s shocking Pennsylvania Senate debate between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz, I want to say something that needs to be said and repeated far and wide:

What we saw last night was not merely a sad display of someone struggling to do something he was clearly not capable of, it was also a live televised expose of a major conspiracy to commit election fraud on the voters of Pennsylvania.

I don’t blame Fetterman himself. It’s possible that he’s not even aware of how impaired he really is. Maybe in his mind, what he’s saying seems perfectly lucid. But the people around him, his wife and campaign team, obviously knew better. This is why they tried to lower expectations the day before the debate. It’s also why they tried to avoid a debate at all until they were pressured into it by even the liberal media outlets. 

Even then, they delayed it as long as possible in hopes of racking up the maximum number of early votes before the public discovered the truth (this is another reason why I don’t like early voting and urge people to wait until they know everything that’s going to come out.)

As one commentator pointed out, that was Fetterman at his absolute best. That was him after months of therapy and recuperation, with weeks of debate prep, the questions written out for him on a 70-inch monitor, and the chance to rehearse with the monitor. Even with every possible advantage, that was the best he could do. Imagine what he must be like when it isn’t all teed up for him and he hasn’t had weeks of rehearsal.

And the people closest to him KNEW that. They knew this man was incapable of doing the job, but they tried to hide that fact from voters. If you voted early for Fetterman based on their false assurances that he was completely fine except for a tiny auditory processing problem, wouldn’t you be furious at being hoodwinked? Maybe you’d like your ballot back so you could change it. Tough luck, sucker! It’s too late now.

I never again want to hear some Democrat pushing the ridiculous notion that there’s no such thing as election fraud (or that it exists only when a Democrat loses an election.) The next time someone says that to me, I’ll dare them to go to YouTube and watch this entire debate all over again. I can’t think of better evidence of naked election fraud, or a more painful punishment to have to endure.



The Pennsylvania Senate Debate

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Now, let’s get into last night’s debates, because there were several that made news, even if only one was the political equivalent of the Hindenburg disaster. That was the Pennsylvania Senate debate between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Right off the bat, let me state something that’s getting buried: Dr. Oz did very well. He came across as serious, well-prepared, articulate and sincere in both his conservative principles and his desire to serve the voters and help get America back on the right course. And he kept his cool and his patience when dealing with a very trying opponent, which is a key aspect of the job. He should make a fine Senator for Pennsylvania. And judging from the huge post-debate surge in his direction on the electoral betting markets, that just became the most likely outcome.  

As for Fetterman, where to start? His campaign tried desperately to lower expectations before the debate, but the universal consensus is that they didn’t lower them nearly enough. His very first words to the audience were, “Hi. Good night, everybody.” And unlike Groucho Marx singing, “Hello, I must be going,” it wasn’t a joke. In fact, it was all downhill from there.

His answers were so incoherent that after the moderator asked why Fetterman hadn’t released his medical records, his follow-up question was to simply repeat the original question, in hopes that a second stab at it might actually produce an answer.  

Twice during the debate, Fetterman burst out with interruptions of Oz, including shouting, “You want to cut Social Security!” during Oz’s closing statement, a major breach of debate rules. This implies that he’s not only suffering cognitive and communications problems, but also a lack of self-control.

I’m not even going to try typing out all the baffling word salad answers (the ZeroHedge blog compiled a lot of clips in the link above), but suffice to say that Fetterman doesn’t merely have a minor auditory problem. He cannot communicate coherently, and apparently isn’t even aware that what he’s saying is gibberish.

I’m not criticizing him for that. The man had a stroke and is obviously not well. I sincerely pray for him to make a full recovery, but it’s obvious now that he’s far from that point. He should be concentrating on recuperation and therapy. The people around him should be making that a priority instead of pressing him into a stressful political campaign for a demanding job like United States Senator that he’s clearly not capable of handling.

