The Final Weekend

November 3, 2018 |

We are down to the last weekend before Election Day on Tuesday, and early voting is still going on in some states. The media and Democratic operatives (but I repeat myself) are already predicting the Dems will take over the House, in hopes of depressing Republican turnout. 

DO NOT LET IT WORK!  Remember the shock and tears on their faces on Election Night 2016, when they learned that all their “92% chance of Hillary winning” predictions had been completely wrong – something that I predicted weeks in advance, by the way?  Wasn’t that wonderful to watch? Don’t you love rewatching it again and again on YouTube?  Well, it’s time for some fresh video footage of liberal talking heads crying and rending their garments.  Better them than you.  So tune out all the “blue wave” blather and go vote as if your future, your children’s future and America’s future all depended on it, because they do.


Early voting numbers so far show no signs of a “blue wave.” In fact, Republicans are far ahead of expectations in most places.  But don’t let that make you complacent.  Every vote for a Republican for the House or Senate is a vote to keep Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi out of the leadership, and to keep Maxine Waters from being in charge of overseeing our financial system, so every vote counts!

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And don’t let the relentless media assaults on common sense cow you into thinking that “we’re all socialists now,” as an Obama-era Newsweek magazine cover so revealingly put it, so resistance is futile.  In fact, Gallup reports that as of this year, 26% of Americans identify as “liberal,” compared to 35% “conservative” and 35% “moderate.”  If leftists sound like a majority, it’s only because they yell so loud, each of them makes more noise than three sane people. (Also worth noting: if there were so many socialists to support it, why was Newsweek later sold to a new owner for the sad sum of $1?)   


Remember that while “progressives” might be energized by Trump hatred, most of that is concentrated in already blue states.  Like Hillary’s useless “popular vote win,” they can turn out 3 million more voters in states they were going to win anyway and still not win any contested seats if Republicans just turn out and vote.


Woody Allen once famously quipped that “Eighty percent of life is just showing up.”  If only 26% of Americans are liberal – and even some old style liberal Democrats are disgusted with the recent violent, radical, socialist trend of their party (see the link below) – then Republicans can win this election by 80%.  Think of all the liberal tears from CNN and MSNBC that you’d be able to enjoy on YouTube then!  


All it takes is for Republicans to show up – at the polls!  Now get to it!



Here’s a link to a blogger who is compiling early voting turnout numbers around the country, and if Democrats were expecting to surf to victory on a blue wave, they might end up stranded on their dinghies.  Warning: Do NOT let these numbers make you think your vote isn’t needed!  EVERY Republican vote is urgently needed.  Let’s keep these leads building right up to and on Election Day.


Don Surber makes some similar points:


Incidentally, I was thinking of joking that to keep Democrats from assaulting Republicans, they would be separated this year, with Republicans voting on November 6th, and Democrats should show up on November 7th.  But then I remembered how Democrats are still demanding federal investigations because Trump joked that if the FBI couldn’t find Hillary’s emails, the Russians could probably send them over.  There’s no joke so obvious that Democrats won’t treat it seriously and make a federal case out of it, and I don’t want to be accused of trying to suppress the voting rights of Humor-Deprived Americans.


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  • Trudie Jo Benham

    11/04/2018 01:11 PM

    I have voted and I did vote red. As for this blue wave it is fake this midterm will be as the 2016 election. There will be a red wave as long as God's people are praying. This is how we fight this battle by prayer and faith, God has a plan just as he did in 2016.

  • William Emery

    11/04/2018 09:24 AM

    Mike, Thanks for your stand and encouraging words.

  • Carolyn Bell

    11/04/2018 08:36 AM

    my. Granddaughter just turned 18 this year I asked her if she had registered to vote yesterday she said she hadn't well we went into a discussion of why she should because she's never listen to anything on the issues are the people I didn't want to see bias so I told her when she decided to vote decide on the person not on the party I didn't want to influence her one way or the other on my way of thinking I wanted her to think for herself even though I used to be a Democrat and now I'm a Republican but I still think you need to vote on the issues and the person that's running thank you for

  • Robert S. LeFevre, LTC, US Army, (Retired)

    11/04/2018 04:48 AM

    I predicted the Trump win, beginning in February, 2016 (before he was nominated), and now predict that the Republicans will hold the majority in the House, and pick up 3-7 seats in the Senate this election. Rationale: Democrats have absolutely no constructive policies, Trump's record has been outstanding. and tactics employed by Democrats and their media friends have been abysmal! No way will they fool enough people to win the majority they seek!

  • Denise A Wright

    11/04/2018 01:58 AM

    As always, an excellent article and commentary!! I was wondering for weeks now how my husband and I could convey our urgency to tell our friends and family that they needed to VOTE in the Midterm Election. We didn't want to step on too many toes since we are already considered radical Christians and "Trumpsters". I shouted for joy when I read this in your newsletter...It is now posted on my Facebook wall. Thank you Mike Huckabee and may God bless you and yours family!

  • Neta Manske

    11/03/2018 10:32 PM

    Thank you soo much for your comments - humorous and serious! Perks me up a bit after I read our very biased newspaper. I'm rather embarrassed to subscribe to the rag, but I need to know what/how 'they' are thinking!!