Even many liberal commentators had to admit they were shocked by how badly Fetterman did, calling it sad, painful and embarrassing to watch, and saying that people who criticized NBC reporter Dasha Burns for mentioning his problems during their interview owe her an apology.

Despite that televised disaster, Fetterman’s supporters are trying desperately to spin it as a win. His campaign claims he did “remarkably well,” better than he did during the primary, and they’re “thrilled” with his performance (bear in mind, these people have had a LOT of experience lying in recent months.) Some are accusing those who expressed shock at his condition of being “ableist,” since calling someone an “-ist” of some sort is their go-to response when they’ve got nothing else.

For the record: it’s not “ableist” to reject someone for a job who is obviously unable to do that job. It would be ableist to deny someone a desk job because he’s in a wheelchair. It would be insane to hire that person as an NFL running back.   

Fetterman tried to blame his poor performance on the giant monitor showing him the questions, claiming it had typos, errors and glitches. But the questions weren't the problem; it was his answers that were full of typos, errors and glitches. Besides, the moderator rejected that claim, saying that the monitors (which were installed to help Fetterman) performed as planned, and that Fetterman was given two chances to rehearse with them, but took only one.

In the end, no amount of spinning, denials or appeals for sympathy can overcome the now glaringly obvious fact that Fetterman cannot serve in the US Senate. And shame on the people who are pressuring and exploiting him and trying to bamboozle Pennsylvania voters just because they’re so hungry for power.


The New York and Michigan Gubernatorial Debates

In the New York Governor’s race debate, Republican Lee Zeldin said Gov. Kathy Hochul can’t explain why New York leads the nation in population loss, but it’s “because their wallets, their safety, their freedom, and the quality of their kids’ education are under attack.” Zeldin also kept up his criticism of Hochul for doing nothing to bring down New York’s skyrocketing crime rate, which has been caused by idiotic liberal policies like cutting the police while doing away with bail and emptying the jails of criminals, who are immediately released if they’re arrested at all.

Hochul finally attempted a Hail Mary pass to look as if she’s doing something about crime, but many analysts say it’s just a Band-Aid and the problem won’t be solved by paying cops overtime, putting more cameras on subways to record the carnage, and passing gun laws to disarm law-abiding citizens, so they can’t even protect themselves when the cops don’t protect them.

Perhaps the pivotal moment in this race came during the debate when Zeldin said, “She still hasn’t talked about locking up anyone committing any crimes,” and in a stunning display of liberal bubble obliviousness, Hochul replied, “Anyone who commits a crime under our laws…has consequences. I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

As Nick Arama at says in the linked article, “If Hochul can’t even understand why locking up criminals is important to the people of New York, what is she even doing in office?” Let’s hope that’s a mistake that will soon be corrected.  

In the Michigan Governor’s debate, Republican Tudor Dixon blasted Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on a number of issues, from her authoritarian COVID lockdowns and school shutdowns to gas taxes to her support for unrestricted abortion, including removing parental consent for minors.

Frankly, after the way Whitmer overstepped her power with tyrannical rule during the pandemic, I can’t understand why any Michigan voter would want more of it, unless they’re masochists or victims of Stockholm Syndrome.

AINSWORTH: On gender appropriation, the new blackface

by Laura Ainsworth, staff writer/researcher
When so-called progressives judge the beliefs and behavior of people who lived in times past and find them so egregious that they pull down statues and rename schools, I like to imagine how their own beliefs and behavior will be thought of in the years to come. How will these hold up when viewed by generations hence? It seems to me that the attitudes and ‘art’ forms leftists in 2022 mandate as expressions of their ideological purity will likely be seen as shockingly offensive, and I hope they will be.

I refer specifically to the practice of performing in drag. (Those of us who already find this shockingly offensive are just ahead of our time.) And by “drag,” I’m not talking about the centuries-old contrivance of an actor artfully impersonating a woman…

...but the cartoonishly in-your-face, exaggerated, hypersexed, slutty drag that is currently in vogue at children’s birthday parties and suburban libraries. As a woman, a biological woman, I find this obscene “gender appropriation” horrifying and grotesque.

I’m not the sort of person who goes around looking for reasons to be offended. It takes a lot to offend me. And I speak as someone who once bought a ticket to a drag show in San Francisco. (It was kind of tawdry and underwhelming, actually; I thought it would be more fun.) I hail from the theatre and cabaret world and can easily imagine myself playing the lead in VICTOR/VICTORIA. But the vulgar stereotype of women being paraded onstage today is in some ways very much like the old theatrical ‘art’ of blackface, as staged with giant ridiculous watermelons and the backdrop of an endless cotton field.

I’ve been putting this type of drag show in the same category as blackface for some time and honestly thought I was alone in doing so. But lately I see that it’s a thing, and is being called by its detractors “womanface.” How did I miss this? Here it is in the Urban Dictionary, where it has been since September of 2020:

To me, though, this term doesn’t fully capture the vulgarity of what this practice does to femaleness. Blackface at least primarily focuses on the face –- which is bad enough –- but these drag performers manage to find find lewd ways to distort and degrade virtually every aspect of the female form. It’s just insulting.

In yesterday’s newsletter, we linked to a piece by Brandon Morse in REDSTATE called “The Rise of Womanface and the Glorification of Mental Illness,” which featured a social media influencer named Dylan Mulvaney who enjoys documenting his/her “girlhood” online. (It’s a gross caricature; no actual girl I’ve ever met is nearly this frivolous.) This is the person whose popularity on TikTok got him featured in an interview video by cosmetics superstore Ulta and even led to an invitation to the White House to meet President Biden, who apparently has solved all the nation’s problems related to crime, the border, inflation, the supply chain, China, the war in Ukraine and so much else that you’d think would’ve taken precedence.

The Ulta promotion featuring Mulvaney did not go over well, to say the least. The trans community might “buy a lot of product,” as someone in the industry laughingly told me, but they can’t make up for the loss of business Ulta will suffer for pushing this on its increasingly irritated female clientele.

It's not coming from a place of hate or bigotry for me to say that Dylan Mulvaney is a biological male who identifies as a “girl” and chooses to live as one. I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying it. But I’d be banned from TikTok –- that’s a hypothetical; I would NEVER be on TikTok –- for saying it, though it’s simply the truth, as surely as 2+2=4. And though he carries feminine hygiene products in his purse --- I am not kidding --- he does not need them (except emotionally) and will not get pregnant.  Our society is suddenly contorting itself so hard to indulge the feelings and delusions of transgender people that scientific fact is treated as bigotry. Even doctors are “minded” to make sure they stick to the script and don’t risk their medical licenses. We’ve bent over so far backwards that we risk permanent damage to our spines, those of us who still have spines.

It’s time to stand up to this oppression. No one gets to tell me how to think or speak on this or any other issue. Mulvaney calls women who accuse him of gender appropriation “transphobes,” but he’s got it wrong. If I were afraid of transgender people or transgenderism, I WOULDN’T be speaking up. The real transphobes are the ones going along.  And calling me names like “transphobe” while accusing ME of bigotry and hate doesn’t make any sense –- it just calls attention to his own biases.

Here’s what Morse had to say about “womanface”: “It’s the comparison to the very frowned upon ‘blackface’ that the left will selectively cancel people over depending on where they are on the political spectrum. The only difference between womanface and blackface is that one concerns race and the other concerns gender. They’re both a mockery of the thing they’re acting as, is a social faux pas, and the other is encouraged to the point of being a protected identity.”

He also said this: “Like a small napkin over a massive pile of garbage, ‘womanface’ advocates like Mulvaney are being used as a pleasant and seemingly harmless front to cover a highly dangerous and quickly spreading mind virus that is killing our society. It has every intention to normalize itself in today’s youth and, sadly, is making a lot of progress...Mulvaney represents something incredibly toxic to both society and the individual. He is attempting to normalize a sickness that could disrupt society’s understanding of basic nature and the natural order and do serious harm to those who buy into the delusion.”