  • Michael Galloway

    11/03/2018 09:32 PM

    Governor: Once again a great Huckabee show tonight. Some of you guest were so right about the mid-term elections and the points made about our economy and how great it is doing in just less than two years under the Trump administration. But as mentioned look at Obama trying to take the credit all the while slamming and smearing President Trump. As one of your guests pointed out, look at the numbers of the lack of growth in the economy under Obama, under 2 points all eights years. Look at the increase in unemployment and food stamps. Want to return to that, then indeed vote Democratic. But if you have an ounce of common sense and don't let the fake lying mainstream media tell you how to vote, then of course, vote Republican. Because a vote for any Democrat in any political race in any state will be a vote to return to exactly the economy that we had for eight years under Obama who only cared about his egotistical and arrogant self and his agenda, which had nothing to do with supporting and believing in America or Americans. He believed and supported terrorist, illegals, sanctuary cities and a lack of national morals, he detested Israel, therefore turning against God, right along with authorizing and encouraging his cronies, such as federal judges supporting his agenda and all his other cronies creating an even deeper sickening swamp. That is just a short list of Obama's eight years. So if you don't want to see a return to that, then vote Republican. As you said this is no time for Republicans, Patriots, Americans who still love America to become complacent and not vote. Only we can stop the so called blue wave and change the wave or tsunami to red for Republican !!!

    In the past several weeks Governor you have listed via articles one reason after another not to vote Democrat. I wish I had compiled or summarized all of those reasons or maybe you have. Would have made a great list to post right before this all so important mid-term election.

    Thanks again Governor for all your newsletters which contain both humor and "the rest of the story" and telling us what of course we'd never hear from the mainstream media. Thanks for your great wholesome, entertaining and informative show "Huckabee".

  • Dusty Hickey

    11/03/2018 09:11 PM

    VOTE! VOTE! We cannot just sit and do nothing and let the Congress go to Democrats now or ever. WAKE UP Republicans and all Democrats Independents and vote for the Republicans to move on in what this Pres Trump is trying to do. JOBS see all the jobs out here now and more to come pay a good salary. We were forgotten for too long. See this economy and who created this. See our military coming back again it was torn down for 8 yr. Do you want more of the nastiness that the liberals have put out in our faces at restaurants and in the MEDIA? NO more. I have voted not it is your turn get out and bring all you can who can vote.

  • Kay Dodds

    11/03/2018 09:09 PM

    Mike, please keep up your great work for us. I love reading your opinions. I thank
    God for you. I pray for you and your family.

  • Shauna dickerson

    11/03/2018 08:36 PM

    Yes, I will never forget the election night in 2016. I was not watching TV but my husband was. He came in and said "We must might win this." I went in to watch with him and we stayed up till after 1:00 am. It was so much fun for us oldsters.
    I am praying for our country, one more time, God, bless us.

  • Daniel Lach

    11/03/2018 04:32 PM

    "Turn out and vote"! That is the key. We must have a Red Tsunami and if we do, liberal heads will be exploding everywhere, and that is a good thing! Turn out AMERICA, PROTECT AND DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY!

  • Verneta Stebbins

    11/03/2018 03:34 PM

    I totally agree with you! And, I have already voted Early, for Republican and conservative values....

  • Lisa Ford

    11/03/2018 03:25 PM

    I am so sick of seeing & hearing Kyrstin. I bet her commercials out do McSally on tv, 10:1. Lies lies lies. Last night I had talk with a friend from church. She votes democrat. She was not aware of the economy numbers, that are facts. That religious freedoms are at stake. How very liberal voting democrat would destroy everything. How Trump is rescuing Christians around the world. Her excuse for not having a wall built. They'll still find a way to get in. I said, what about just slowing down the drugs & guns? What about all the criminals coming across? Everything I said, she had to think about. See what a lousy job, the local news is doing here in AZ. Thank God we have so many Republicans out here, that laugh at our news. I refuse to watch them. I just want all those billionaires who are dumping their money, to feel really stupid & depressed about their bad investments. GO REPUBLICANS! SHOW UP & VOTE PLEASE!!!!!


    11/03/2018 03:16 PM

    I've heard some of the Progressive DemonRATs threating that if they lose the election they will riot. If they want a rerun of the civil war they are doing a good job of doing the same thing they did leading up to the first one and I'm sure there are Patriots out there that will oblige them in defense of our nation!

  • Irene Perusina

    11/03/2018 02:46 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    It has a pleasure and a great breath of fresh air my sanity reading your emails! I voted and for all the Republican candidates in my home state of Florida! I pray for you, your wonderful daughter Sara and all your family everyday! I also pray for President Trump and his family! I give thanks every day there person such as your selfs willing to work in government! Thank for your service and I will never get tired of winning! God bless you Irene ????

  • Paul Russ

    11/03/2018 02:45 PM

    Gov. Huckabee:
    Thank you for your encouraging email. I have already voted, but how can the average voter still contribute to Republican voter turnout and Republican mid-term victories on Tuesday?

  • Brian Kelley

    11/03/2018 02:40 PM

    Thank you for your informative news, I look forward to your daily update.

    Remember when the President had his physical and the press attacked the Navy doctor that gave him positive results. The press couldn't believe that the President was in such good shape. I would like to see the fake-news press follow him around on his tireless campaign schedule.

    Hopefully on Tuesday the blue wave becomes a red tide for the liberals.

  • Judy L Copp

    11/03/2018 02:24 PM

    Absolutely the most important election in the history of our country. Folks, any vote for a Democrat is rubber stamping their agenda to turn the United States of America into a third world country, overtaken by illegals whom they want to give voting rights to. You will lose all your constitutional rights and rights to defend yourself and your family, and your right to own property. It is a no brainer. This midterm election - Vote for Republicans all the way.

  • Laura Marier

    11/03/2018 02:21 PM

    Thank you, Governor. You always give me hope. And many laughs. To the 2018 crimson tide!

  • Stephen Russell

    11/03/2018 01:57 PM

    3 caravans enroute to US Now, how many armed?? Told women & children up front & trick ISIS uses.
    NOT random, Planned set Invasion via UN & Soros.
    1 caravan to hold troops down processing aliens, other 2 for war??
    Lock & Load & Prayer time.
    Need a hurricane into So Mexico to dispel caravans