Here’s a good commentary on the White House’s silly pandering to Mulvaney and other TikTok influencers. We learn from this that Mulvaney has become quite the celebrity and was even invited to speak at the Forbes “Power Women’s Summit.” He wore a cute little midriff top.

It seems that once again, the left wants to have it both ways. Feminism taught us that stereotypical behavior such as playing dress-up and styling Barbie’s hair had nothing to do with biological gender. Having different toys for boys and girls was seen as societally wrong; toy departments even tried to mix it up. But in 2022, if a boy gravitates towards “female” gender stereotypes, it must mean he’s not a boy at all but, “deep down,” forever and always, a girl. Which is it?

One thing that’s true of a lot of (real) women, myself included: We tend to be the pleasers, the accommodators, the ones who try to go along, to smooth things over --- until it gets to be too much, and then we finally just boil over. It’s clear in this case that we’ve been shoved to the back of the bus in favor of particularly loud identity groups. And we’re being lectured to about how we’re supposed to feel about it. But there’s one thing that every (real) man knows from experience: NEVER tell a woman how she’s supposed to feel.

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Voting is already underway in the midterm elections. We know now what the Democrats’ final appeal to voters is: “Don’t elect the Republicans because they’re fascists, and they’ll make the economic disaster we created even worse somehow!” That’s not only not a very good sales pitch, it’s also a transparent and desperate lie.

So to help them out, Victoria Taft at PJ Media compiled a closing argument for the Democrats for the 2022 midterms, reminding us of everything they’ve done to…I mean, “for”…America since taking power in January of 2021.

I must admit, it’s quite an impressive list. Who ever imagined that just one political party could do so much damage in so short a time? There’s so much here, you might have actually forgotten some of it, even if it traumatized you at the time. So please, share it with any voters you know who might actually be thinking of reelecting these people, to remind them why that would be a crazy idea. 

None of this is going to get fixed if the Democrats stay in power because the entire reason that it’s all broken is that they got into power in the first place.


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  • Paul Schaber

    10/27/2022 04:40 PM

    All the debates on Tuesday where a complete disaster especially in Pennsylvania. My opinion the only reason that Fetterman is still in the race is that when he has the next medical disaster and no longer able to hold the job look for his wife to be appointed to replace him.

  • Becky Jantzen

    10/26/2022 03:35 PM

    Re: The PA senate race - Since I live here, I've been inundated with ads and flyers from both sides. Knowing that a sometime-RINO like Oz is infinitely preferable to a blatantly loony communist like Fetterman, my choice is already made (even tho I'm an old-fashioned fool who votes on election day). There's no doubt some Dems who already mailed in their ballot - probably missing the date and signature, but hey, who follows the law? - are regretting their decision after buying the load of crapola foisted on them by Fetterman's campaign. But believe me when I say that PA Dems are some of the most doggedly stupid people in the world and most of them don't care how poorly Fetterman functions. He has a "D" behind his name and that's all they look for, hence the state this state has been in for many years thanks to the left running it into the ground. As for the possible uncertain Dem, I'm sure once the Black Messiah visits PA next week along with President Houseplant and tells them how to vote, Fetterman will be a shoe-in and the downward slide will continue.

    However, after reading an excellent article in The Epoch Times, I'm wondering if the plan all along (naturally assuming Fetterman would win) is to have him quickly resign due to health issues and then running his wife to take his seat because as a bisexual socialist she would be the darling of the Dem party. And Biden blurting out that "she'd be a great lady in the senate" seemed to confirm that scenario since I'd bet the puppet-masters around him probably speak freely, assuming he won't hear and won't remember if he does. All we can do is pray, vote and then pray some more, but knowing how the left stole the 2020 election after a Gov Wolf-owned judge legislated from the bench to change state law, most of us are expecting continued election fraud here in the Soviet Socialist Republic of PA.

    Keep up the good work, sir.